5.11 Rush Moab 10 Backpack Review


Military-grade backpacks are one of the best sellers online; they are known for heavy-duty construction, durability, and fantastic sleek design. Out of thousands of these bags, only a few are quite extraordinary due to excellent brand reputation and top-quality materials – 5.11 Apparel is one of those brands.

In this 5.11 Rush Moab 10 Backpack review, find out what makes the sling pack a worthy choice out of many, using its description, features, and even the buying guide section.

5.11 Rush Moab 10 Backpack

  • Description

For functionality, style, and impressive performance, 5.11 Rush Moab 10 Backpack is the way to go. It is designed so that outdoor lovers, mostly, would have something strong, sturdy, and with adequate storage. Due to its smooth appearance, it has gained wide recognition from people; the comfort and numerous compartments are other features that make it worth the money.

With this description, it is easy to say that this backpack has potentials.

  • Features

Check out the features of this military-inspired backpack for effective use.

Heavy-duty Construction: It is a tactical bag made of durable, 100% Nylon material (1050D Nylon). As a lightweight, synthetic fiber, it has a flexible nature that makes it shrink or wrinkle-free. Therefore, you won’t have to worry much about its care and maintenance.

Sleek Design: This sling pack is customizable with a shoulder-strap well-adjusted for comfort; thus, it maintains the sleekest design for use. It has enough room and good organization to accommodate different items. More importantly, it is travel-friendly.

5.11 Tier System: Like most 5.11 tactical bags, the MOAB 10 sling pack has a 5.11 tier system that consists of a hook and loop flag patch, and YKK self-healing zippers. For a ready action, these zippers are improved with a fleece-lined sunglass pocket.

Compartments: The most conspicuous feature to notice about this military sling pack is its compartments. It has several sorts of storages that are perfect for holding several items. For instance, it has coms pocket at the shoulder and a covert tactec pocket at the rear. On the inside, there are multiple admin and stash pockets for easy organization. Finally, there is a hydration pocket with a pass-through port.

Handle: It features a sturdy grip handle and comfy compression straps for ease and operational benefits as a standard bug-out backpack.

Zipper Closure

  • Pros

A standard multipurpose backpack

Useful in survival situations

Offers numerous storage options

The handle is no doubt one of the bests

Perfectly-crafted with top-notch durability

Lightweight and water-resistant

It has a hidden compartment

Smooth and sleek design

  • Cons

More weight in the backpack comes with an uncomfortable digging in the neck

Buying Guide Questions

There are lots of questions about the use of 5.11 rush Moab 10 backpacks; however, the following are the commonly asked ones.

Is it an EDC Bag?

Survivalists and backpackers are more concerned about the kinds of the bag they take along on a journey. The reason is that they wouldn’t want something weighty that would risk their chances of moving during emergencies or survival. Therefore, there is a need to pick a backpack that would feel lightweight and hold valuables.

5.11 Rush Moab 10 Sling Pack is an EDC Bag that would hold all sorts of items essential for survival. It is an ideal operational bug-out bag considering features, such as its sturdy grip handle and comfortable compression straps.

What is the Length of the Strap?

This bag is stylish, with a moderate size and dimension. The strap, for example, has an adjustable part of 25 inches, and an overall length of 48 inches, for maximum use.

What is the Volume of the Bag?

Estimating the volume of this sling pack is quite difficult; however, it is roomy, making it suitable for storing different items.

Can the Back Panel be Removed?

The back panel is responsible for comfort when on the move. It could be removed and adjusted; however, it is not an easy task.


Are you convinced after reading this 5.11 rush Moab 10 backpack review? Now, you understand why the bag is highly preferred as a military, hunting, and a survival bag.