What Is a Lanyard – Complete Overview, Guidelines and More

A lanyard is a rope used to hold and secure items, like ID cards, whistles, pens, knives, and anything else lightweight. This cord can be worn on different parts of the body, including the neck, wrist, or shoulder. It is indeed useful; however, there is more to know than its practical use in day-to-day life.

What Is a Lanyard?

History of Lanyards

In the late 15th Century, French Soldiers and Privateers designed Lanyards to hold their weapons in close combat. Therefore, the name “Lanyard” originally comes from the French word “Laniere.” Centuries later, these lanyards were used in World War II by soldiers to hold more items apart from weapons.

Today, lanyards have been designed for both military and civilian use. Now, it could be used in different ways. For instance, it is quite crafty, so it teaches children how to make complex knots. Also, they are used in the presentation of ranks or awards. Furthermore, in offices, they are the perfect carrier of ID badges and equipment. It is indeed useful for everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lanyards are special, but there are a few things unclear about them. The following questions are constantly asked; however, their answers are enough to clear doubts.

What are Lanyards Made Of?

Lanyards are also called ropes or cords; thus, they can be used to handle some items. However, the ability to hold these items is dependent on the quality of their materials. Mostly, lanyards are made of Nylon, Polyester, Silk, Satin, or Braided Leather; hence, they are quite strong and durable.

In the world of Lanyards, Polyester is the best material. It is also popular with excellent performance and durability. Interestingly, they are applicable in every situation you can think of regarding holding and securing items.

What are The Types of Lanyards?

If you are looking for lanyards to use, you may want to consider the various types available. Usually, there are 3 types of lanyards, depending on strength, material, and benefits. These lanyards include Shock-absorbing lanyards, Positioning lanyards, and Self-Retracting Lanyards (SRLs). However, it would be best to choose and even use these lanyards for design purposes.

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What are the Factors to Consider Before Choosing Lanyards?

Before you buy lanyards to hold keys, ID card badges, and other significant items, you should consider a list of factors. The factors for your needs are:

Material Quality and Design

The type of material and design is a great determinant of how to choose a lanyard for use. With materials like Polyester, Nylon, Braided Leather, and so on that are skin-friendly, you shouldn’t have any worries. Additionally, the design determines how it is worn, i.e., neck, wrist, or shoulder.

Attachment Possibilities

The kind of attachment on a lanyard is also significant. It determines how it is used, i.e., as a phone holder, key holder, ring holder, etc. Hence, the attachment is a function of compatibility. With the criterion of usability, you can choose the lanyard suitable for you.


The size of a lanyard is also important if you are faced with several options. This factor determines whether it would stay on you perfectly or not.


Lastly, you would want to consider colors if you are intentional about them. Some people prefer to go with stylish colors, while others choose casual types. Besides, it plays a role in blending with your outfit for the day.

What Are The Ways to Wear Lanyards?

The versatility of lanyards is exceptional, so you must know the various unique ways they are worn every day. Check out the following ways to wear lanyards.

Shoulder or Wrist

Lanyards can be worn on your shoulder or wrist like a bag or purse. It is convenient to fit into the style.

Attach to Bag

Attach lanyards to your bag and carry them wherever you go. For instance, if your lanyards secure your keys or ID card, you can hang it out of your bag for easy access.

Put Them in Pocket

They are lightweight and convenient, so it is possible to put them in your pocket. Accessibility is not limited in whatsoever way.

Belt Loop

If you have a lanyard around your belt loop, it is not so bad. It is mostly that way if they hold keys to a door.

Around Neck and Wrist

One of the commonest ways a lanyard is worn is around the neck and the wrist. It helps you pay more attention to it so that you don’t lose your items.

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Are Lanyards Dangerous?

Lanyards are good, without a doubt, but they come with their disadvantages. Sometimes, lanyards could be dangerous, and there have been cases. A few years back, a 10-year-old boy was hanging from a lanyard key chain.

Most of these lanyards need to be handled carefully, especially the long ones worn around the neck. For instance, if a long-neck lanyard gets stuck by a door handle, it could probably choke you or do even worse. However, the negatives don’t mean it cannot be used for its designed purpose – you could get something smaller, especially for kids.

What are The Best Lanyards?

You are probably thinking about getting a lanyard to hold and secure your valuables after reading this article. It is not a big deal, as long as you find the best lanyards on the market. The sad thing about looking for the best lanyards is that there are so many options available that seem perfect, but they get worse after a few weeks of use.

Well, there is a list of lanyards that you will find perfect to use. These lanyards have been considered important factors and even made sure it fits into day-to-day life. YUOWO Office Neck Lanyards, and Wisdompro Office Lanyards are a few examples of those currently available.


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What Is a Lanyard?


Lanyards have existed way before now; however, modernization has made them more practical in use. Today, kids, office workers, coaches, military men, etc. use lanyards the way they see fit. Overall, reading this article is an eye-opener to know what lanyards are and the ways they are perfect for everyone.

What lanyard will you be getting? Tell us in the comments.


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