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With the Solo Monocular, you’ll still have a high-quality optic nearby. This lightweight, simple monocular provides excellent sight for nature lovers who want to get nearer to nature It also connects to smooth angled surfaces with the included use clip for easy outward control Clear views are delivered by fully multi-coated glass structures in a lightweight, portable, and simple unit.

Water-resistant, fog-proof, and shock-resistant are all features of this product. The Solo is a wonderful complement to every gear collection, whether you’re a bow killer or a tourist. For those who need a quick focus, the Vortex Solo monocular is a great value for money.

The Solo is a trustworthy optical buddy for shooters, tourists, and others through its particularly quick focus can restrict its utility for birdwatchers, stadium sports fans, and others with specific purposes.

Vortex 8×36 Solo Monocular Review

The Vortex Solo monocular is just below 5 inches in length, so it aligns well and securely in everyone’s hand. It has a surface of rubber armoring to shield it from unintended drops and falls, as do many optics nowadays. While it is slightly bigger than some have predicted, keep in mind that you are still having 8X36 results for lower than 1/2 the size of an 8X36 binocular.

The Solos with 36 millimeters targets, and not the 25 millimeters versions, come with a clip for securing it to one’s belt or back bag’s shoulder handle.

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Every Vortex Solo monoculars arrive in a finely packaged storage bag with a quick flip-over cover and Velcro closure. A basic neck strap (lanyard), wiping cloth, guidelines, and warranty information are also provided Waterproofing is standard with all Solo monoculars. It protects against water and dirt by employing O-ring seals.


These seals are also fully waterproof, with nitrogen filling the internal cavity. This moistureless gas stops the inner glass structures from watering or fogging, which is common with vulnerable devices once exposed to sudden temperature changes, such as stepping out of a heated room on a freezing winter day.


The Vortex Solo monocular 8X36 comes with a cover that will shield it from several scratches and bruises. The edges of the case are fairly open, as users see If held on a belt or backpack handles, dust or dirt is expected to damage the monocular’s optics during the period.


The Vortex Solo monocular is fog-proof and durable on the inside. You’re always prone to getting fog on the external layer of the optical system when you move from an air-conditioned to a moist environment

In cooler temperatures, users may notice a small fog around the exterior of the lens when users bring it to their eye. Nevertheless, the waterproofing can prevent moisture from causing inner fog, which has caused some nice optics to fail.


The structure of the 8X36 Solo is constructed from polycarbonate, resulting in a mass of 9.7 oz (275g). It’s a durable plastic that’s commonly utilized to combine toughness and lightness. This seems fair to conclude that the lenses account for the bulk of the Solo’s mass and that reducing weight there could be counterproductive.

Can be used by all

Users say the Solo eyecup is relaxing because it twists backward and forwards. There are two settings: completely downward and fully up It would make wearing glasses more pleasant for those who wear them. It doesn’t remain in place and also the Viper HD or Razor HD binocular’s eyecups, but it’s adequate. It could be beneficial if Vortex could boost this to match the general standard of Solo’s optics.


While using a Solo for the initial time, the focus adjustment is possible to be rigid, but with repetition, it will become more fluid. If the Vortex Solo monocular is completely new, the focusing ring has elevated spots that allow spinning it better, and some people find it much simpler to utilize two hands before it’s tuned in. If users don’t utilize it for just one month or longer you’ll notice that the hardness returns when they do This, we assume, is attributable to the lubricant employed in the concentrate process.

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  • It is compact
  • It is durable
  • It is water-resistant


It gets stiffness over time if not used.


The Solo series of affordable monoculars from Vortex is designed for people who enjoy experiencing the spectacular views and nature, such as birds and bigger animals, and also need a durable and portable optical system that is simple to transport and bring with them.

Climbers, travelers, overall nature enthusiasts, and shooters fall into this group, particularly photographers and firearm or arrow hunters who must bring additional gear which is often both big and cumbersome.

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