Brunton Truarc 3 Survival Compass Review – In-depth Overview, Tips & More

Before you set out for an adventure, you are aware of the fact that the place may seem unknown and strange to you. Therefore, so you don’t get lost, a compass is always a part of your survival gear. Surprisingly, not many pay attention to the type of compass they take for trips like this; in the end, they find it less useful due to poor detailing and direction-reading.

Some compasses are improved with advanced tech so that finding a location is made easy and better. One of those top-rated compasses is the Brunton Truarc 3. Unlike other brand models, this Brunton Truarc 3 Survival Compass review aims to discuss in detail why it is a great choice for hiking, camping, backpacking, and any other outdoor activity.

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Brunton Truarc 3 Survival Compass

Brunton Truarc 3 Survival Compass Review


Brunton Truarc 3 Survival Compass is one of the most popular, versatile compasses suitable for amateur and professional survivalists. It is also called the Base Plate Compass. It has a couple of unique features that make it easy to use. Additionally, its imperial and metric scale features even make it stand out from other types available.



The Base Plate Compass is an entry-level device that helps in orienteering and mapping out locations. It has imperial and metric scales and also tool-free declination for EDC. More importantly, it has a 2-Degree resolution for easy readability.

Global Needle System

The compass uses a special Brunton Truarc Global Needle System for its North and South positions. It is easy to read; hence, Truarc 3 gets you anywhere you want.


The interesting thing about the compass is its advanced navigation that resists magnetic interference. In the process, it doesn’t lose its polarity.


  • The needle system makes it practically useful anywhere in the world
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Uses a tool-free declination
  • Perfect for both beginners and professionals


  • The degree markings have no cardinal markings

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Buying Guide Questions

A survival tool like Brunton Truarc 3 Compass is controversial; different people have various opinions about its use and efficiency. Below is a list of the often-asked questions, with answers for clarity.

What are Imperial and Metric Scales Used for?

Imperial and Metric Scales are units measuring distance, weight, and so on. They are calibrated on watches, compasses, and weight balance to get accurate measurements. On most compasses, you would either find an Imperial scale or a Metric scale to read distances. However, the United States uses the former than the latter.

The presence of both scales on Brunton Truarc 3 Compass is bliss. That means, regardless of wherever you are in the world, reading the compass for directions would be easy. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional; getting acquainted with the compass shouldn’t be a problem.

Is the Brunton Truarc 3 Budget-Friendly?

Sometimes, the issue most people have with a survival compass is that it is not always budget-friendly. For instance, the ridiculous price makes most people change their opinion of getting one; for those that are cheaper, efficiency is subpar.

Luckily, Brunton Truarc 3 is the budget-friendly compass everyone needs to get. The built-in features like the advanced Global Needle System make it worth the price. The navigation to resist interference is also another fantastic feature that improves its performance. No wonder it is one of the top-rated choices of the year.

Who uses a Compass?

As much as there should be an emphasis on everyone having a compass, a selected set of people need it the most. Anyone could get lost, and finding the way back is of the essence. A compass would help greatly.

However, survivalists, backpackers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts need it more for direction. The compass, coupled with a GPS, would significantly help throughout the entire experience.


Brunton Truarc 3 Survival Compass review is one of few from the brand, as the need for safety by finding directions cannot be overemphasized. If you took so much interest in reading about this device, then you don’t need to be convinced any further that it is a suitable choice for your next outdoor experience.

If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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