3m Safety and Security Window Film Ultra S600 Review – Everything You Need to Be Aware Of

Home or Office security is something you should take serious if you want to live happily. The window is one of the most vulnerable features in these places that gives accessibility to buglers and attackers. Luckily, there have been ways to improve them to block access – one of them is using a window film.

A window film is a multi-layer piece of material that is incorporated into the inside surface of a window for safety and security. There are a couple of window films online; however, this 3m safety and security window film ultra s600 review would show you why you need this exact product.

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3m Safety and Security Window Film Ultra S600

3m Safety and Security Window Film Ultra S600 Review


Windows make the home or office beautiful; it gives great scenery of the environment. Unfortunately, it is quite vulnerable unless you find the best window protector. The 3m safety and security window film ultra s600 is a high-quality glass protection film that protects it from breakage or destruction by attackers or even natural occurrences. It is a patented 42 micro-layered laminate with tear-, scratch-, and blast-resistance.

This optically clear film owes its resistance not only to the exterior security laminate, but also its inbuilt Impact Protection Attachment System (IPAS).

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The following features are what makes up the maximum efficiency of this laminate film for window protection.

  • UV Rejection: 99%
  • Thickness: 0.150 mm
  • Material: Polyester
  • Adhesive: Special Acrylic
  • Top Coating: Scratch-resistant Hard Coat
  • Glare Reduction: 2%
  • Solar Energy Reduction: 21%
  • Color: Crystal Clear


  • It uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Protects against damages and injuries
  • Guarantees maximum life safety
  • Offers protection against windstorms and intense weather conditions
  • Reduces fading from UV light
  • Perfect on flat surfaces


  • None

Buying Guide Questions

To understand more on how 3m ultra s600 films work, here is a list of frequently asked questions about the window protector.

How are 3m Ultra S600 Films Installed?

The process of installing the film is not a stressful one. However, you might need the help of a professional if you cannot handle it yourself. The two significant things you need are water and a soap solution. As you lay the 3m window film on the inside, straighten out with the soap solution until a full adhesion after a couple of days (3 weeks). Whatever you do, ensure that it is in a dry condition.

How to Clean the Window Film?

The maintenance of the window film is equally important to enhance durability and longevity. Therefore, you need to clean as instructed. Most window films get cleaned 30 days after installation with simple cleaning agents instead of abrasives. Also, soft sponges and rubber squeegee are going to be useful in this aspect. Before you start cleaning, make sure the film is wet.

How Long Does it Take the 3m Windows Film to Dry?

As mentioned earlier, you should leave the window film for about 3 weeks or 1 month to get completely dry. During this period, you are going to start seeing the disappearance of bubbles until you can finally see them no more.

The whole thing is dependent on the type of film and the area’s weather condition. Once it is dry, then it is actively ready to offer maximum protection for as long as possible.

Are the Films Bullet-Proof?

The concept of having a 3m safety and security window film ultra s600 is only to make them shatter-resistant and not bullet-proof or bomb-proof. Bullets are penetrable; however, it reduces the risk of injury of shattered glass. Although the films were first designed to counter terrorist acts of bombings with their efficient performance, it doesn’t mean it stops whatever comes at it.

How Long Do the Window Films Last?

Depending on the manufacturer, the window protector is designed to last for many years., The type of film also determines its longevity. With proper care and maintenance, it should be at its best form at all times.


Hopefully, with this 3m safety and security window film ultra s600 review, you now understand its importance for every home and office workplace. Indeed, it is an ultimate window protector against terrible circumstances.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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