Craft Holsters Review – In-Depth Analysis, FAQs & More

You don’t find anyone carrying a gun without a proper shield; there is always something to protect against forceful discharge. Holsters were made to carry a handgun or any firearm, and it would surprise you how effective they are. Most of the best holsters known are made of leather materials; however, other consequential things make them outstanding.

Craft Holsters Review

On a long list of holster brands, Craft Holsters is one of the best-rated ones. It produces excellent gun holsters with different carry styles, from

  • IWB
  • OWB
  • Ankle
  • Concealed Carry
  • to Duty
  • Magazine
  • Cross Draw
  • Concealment Bag, etc.

With this Craft Holsters review, you would have an in-Depth knowledge of why it is suitable for the EDC handgun.

Craft Holsters Beretta 92 X Performance


Craft Holsters, as mentioned earlier above, is a top seller of many gun accessories. The holsters, most importantly, are highly remarkable because of their easy belt attachment and leather quality. There are different carry styles for these holsters; however, the OWB is the most popular.

Craft Holsters Berretta 92 X Performance is an OWB side carry that is compatible with several types of handguns; it is indeed one of the brand’s best reliable choices. This holster is custom-made so that it holds your firearm nice and easy. Additionally, it is a great choice when training on how to discharge a weapon in an emergency.


This gun holster has the following;

Fine Construction

The craftsmanship of the Craft Holsters is impressive. The brand often uses Fine Italian Leather and German threads for their holsters; hence, the stitching always has a beefy look. Overall, it has a solid and reliable construction packed with excellent durability and a lightweight body.

Great Comfort

For excellent functionality, the form-fitting holster combines comfort-concealment with fast and easy reholstering. That means you can easily carry it anywhere without feeling a thing at all. The leather belt holster also comes with a Steel Clip (33S) to provide easy attachment.

Default Hand Configuration

Craft Holsters Beretta 92 X Performance is designed with a default right-hand configuration. However, it makes exceptions for left-handed people; all you have to do is make a request, and you have it. Indeed, it is a custom-made holster for everyone.


Following its exquisite quality and top-notch performance, this gun holster offers a 5-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • A fantastic addition to your EDC gun collection
  • Good material quality
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Easy to access
  • Uses an open-muzzle design
  • Available in both right- or left-hand carry
  • It comes with a Steel Belt Clip
  • Perfect for self-defense


  • None

Buying Guide Questions

Do you think Craft Holsters Beretta 92 X Performance has some uncertainties? See below for answers.

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How Do You Know a Good Holster?

Following a detailed review of the best holster brands in the business, there are always things to look out for before buying a gun holster. These factors are what guarantee whether you are going to use it to optimum satisfaction or not.

Material Quality

A gun holster made of leather material assures nothing more incredible than durability, longevity, and easy draw.

Comfort Carry

Holding a gun is enough stress already; however, a good holster does the job for you, with comfort along the way. It attaches nicely to your belt for an easy draw and reholstering.


A good holster often comes in either hand’s configuration; therefore, you will find most of them customizable.

Is Craft Holsters a Good Brand?

Craft Holsters has been in business for over a decade, and if there is anything, they are good at, it is in maintaining excellence in their products. The brand currently has several holsters in various carry styles; one is the Beretta 92 X Performance OWB which performs quite well.

Why Do I Need a Gun Holster?

If you wonder why you need a gun holster, then the following should help.

  • It ensures safety by leaving the trigger guard covered.
  • The stability of a gun is guaranteed with a holster.
  • It reduces the stress of loading and unloading.
  • It brings good comfort and enhances proper concealment.

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Craft Holsters Review


Craft Holsters review aims to convince you to choose something perfect for your handguns and firearms. If you are ready to make that decision, then Beretta 92 X Performance OWB is ideal.

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