Leatherback gear tactical one bulletproof backpack review.


Leatherback Gear’s Tactical One Bulletproof Backpack has numerous characteristics that are manufactured to protect lives. The two bulletproof panel inserts one at the front and the other one at the end are covered inside of the backpack so that you can walk around safeguarded without anyone actually observing. If you need to deploy it as a bulletproof vest, just draw on the red zipper to segregate the backpack into two parts, rendering both front and back safety. This backpack is manufactured for oriented people who lay themselves at danger to protect others in emergency circumstances. With sufficient storage and MOLLE supplying, this is the modern principle in go-bags.

Leatherback’s bulletproof panels are 100% manufactured in the USA. They possess NIJ rated level IIA safety which is the exact safety that law enforcement agents in the UA and largest of the earth belief. These panels will safeguard you against firearm rounds up to .44 magnum, 9mm submachine gun rounds, and 12-gauge shotgun rounds. 

Additional lifesaving gauge on the Leatherback Tactical One Bulletproof Backpack is the in built two separable tourniquets. They disconnect from the backpack to regulate bleeding after a wound to a limb. 

Other details on the Leatherback Tactical One Bulletproof Backpack comprise a 300 pound drag handle and an anti-identity robbery RFID pocket. They are found on the tip of your backpack, the RFID pocket preserves your credit cards, passports, and other private data from pickpockets and RFID anthologies. It is moreover, manufactured with water immune material, prepared with 100D Cordova Nylon material. If your backpack is water immune, your important stuff will remain immune.


RFID protection: There is an RFID (radio frequency identification) banded and obstructing pocket to safeguard your credit cards and permits like passports from being abducted and hacked another advantage for travel safety.

leatherback gear tactical one bulletproof backpack review

MOLLE: We infer lot of readers are aware with the MOLLE strategy for holding up tool. It’s an acronym for “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment”. It’s the procedure utilized by several NATO armed forces, the U.S. and British Army to be specific. There are several additions ready for MOLLE-equipped packs and vests, rendering it a very adaptable procedure. The Tactical One Pro is no abnormality with its numerous MOLLE loops on the back and viewpoints.

Quality of construction: Leatherback Gear didn’t slash any nooks in the building of this pack. The material is water immune and dominant. The zippers are wrapped with fabric safety. The Velcro and strapping are all total heavy-duty.

Detachable straps: The Tactical One Pro possesses detachable straps. Simply because, to augment versatility. They can be eliminated for usage as tourniquets, door stop straps, or some other important things.

It’s bulletproof: This is the largest tactical characteristic of the pack. Leatherback’s armoured panels are NIJ Level IIIA Rated Armour. That status will preserve the wearer against virtually all handgun rounds up to .44 magnum with a mass of 240 grains and a velocity of 1,340 ft./s. This armour will even avoid 12-gauge slugs.

It won’t only safeguard your backpack, but yet, your front. There are not one but TWO armoured plates inserted in this pack. You can recognise this as dual the protection for your back halting also, higher-calibre rounds or as safety for both your front and your back.


Separable straps change into tourniquets, pull straps, and door stop belt.

Exceptional structure for superior biomechanical proportion of weight when used as a front or back conveyance.

Unseen name card inside enables for possessor’s identifiers for instance name, in time of emergency, allergies, drugs and lot more to be listed.

It is convenient, Bullet Proof and secretive


Little heavy, costly but worth it,

Limited storage capacity.


Can I journey with my backpack with body armour on a plane?

Yeah, our customers have toured with this backpack with soft body armour through several important home and international airport TSA security screening stations without difficulty.

Is my backpack with body armour TSA endorsed?

Yep, Body armour is authorized by TSA for either carry-on bags or checked bags

Do these backpacks arrive in various colours?

Affirmative. The TACTICAL ONE arrives in Black, Wolf Grey and Coyote Tan colours. The CIVILIAN ONE arrives in Black and Wolf Grey colours. Black is the major prominent colour in both styles. 


This bag is incredibly unobtrusive to the essence that a rare observer would not be able to presume dual armour panels are held up inside.