EST Gear Shovel Review – Detailed Guide, FAQs & More

Have you ever considered that you may want to do some digging when you are out camping or backpacking? Sometimes, the things you need can appear strange when you are packing for a trip; however, you will be grateful you did when you eventually get to your destination. Outdoorsy who understand what survival is, know that no piece of equipment is a waste because it would always come in handy when you need them.

At a glance, entrenching tools look like too many loads that take up space and give problems when carrying and handling them. However, that won’t happen – not if you have a folding shovel that is multifunctional and suitable for different tasks. Let’s look at the EST Gear Shovel review and find out what this survival tool has to offer.

EST Gear Shovel

Est Gear Shovel Review


EST Gear Shovel is one entrenching tool you will never forget because it is packed with 18 different tools into one. Some of these tools include a hoe, hunting spear, ax, saw, nail puller, wire cutter, trowel, etc. It is a convenient choice of survival tool, not only because of its versatility but also for its durable construction.

Overall, it is the perfect survival gear for backpacking, camping, and even during emergencies.

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For a compact survival tool like EST Gear Shovel, you would expect to bring several features to the table for operational performance. That’s right. Below is a list of some of these incredible features that aid its usability.

Material Construction

EST Gear Shovel is made with unbeatable, heat-treated, and high-quality solid Carbon steel with Aerospace-grade Aluminum for strength and performance. These material qualities have ultra-durability, making them one of the best handy tools for survival situations. Furthermore, it is reliable and can withstand any weather condition.


This military gear folding shovel has one of the best designs you will ever find; hence, which is why it is an excellent addition to camping gear and equipment. Its versatile and tactical design makes it even suitable for prepping and survival without worrying about packing too many handy tools. The hardened-steel reinforced shovelhead and military-grade aluminum handle remain lightweight and comfortable to use.


The shovel has a moderate full size that can fit perfectly into the trunk of a car or a bug-out bag.

Weight: 3 lbs.

Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 2 ins.

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  • Outstanding lifetime durability and strength
  • Excellent performance with top-notch versatility
  • Foldable and easy to keep/pack
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Perfect entrenching tool for camping and backpacking


  • Some of the tools may not be in the best form; hence, you might need to get the real deals
  • Quite expensive

Buying Guide Questions

No matter how impressive this entrenching tool looks, there’s got to be questions about its use for prepping and survival.

What Does EST Shovel Have to Offer?

Sometimes, you don’t want to spend money getting different handy tools – it takes time, money, and effort. You have to read from different resources to know what’s great to use and whatnot.

However, finding an entrenching tool like EST Shovel that offers almost everything tool you need is quite an investment.

Do You Need EST Gear Shovel Always?

EST Gear Shovel is a multi-tool that comes in handy in various ways. You may not always need this shovel every time; however, it must be because one of the tools is needed when you do. Apart from its versatility, it is lightweight and easy to take almost anywhere.

Can EST Gear Shovel Be Used at Home?

EST Gear Shovel from this review is a survival tool; however, it is also more of a domestic tool. You don’t have to wait to go camping or backpacking before you put this shovel into use. You could decide to use the shovel to dig, prune, weed, or anything you aim to achieve for domestic or farm operations.


EST Gear Shovel review is a buying guide to help every outdoorsy. The entrenching tool is useful, which is why having one would always be a good idea. Even though it is relatively affordable, you could always work around your expenses with this survival tool.

If you have any suggestions do tell us in the comments section below.

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