Monovault 107 Dry Box Cache Tube Review


In the 21st century, the first place you would consider when you want to store valuables in the bank. Banks have vaults and trained security, and they keep our money, documents, and other valuables safe. However, as a survivor, you cannot always have all your cash in the bank. Furthermore, valuables like handguns, bullets, and other emergency gear cannot be stored in the bank. You would have to find a way to keep them at home. One of the best ways to store your valuables and emergency gear at home is by using a private home vault. Private vaults are designed to store items in an airtight space and keep them safe from damage. If you want to get a vault, you should check out this Monovault Dry Box Cache tube. Monovault Dry Box Cache Tube

This product is excellent by all standards, and we have put this review together to show you its unique features. Enjoy!

Key Features

Solid construction; great storage method

This monovault is anything, if not rugged. It is designed with a solid structure that keeps it durable. If this vault doesn’t get damaged, it will last for a very long time. The heavy-duty construction ensures that rodents and other pests will not find their way inside the vault.

Designed to secure multiple emergency items

This monovault is primarily designed for your handguns and other semi-sized guns that can fit into its space. However, you can also store other items and valuables in this vault. You can store gear that is useful in emergencies, and you can also store money.

Easy to use product

We classify this box as easy to use because even though it has a tight seal, it is easy to open and reseal again. The vault is designed with two lids, and both of them won’t give you any problems.

Designed with an airtight steel

The purpose of this box is to keep your items safe from damage. It can achieve this because it is designed with an airtight seal. Air and moisture are the primary causes of osmosis and rust. When you seal this vault, you can be sure that it will keep away air and moisture, and your items will remain safe. If you want to enjoy this product fully, put your items in an airtight bag before placing them in the vault.

It comes with two lids

This Monovault Dry Box comes with two seals. The outer seal is referred to as the burial shield seal. It is quite tight, but it also easy to open and reseal. The second seal is a gasketed lid, and this layer directly protects your valuables.


Brand name: Monovault

Color: Black

Height: 7 inches

Width: 10.5 inches


Acts as a secure container for your stuff

When you keep your items in this vault, you are sure that they are in a safe, secure spot. The vault is airtight, and this prevents moisture and air from damaging your items.

Adequate space allows for multiple items

This Monovault box is well-sized, and it allows you to store multiple items. The box is about 7 inches high and 10.5 inches wide. You can store your handguns, money, and other things you would need if you are in an emergency.

Easy to open and reseal

Some vaults are almost impossible to open once they are sealed. However, this vault has a tight lid, and it also comes off easily. You can easily open and reseal this product.

Durable; utilizes a rugged construction

This vault is durable because it is uniquely designed with rugged construction. If you want to keep it clean and shiny, place it in a paper bag before storing it away. The vault will probably last for the next 20 years.


The vault doesn’t have a lock

This vault is designed to keep your valuables safe from air and moisture. However, if you want to keep it safe from other people, you have to keep it in a secure environment or buy an accessory designed to lock vaults like this one.


When you have a safe place to store your emergency gear, you always know that your equipment is in a safe place, and you can access them easily. If you are thinking about getting this vault, we would advise that you go ahead. You would not regret using this excellent product. Cheers!

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