Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack Review – Complete Overview

Survival packing is one of the most challenging things to do because you are confused about things to pack along, doing that safely, etc. It has never been an easy experience. It doesn’t get better if you don’t have suitable storage to hold these items; thus, the choice of backpack is an essential factor to consider before any trip.

Generally, there are several types of backpacks with similar functions but different designs and suitability for outdoor purposes. While preparing for a tactical outdoor survival situation, you are not expected to have a heavyweight backpack on you; instead, a lightweight choice will make things easier. Check out this Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack review for the best option you are allowed to have; it would be worth it.

Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack


Backpacks are the fanciest things to have, as long as you pick the right brand that guarantees excellent storage, great accessibility/security, and good comfort. Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack is a typical example of a backpack that offers those benefits; its comfortable size and functionality are two reasons why it is highly preferred. Interestingly, it mostly comes in a camouflage color/design to blend well with the environment (wilderness).

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The backpack comprises 500D Cordura nylon and MultiCam Litelok materials, guaranteeing durability and strength for different conditions. Due to the material quality, the weight of the pack is reduced, making it easy and comfortable to carry, especially for Special Ops. Overall, it is 30% lighter than most conventional backpacks for survival.


Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack has a good number of compartments for storing different items. First, a large main compartment can hold the size of a laptop; next, there is a side entry front pocket for keeping valuables. There are also additional pouches like a 3-liter hydration pocket to store other items you have for a trip.


This backpack has padded shoulder straps to make carrying a lot more comfortable. However, there are situations where you may not want to use these straps; hence, you can stow away until you are ready another time. If the sternum strap is not in use, you can make use of the grab handle.


All the compartments in the Grey Ghost backpack have heavy-duty zippers that determine accessibility to its content.

Volume: 1171.5 Cubic Inches

Dimensions: 17.75 x 11 x 6 ins.

Weight: 1.65 lbs.

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Pros and Cons


  • It has several storage compartments perfect for a trip
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Lightweight and Functional
  • Modified with solid zippers and MOLLE Webbing
  • It comes with a hydration compartment


  • A good EDC but only has one color/design

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

If you are a packer and have some questions about this backpack, below are a few tailored ones for your enlightenment.

What Can You Store in Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack?

Everyone has different uses for backpacks. What is important is knowing why you are using a backpack so you can pack the right items. Grey Ghost Assault Pack is perfect for survival situations – camping, hiking, or backpacking; hence, what you may have inside may look similar but a bit different one way or another.

Some of the essentials you might need, nevertheless, include a paracord, a multi-tool, a hatchet, a survival knife, water bottles, etc.

Is Grey Ghost a Good EDC Backpack?

Even though there is much emphasis on Grey Ghost Pack being a survival backpack, it still makes it one of the best EDCs. It has several features that guarantee comfort, including a lightweight structure so you won’t feel a thing under any condition.

How Durable is the Grey Ghost Pack?

One of the most significant factors many survivalists check before buying a backpack is the material quality. This factor determines the life and durability of such a pack. For Grey Ghost Assault Pack, the durability is extraordinary because it is made of 500D tough-quality nylon and MultiCam LiteLok materials.

Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack ReviewConclusion

With this Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack review, you don’t need to work yourself more than you already have when buying a survival backpack anymore. The only thing you have to do from here is to check if it has all the vital features you want to see from a backpack and go for it.

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