Hazard Plan B Sling Pack Review – Complete Overview, Tips and More

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to relocate from one place to another hurriedly? It could either be permanently or temporarily for safety or other reasons. You should know the importance of having a travel or sling pack; if you haven’t, this Hazard Plan B Sling Pack review is for enlightenment.

For whatever reasons it may be, people make provisions for the essentials they would need if a situation ever comes for them to relocate. However, it is impossible to have these items get to where you want them to be without the help of a good carry bag. Therefore, the hunt for a good backpack or sling pack begins.

Hazard Plan B Sling Pack

Hazard Plan B Sling Pack Review

The brand sure manufactures items, most importantly, packs that professionals in different fields use. Interestingly, the use of these packs has extended to outdoorsy, so they could find something suitable to hold and transport all their belongings at once.

Hazard Plan B Sling Pack is a superb choice from this brand because it is a one-shot at getting things done easier and quicker. It is built for even the harshest environments while maintaining a comfortable wear. The Plan B Pack should be a worthy investment for anyone considering a lightweight sling pack for temporary or permanent relocation purposes.

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Hazard Plan B Sling Pack is made of two types of materials, with intense, strong qualities – 100% Nylon and 1000D Cordura. This bag offers excellent durability due to the quality of the materials, as it delivers a simple style and a flexible design. It can withstand any weather because of its waterproof quality, as well.


What is a pack without compartments to keep items? For a sling pack like Hazard Plan B, the rooms are decent to keep valuable items and accessories. It has a large main compartment and another large pocket for access; the 3L hydration bladder, on the other hand, stores and provides your water bottle when you need it.


Following the material construction with good compartmentalization, this sling pack has excellent compression straps. This feature aims to secure and fasten large, bulky objects not to become too much weight. Furthermore, the bag features a total-customization EVAC with modular accessory strap MOLLE coverage and a movable internal divider for great organizing.


The hardware is not the only impressive thing about this sling pack; the zippers also are. The pack has two types of zippers – a small top-zipper and a Wind-flap zipper. The former allows the passage of long items like barrels while the latter keeps the pocket’s content in place.

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  • Excellent material quality with solid zippers
  • The compression straps hold items secure
  • Excellent stability and exceptional gear capacity
  • Ambidextrous and Comfortable
  • Lightweight with good expansion


It might feel too heavy eventually

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Buying Guide Questions

Do you seek answers on sling packs, notably the Hazard EVAC Series? Here are some of the often-asked questions.

Sling Packs Vs. Backpacks?

Deciding between Sling Packs and Backpacks is a matter of choice and the quantity of load you are about to carry. If you plan a survival trip for a few days, backpacks are the ideal choice for you to use; they are handy with several storage compartments for essential items. On the other hand, if you plan on relocating or moving on the road for days, a sling pack is appropriate because it can handle whatever you need on the way.

Can a Woman Carry a Sling Pack?

Sling Packs are designed not to be gender biased. A woman can carry a sling pack as much as a man can. However, there are different sizes available for both genders depending on what an individual can handle.

Is Hazard Plan B Sling Pack Travel-Friendly?

The main reason why Hazard introduced the EVAC Plan B Series is to ensure that people find traveling a lot easier with a sling pack. With the Hazard Plan B Sling Pack being one of the lightweight and effective options, there is no doubt that it is travel-friendly.


Hazard Plan B Sling Pack review is an eye-opener on why you need to consider sling packs over backpacks sometimes. If your situation warrants getting a bag like this, you shouldn’t think twice before going for it.

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