Surviveware Small First Aid Kit Review – In-Depth Overview, Faqs & More

Surviveware is a simple, family-owned company that Emergency responders, firemen, soldiers, athletic directors, and thrill-seekers all over the world rely on. This design’s pockets are specifically numbered, making it easier to identify what you want in an accident without having to search into every single corner.

In an accident, confusion could get the greatest of anyone, but the smart identification system keeps one on track and avoids mistakes. The boxes are wrapped in water-resistant, 600 denier polyester packaging to withstand harsh weather, and all items are packed in water-resistant laminate packs.

It moves in water as well. Survive ware’s safety kits are pre-stocked with anything you may require in a disaster, and they are available in several shapes to ensure you get exactly what you need for any circumstance.

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit Review


If preserving space is an essential consideration in your choice phase, the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit is an excellent option. This package is lightweight and portable sufficiently to fit in your luggage, Motorbike, car, bicycle, or the countryside when hiking or climbing. This first aid box is 5.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches in size, contains 100 critical objects, and weighs just 1lb.

The MOLLE bands on the back enable the customers to wear them with other backpacks or on their waist. The water-resistant polyester fabric ensures durability under all atmospheric conditions, and the products are protected by re-sealable laminated packs. Since coordination is essential for survival, every internal sleeve is thoughtfully named with the individual item’s purpose, saving precious time during a disaster.

It is critical since, in a tense environment, all things must be easily located to be organized and prepared to survive. Scissors, CPR respiratory masks, personal prescription bags, bandage, tape, and rubber gloves all have their own pockets.

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This first aid kit is manufactured from 600D polyester and comes in the most brutal pack in its price range. Ignore the poorly constructed plastic bags that break under compression when you use giant steel scissors to cut apart fabric or seatbelts. To save room, invest in a comfortable package.

Surviveware includes high-quality products in their packages that will work as expected when you require anything. The shears, for instance, are of much high standard than we typically see in comparably priced packages.


The kit includes 100 essential primary emergency products and weighs just one pound. Its dimensions 5.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches and is small enough to carry in the vehicle’s glove box. The MOLLE fitting straps on the back enable it to be worn on other packs or the waist.

Bring it with you on family vacations, biking, camping, mountain climbing, travelling, or leaving it at home, class, or work. All products are protected from damage by a water-resistant cover and durable internal laminate packs.

Clear Inner Labelling

The internal sheet is named with the purpose it serves. Intense cases, all things can be quickly collected and substituted in an orderly manner. There is also a special zip pocket for your prescription drugs.

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Pros and Cons


  • It is Waterproof
  • It has lots of Pockets or Other Interior Organization Options
  • It has Clear Labeling of Pockets


  • The first aid kit doesn’t come with medications
  • the shears are a bit lightweight.
  • It’s not cheap

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Surviveware Small First Aid Kit Review


How Would I Know When the Things in the Package Will Expire?

Hello. The expiration date is printed on the packets of the products.

How Should I Use My First Aid Kit and Require Refills?

We are actively creating substitute kits so that you can purchase the same products you have previously purchased. I’ll let you know when we arrive.


The most reliable bag in this price range in the industry. Where every inner sleeve is labelled with a name. Go on to the right things quickly in moments of need. After using an object, we can quickly spot what has to be substituted and keep the package prepared for the future time they need it.

Designers urge users to attach their additional components; some extra room is free for someone’s personal needs. Every individual is distinct. Their medical prescription will be kept secure in a pack different from other sleeves.

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