How Should a Watch Fit – Complete Overview, Advice and More

A wristwatch is one of the best accessories to “up” your style. It has a part to play in how people see you and admire how you look. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to wear a watch. It seems pretty simple and basic, but most people wear it wrong. Indeed, it begs the question: How should a watch fit?

Anyone intending to get a wristwatch needs to consider a list of essential factors in the buying process not to be misled. You shouldn’t pick any watch online that only looks attractive or stylish; it should be the perfect fit for you. Knowing that this happens all the time, this article aims at helping buyers find the right watch to complement their style.

How Should a Watch Fit?


If you would like to know how a watch should fit, you should consider the following criteria.

Bracelet Vs. Strap Fit

Wristwatches are designed in different forms or styles, depending on the manufacturer; however, there are two significant types – Bracelet and Strap. Both watch styles are perfect for any meeting you have for the day, but the fitting is what makes the difference.

For one, bracelets fit wristwatches that are comfortable and don’t get too tight (they are loose); however, they run the risk of bangs due to their free nature. On the contrary, Strap fit wristwatches stay secure in the hand all day long – well, they are comfortable but not too accessible. You could decide to get either of them, but not too tight or too loose.


A critical thing to check before you start buying watches online is your wrist size. Everyone has different wrist sizes, and that means not every watch will be the perfect fit. Some are designed for bigger wrists; others are designed for medium or smaller ones. Luckily, some of these wristwatches are adjustable to your wrist size, so they would make you convenient.

Generally, there are 4 classifications of wristwatches based on size.

  • Watches below 6 inches
  • Between 6 to 6.75 inches
  • Those between 6.75 to 7.5 inches
  • 7.5 inches and above.

Find out what your wrist size is and check out the options available.

Lug Fit

One way to avoid an overhang is to make sure you get a wristwatch with a Lug fit. It is a small yet signification feature to look at. When choosing a watch, ensure the lug is not beyond the wrist; also, the lug-to-lug distance should be equivalent to the case diameter. Invariably, it means a larger watch is perfect for a larger wrist, and vice-versa.

Shape/Design of Watch

Anyone who loves to wear a wristwatch is not news that they come in a variety of designs and shapes. Usually, brands are responsible for dictating the shape of their oldest and latest watches for a good customer experience. This factor is a function of the watch’s case size and diameter (thickness) to enhance excellent use.

The Shape of Case Back

Like the wrist size is dependent on the watch shape, the case back also is. It is either you have a round and broad or flat and narrow wrist, which determines what the case back has to look like.

A flat case back is not a perfect match for a round wrist, and vice-versa. Thus, you need to pay more attention to details, especially for the case back shape, so you could get a watch that fits well.

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How to Wear a Watch?

Before now, there was a thumb rule that dictates how to wear a watch properly. The Rule of thumb involves putting on a wristwatch on the non-dominant wrist for better comfort. Today, it doesn’t matter what wrist you use, as long as your convenience is not in any way deprived.

With the passing of the old Rule comes new ones; check below for the basic rules of wearing a watch.

Wear Your Watch on Any Wrist

The era of wearing a wristwatch on a non-dominant hand is over; today, you are free to choose any side you want, as long as you are comfortable.

Do Not Wear Oversized Wristwatches

At a time, oversized watches were the bomb; however, a lot has changed. Oversized watches do not fit men’s style anymore. It is ideal for getting types that are precise fit, considering wrist size and design. Other factors to check have been described above.

Match Outfits with Watches

Apart from checking the time, wristwatches were designed to improve your style. Therefore, your wristwatch must match whatever outfits you have for the day. Try not to repeat the same wristwatch over and over for different clothes. In the same vein, make sure your other metals and colors pair with your style for the day.

Reduce Fancy

All clear, you want to be confident putting on a wristwatch – an expensive one, but going fancy is not always the deal. Sometimes, your wristwatch could be plain leather and not all bling. Besides, plain watches are perfect for formal and casual meetings.

Avoid Constantly Checking Out Your Watch

You are wearing a watch to complement your style and check the time simultaneously; however, you should avoid checking your watch every minute. Most people misinterpret other people checking their watch now and then – they think it is not polite or a cue to end whatever is going on.

There are other rules for wearing a wristwatch, but these listed are the most important.

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How Should a Watch Fit?Conclusion

Every man and woman agree that watches are necessary, regardless of their choice, whether to use them or not. Besides being a great way to check the time, it also boosts confidence and improves lifestyle. Unfortunately, several misconceptions about how a watch should fit; this article was written to make things more straightforward.

Find out what to consider to get the right watch that fits, and follow the rules of wearing them on any occasion.

Do you wear wristwatches tell us in the comments below?

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