3v Gear Outlaw Ii Sling Pack Review – In-depth Analysis, Tips & More

Packing your EDC items might not be as easy as you think – sometimes, you need help. What you need is a lightweight sling pack to help you carry these items effortlessly from one location to another. With many options of sling packs on the market, would you find what you so desire?

In the history of gear packs, finding the ultimate tactical type is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, careful research and customer reviews have brought us to discover that 3V Gear is one of the best brands to go for. Check out this 3V Gear Outlaw II Sling Pack Review and find out how useful it is to store items, and even for survival.

3V Gear Outlaw II Sling Pack Reviews


Scenic hikes and rugged adventures are not always that easy, even though it is quite the experience. Sometimes, you need to pack as many significant items as possible. At this point, it gets even more difficult to find a gear bag that would hold all these items as you embark on your journey. With this Outlaw II Sling Pack by 3V Gear, things only get easier for you.

The sling pack is an EDC that grants easy access to its content while being convenient and comfortable. It is also built with several kinds of features for an excellent performance. As time goes by, you would discover how effective it is for any outdoor adventure, such as hunting, hiking, etc.


Some of the best features of this gear pack include:

Zipper Closure System

A heavy-duty construction. It is made of a durable, weather-resistant 600D PVC-backed polyester with double-stitched seams.

Compression Strap

A Y-strap compression strap for holding items and securing gear

Shoulder Strap

Molded EVA back panel and thick padded shoulder strap for comfort and enhanced airflow


MOLLE Pouches + Extra pouches for better storage


Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Weight: 2 lbs. weight

Capacity: 15 liters capacity

Pocket: Water Bottle Pocket

Colors: Available in Black, Foliage Grey, Olive Drab, and Coyote Tan colors

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Safe for easy and everyday commuting
  • A good choice of a backpack for military, hunting, hiking, and rucksack
  • Sturdy construction with excellent durability
  • Supportive and guarantees good airflow
  • Hydration compatible
  • Impressive accessibility and organization


  • The zippers sometimes get faulty

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On several occasions, potential buyers have wondered what makes this bag extraordinary by asking different kinds of questions. Below is a list of the top most-asked questions about the sling pack.

Why is 3V Gear Outlaw II Sling Pack Worth the Money?

Like every backpack suitable for EDC, the sling pack has different features for storage and easy accessibility. First, it comes with various pouches, including a water bottle pocket to hold essentials. Next, the MOLLE and PALS compatibility is another thing that makes it worth the investment; a sling pack with both is not easy to come by.

More importantly, the comfort derived from the shoulder strap and molded EVA vented back panel is highly impressive. When you put all of these together, you would see how it beats many conventional types on the market.

What Shoulder Do You Wear the Sling Pack?

There are different styles for this sling pack – the right-hand and left-hand styles. The choice of sling style is dependent on what side of the shoulder you would like to have strapped. However, you do not use a left-hand sling pack on the right hand – which puts you in discomfort.

How Durable Is it?

3V Gear Outlaw II Sling Pack is one of the top-rated gear packs known for its excellent durability. The reason why it is above many others is because of its heavy-duty construction and advanced features for comfort. With its 600D Polyester material, strength, durability, and weather resistance are guaranteed.

Will it Hold a Laptop?

The interior construction of this sling pack is beyond amazing. It is designed to hold items up to 15 liters in capacity. Therefore, it doesn’t serve as an ordinary sling pack for hiking and outdoor equipment, but also as a laptop commuter.

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3v Gear Outlaw II Sling Pack Review


3V Gear Outlaw II Sling Pack stands out as an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a durable, comfortable, and versatile EDC (Everyday Carry) bag. Its blend of features, including a heavy-duty construction, weather-resistant materials, and a thoughtful design with multiple pouches and a comfortable shoulder strap, makes it ideal for various activities such as hiking, hunting, and daily commuting. The bag’s capacity to hold a laptop and its hydration compatibility further enhance its functionality. Despite the minor issue with the zippers, the Outlaw II Sling Pack’s overall quality, durability, and utility make it a worthwhile investment for those who need a reliable gear pack for both outdoor adventures and everyday use.

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