Korcraft Everyday Blade Review – Complete Overview, Tips and More

In tremendous ways, people have expressed how EDC knives have been helpful either for self-defense or other specific purposes. The good thing about this knife is that it is small and lightweight, making it easy to keep in a keychain, pocket, purse, etc. It is easier said than the choice of where the knife stays depends on you and the accessibility when needed.

Ideally, there are several types of everyday blades, but only a few will actually do what they promise, also following their features. If you dont know what to go for, there are guides online to point you in the direction of the best EDC knives to have on survival occasions. Here, the Korcraft Everyday Blade review is one of them; check out what this pocket knife has to offer below.

Korcraft Everyday Blade


Korcraft Everyday Blade is one of the most reliable choices youll find online, not only because it is tiny and portable but its active one-hand operation. As small as this folding pocket knife looks, it has an extraordinary performance due to its three-blade options; thus, its blades are replaceable.

More importantly, you wouldnt have to worry about this small knife getting lost because you can carry it in a keychain or secure it in your pocket.



Korcraft Everyday Blade is a tiny knife with a unique, extraordinary patented design for performance. This pocket knife uses advanced blade technology to ensure that it fits all 11 Hobby blades seamlessly. Additionally, it has a durable, versatile body construction to be used effectively for a long time.

Locking Mechanism

This folding pocket knife features a rapid single-handed patented locking mechanism that allows the blade to be put to use. If the blade is rotated out, the knife can either be turned open or closed, depending on whether you would like to use it or not.

Hand Orientation

This small EDC knife comes with one of the essential features - an ambidextrous technology for usability. This feature allows you to use the blade conveniently, either with your right or left hand. Besides, it has an ergonomic shape, providing comfort and a more natural way to use the knife.

Pocket Clip

Korcraft Everyday Blade is a small tool that needs to be handled with care not to get lost or damaged. It is good to carry the knife in a keychain or secure it in a pocket, but there is an additional feature to ensure accessibility when needed - a pocket clip. This clip is in its most natural form, providing good protection for the knife against external factors.

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Pros and Cons


  • It always stays razor shape
  • Suitable for both hand orientations
  • Safe, reliable, and secure
  • Durable, lightweight, and portable
  • Easy to rotate open and close
  • Ideal for all #11 Hobby blades


  • It is too tiny for large tasks; hence, it has a limited performance

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Korcraft Everyday Blade may be unclear to many, which is why there are a few often-asked questions below.

Why Should You Get a Korcraft Everyday Blade?

A Korcraft Everyday Blade may seem almost irrelevant, judging its appearance, structure, or construction; however, it isnt. Certain operations require a beefier or bulkier EDC knife, but a smaller one like this may not accomplish them. It would always come in handy even if you arent carving a piece of wood because sometimes, it is a simple self-defense tool to have on you.

Is an EDC Blade Dangerous?

Generally, knives are dangerous irrespective of their shape or size. The only advice is to ensure that you safeguard them thoroughly and only use them when necessary. Korcraft Everyday Blade is one of those EDC knives that must be handled with care either by carrying in a keychain or a pocket clip.

Is Korcraft Everyday Blade Worth It?

Spending on a survival knife will always be worth it because it will be helpful now or later in the future. Korcraft Everyday Blade does a great deal while being inexpensive; hence, there is no reason why you shouldnt go for it.

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Korcraft Everyday Blade ReviewConclusion

Reading the Korcraft Everyday Blade review is enlightening. Now, you know why you should have a survival knife on you, regardless of how small or lightweight it is. Moreover, it can hold different blade types, so that should count for something.

Let us know down below what you think about this blade.


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