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After correlating all of the numerous alternatives for a survival multi-tool our inquiry stopped with the Leatherman Surge. We needed a tool that possessed all the tools we wanted and would perform all the chores that we requested of it, with no frivolous warnings and whistles.

We’ve obtained the Surge as our EDC, for chores around the house, but it possesses a designated position inside our bino harness where it verifies to be an important part of kit.

A lot of people appear to lean towards either the Leatherman Wave or the Supertool but in our personal viewpoint ignoring, e various unusual characteristics that render the Surge as an excellent option for a Survival Multi-tool.

Leatherman Surge Review

Leatherman products proceed to be creative and constantly retain the high level of personality we’ve come to anticipate from the firm and the Surge is no anomaly.

When it arrives at the tools on the target, the truth that you don’t desire to crumple one tool in to obtain access to the supplementary tools is a big plus in our edition.  The Surge can possess up to four tools open at the same time, not that we approve of that, but it is apparent.

The Surge is an enormous multi-tool for keeping around the house, holding in your pocket on the chore, carrying with you on a camping trip, or just holding it around you.

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Design Quality

Just like every other full-sized multi-tool developed by Leatherman, the Surge has similarly been manufactured to overcome a high level of abuse. The multi-tools frame lock has exceptionally outstanding performance when utilized for jabbing and cutting motions.

The only flaw to the frame lock is that it is an attraction for pocket lint which can affect it to occasionally be a little choosy when attempting to unlock it.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t result in a big issue as whatever little grit and lint that gets into the mechanism can be emptied effortlessly thereby exempting the tool on the slim channel located at the rear of the lock.

leatherman surge review


This feature arrived with a leather sheath. The sheath has an inner pocket to carry a bit kit strip. The sheath can be held up horizontally or vertically. If you prefer to hold it up vertically on your belt, don’t have a belt machine at about 2.3 inches (6 cm).

You’ll require a slimmer belt if you prefer to haul it horizontally. You simply retain a slot of about 1.3 inches (3.3 cm) to slip your belt through. If you prefer to carry it on a bag strap, nullify the measurements because your bag strap rides in the other path than your belt.

The Surge is furthermore pocket clip eligible. It doesn’t appear as regular with one but Leatherman sells one encompassing a lanyard ring for nearly $5 that closes up into the tool locks.


The Leatherman Surge posses a remarkable 21 tools in its armoury. It possesses full-sized versions of what we name the fundamental tools pliers, knife and scissors. In truth, it carries two knives, a straight bladed knife, and a serrated knife. The knives are outer susceptible, as are the spring-loaded scissors.

There’s an outer attainable tool holder that carries either a saw or a file both are incorporated in your purchase. The file is twofold sided, one side a diamond engraved file and the extra a metal/wood file. So that’s 4 tools available without unravelling the Surge.

Like other multi-tool pliers, the Surge’s pliers can accomplish a number of jobs. The plier head gets to a juncture providing you needle nosed pliers. On the path to coming to be a point, there’s a steady category that does the job of basic pliers.



  • Both blades, blade exchanger, and scissors available from the exterior
  • Convertible wire cutters
  • Driver little holder
  • All tools shut into position file can be utilized autonomous of the tool
  • 25-year warranty


  • Huger than most multi-tools.
  • Not adequate for pocket carry.

How to Care for and Maintain the Surge?

The Surge, being made of stainless steel, is resistant to corrosion but not entirely rust-proof. Regularly applying a light coat of oil, such as 3-in-1 oil or WD-40, is a good practice. The connections and pivot points should be lubricated with a Teflon-based lubricant to ensure smooth movement.

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Altogether, the Leatherman Surge would be a valuable accumulation of your assortment of tools. Presently, you can find it priced below $100, which makes the deal a profitable one deeming the broad collection of requests this multi-tool has. In addition to being put together from high-quality steel, the unit is highly reliable.

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