Leatherman Wingman Review – Complete Guide, Tips & More

When it pertains to discussing Multi-Tools, Leatherman is the group of option amongst numerous EDC lovers. The Leatherman Wingman persists to be the choice because of its pocket-sized pattern component and capacity to deal with pretty much anything you may toss at it.

With its somewhat reasonable price point and its good quality, the Wingman is a considerable option for people that don’t like to pay a lot of money on a multi-tool. Particularly those who nonetheless yearn for the quality and satisfaction of understanding that any tool they might want is right in their pocket.

This multi-tool folds up neatly to hide all of the several tools into a form factor that will effortlessly conform into any pocket. In its folded position, it still enables for the blade to be available without having to unfurl the whole tool.

Leatherman Wingman Review

The Leatherman Wingman is a satisfactory multi-tool for everything from projects around the house, on the job, or at the campsite. While it doesn’t carry as various tools as some of the other prototypes, at this rate point it’s clearly one of the nicest choices you can purchase.

The Wingman is one of the further inexpensive multi-tools that Leatherman gives in this style. Rates often vary between $30-40 for this model, while the only extra prototypes economical than this are the REV, MICRA, and the SQUIRT ES4.

The REV is the nearest model in comparison and amasses a lot of the similar characteristics as the Wingman. The main difference between the two models is the fact that the Wingman gives spring-action pliers and cutters while the REV does not. In our unique opinion, the spring-action proficiency of this prototype are worth the additional few dollars you’ll have to spend.

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Pocket Clip and Carry

An intriguing feature of the Wingman is the addition of a pocket clip. We speculated it might arrive in handy, and we did attempt to EDC this tool by borrowing the pocket clip at a set time. We noticed that the tool was extremely huge for this to work well.

Ironically, when utilizing the Wingman with the sheath you will notice your fingernail catching on the pocket clip a number of times when eliminating the tool from the sheath. This will be somewhat painful. You will want to remove the clip at some juncture as we like a belt sheath, and the clip obstructs the way.

Build Quality

We believe it’s worth remarking on the comprehensive structure and build quality of this tool. For $30 we weren’t anticipating an exclusive lot. The Wingman is surprisingly durable. it is built from coined parts, which is how they save the cost down, but the steel they utilize is large and it feels significant. Similar to the Micra and Squirt PS4, we are influenced by how adequately built these tools are for the money.

Size and Fit

The size of the Wingman when folded up is about 4″ long, 1.5″ wide, and 3/4″ thick. The knife blade is nearly another 2.5″ when expanded. Even though there are a bunch of projections on the exterior, like bolt heads and the clip, it feels pretty steady and strong in your hand.

It doesn’t excavate into you palm when you are inscribing, because of the smooth, contoured horizons.

Leatherman wingman review

Ease of Use

The Wingman is normally easy to use you can obtain to every available tool with one hand, so it is enormous for use on the fly. Nonetheless, the multitude of various tools and the multifunctional character of some of them render this multi-tool a bit exciting for beginners.

If this is your primary multi-tool, it will put up with some time to understand the hang of all the several purposes. But after sufficient usages, you ought to be eligible to utilize the Wingman perfectly, without worrying too much about it.

Also, it deserves pointing out that the Wingman effortlessly matches into your hand. It has a contoured structure when shut, which renders it simple to hold it in your hand safely. This multi-tool is not slippery, which implies that you will be eligible to utilize it effortlessly and confidently in various weather situations.

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  • Convenient and portable.
  • Contoured structure for susceptible use
  • Possess 14 numerous objectives.
  • Belt clip comprised
  • Rugged and strong 420HC stainless steel


  • Absence of screwdriver
  • Doesn’t utilize switchable bits
  • Scissors and pliers are spring-action solely.

Does the Wingman Multi-Tool Really Deserve Your Attention and Money?

If you are peeking for a multipurpose but durable multi-tool that is portable, mobile and super susceptible to employ, we believe this one serves as the main objective.

It possesses 14 numerous purposes that relatively much encompass all the basics, comprising an unusual package opening tool that is actually rare. The Wingman is prepared with sturdy 420HC stainless steel, which is an extremely strong equipment that is not inclined to rust and corrosion, and is simple to sharpen.


If you crave an inexpensive multi-tool that’s adequate for most things, the Wingman from Leatherman is a wonderful choice. But if you need something further sophisticated that will supplant the demand for all other tools, then you should look into some other alternatives.

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