How to Survive Camping With Young Children and Family – Guide

Camping with young children and other family members can be very rewarding and, at the same time, can be so frustrating. Most parents normally attribute camping to 2 categories, especially when the children are involved. It could be “pretty fascinating” or “hell!”.

Whatever the case may be, you must realize that camping is a no-brainer. Your children should be part of your camping. Research has shown that camping helps little children to build confidence. This will prepare them to be better in the future, and make new friends wherever they are. As an adult, too, you spend more time with the children creating new bonds and sharing unforgettable memories.

However, camping can also be very frustrating when you don’t know about it. One main thing about camping with children that remains constant is survival. You want to survive it, and you want the kids to survive it no matter the circumstances.

Knowing how to maintain this constancy will determine if camping with the kids becomes a memorable one or a devastating one. This guide has got you covered on how to survive camping with the kids.

Read through to discover how you can do so!

How To Survive Camping With Young Children and Family?

Here is all you need to know about surviving camping with young children and family!

1. Planning and Preparation

To be able to survive camping with young children and family. You must make plans ahead and prepare for it. Without the necessary planning and preparation, things often go sideways. Planning and preparation are the foundation of all camping. We, therefore, implore you to make the necessary plans and preparations before heading out for camping. You should plan for the following:

The Area

Research the area you want to go camping. Find a friendly, attractive environment that will appeal to young children. For instance, most children like beaches. So, do your research well before going camping


There are different kinds of campsites out there. Depending on your preference, you could decide to have wild camping with no facilities or a full holiday park with a bar, pool, and lounge. It is advisable to choose a campsite with a decent play park, bathrooms, washing-up facilities, WiFi, a shop, a cellphone charging point, and gated security since you will be camping with your kids.

Also, in case there is panic, these facilities will help you to get through. Choose a campsite and book it within one week before you go camping

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Before you book your campsite, you should be sure to have a tent. A family-sized one! You could borrow tents of different shapes and sizes and test them before you go checking. Do your research well to know which of the tent is more suitable for your family. When researching the kind of tents you want, you should put the following into consideration

  • Budget
  • Sleeping space
  • Rooms
  • Storage
  • Weight
  • Ease of assembly
  • Gadgets
  • Internal lighting

2. Introduce the Kids to Survival Relating to any Outdoor Events

After you must plan and prepare for camping on your own, you should let the children into your plans. This involves introducing them to survival in the great outdoors. Teach them about the basic survival skills needed to survive in any outdoor events of which camping is part.

If things go awry during the camping, the skills you have taught them from home will be there to help them. They will be able to fend for themselves instead of panicking all around. You can visit this post to know more about this approach How to introduce kids to survival in the great outdoors

3. Get the appropriate gear for camping with kids

Get a camping checklist that will guide you to make arrangements for all camping gear. Remember, you are camping with young children; therefore, your camping gear must contain a larger proportion of kid’s items. Below are some of the things you will need for kid’s camping gear

    • The appropriate tent
    • Warm bedding
    • Nightwear
    • Floor towel
    • A dustpan and brush
    • Bikes
    • Earplugs

4. Dedicate some Camping Chores for Kids

Now when you finally get to your camping site, you must keep the children entertained. One way to do this is to give them chores. You will be surprised by the help they can offer. Below are a few camp chores for little children

  • Help to clear the tent area of rocks before pitching the tent
  • Help to pound the tent stakes into the ground
  • Gather up sticks and other kindling for the fire pit
  • Help make sure food is put away and trash cleaned up every night
  • Help sweep out tent when packing up

5. Make the Camping Fun for Young Children and Family

Camping is all about activities, and this is another way to survive camping with kids. The kids will not feel bored with the right activities, and there will be no disturbance for you. Here are a few activities you could do during your camping

  • Fishing – This is a great time to show the kids how to fish
  • Swimming in Lakes – This should be done under your supervision. Take all necessary precautions regarding swimming such as having life jackets
  • Building a campfire and telling stories
  • Building sandcastles on lakeside beaches
  • Scavenger hunts – The kids will be able to find different things in nature
  • Fun games such as ladder toss game, Sorry, SkipBo, Rummikub

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How to Survive Camping With Young Children and Family


Camping with young children can be overwhelming the first time. There is a high tendency for them to complain about boredom. You might have some children that do not like camping even if you as a parent do. This shouldn’t hinder you from going camping.

All you have to do is to plan and make preparations ahead, inspire the kids by introducing them to outdoor events, and so on. You should also consider the weather before camping. In case you have older children as part of the family, devise a radical plan that will work best for them. You are going to survive it!

Feel free to comment on what was it like to camp with your children.

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