Talon Grips Pistol Handgun Glock Sig Xd HK 19LL MP Review – Full Overview, Tips & More

Gun handles are smooth, making it difficult to have a solid grip. They build a stick-on handle that enhances consistency, safety, and trust, allowing you to keep a charge. They feel that you are the weapon and that their gun is merely a device. TALON Grips guarantees that the tool outperforms users.

Hundreds of thousands of gunmen, including police officers, army personnel, skilled shooters, and users concerned about safety, depend on TALON Grips every day.

In addition to allowing a more good hold on the handle portion of the gun, the application of Talon Rubber Grips enables the gun to perform even better when firing.

Talon grips are made in intricate curves that allow them to reach fully about the owner’s firearm. This is required so that users can put handle pressure everywhere on the handle.

Talon Grips Pistol Handgun Glock Sig Xd HK 19LL MP Review

Talon grips pistol handgun Glock sig xd hk 19ll MP review


TALON Grips are curved, stick-on shot handles that enable you to get rigid support on your weapon, enhancing efficiency, protection, and trust while keeping you in charge. The setup process is fast and straightforward.

The pistol handles will not change or move when set, but they may be easily reversed at any moment to restore your weapon to its original state. A TALON Grip will provide you with advantages for One to Three years or more.

The most robust adjustable gun grip update for the Glock 19 Gen5 MOS pistol is TALON Grips. This gun cover stick-on handle is customized protection for the Glock 19 Gen5 MOS firearm. These lightweight grips (far less than 0.5mm textured) come in rubber, PRO, and granulate materials (primarily sandpaper or weapon grip tape).

The rubber grips are highly flexible, making them suitable for handguns (CCW) as well as open pistol transport. Granulate wraps (sandpaper gun wraps) are more rugged and should be used for long guns. The PRO wraps blend the best qualities of the granulate and rubber materials.

The grip’s layer, composed of scratch rubber, offers a rough grasp without appearing unpleasant. The PRO material is pleasant sufficiently for most users to wear on their skin, but it can also be employed in competitions. You can modify your weapon with dark or FDE rubber grasp tape, which we call Rubber-Moss.

This weapon grip is designed to enhance convenience, power, and efficiency. TALON Grips for firearms covers much of the weapon handles and remain in position for months, unlike handle wraps which only shield half of the weapon handle and expand out over months. TALON tactical weapon grips assist any gunman in improving in every situation.

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The grip material is available in two varieties: granular, which feels like fine 150 or 220 grit sandpaper, and textured rubber, both of which are very thin (less than 0.5 mm thick) and add no bulk to the gun.

The granular product is the pinnacle of friction for any who desires a firm grip on their firearm regardless of the weather circumstances (blood, snow, dirt, sweat).

The rubber is curved to offer a design similar to a stippled wrap, but the rubber composition is much more comfortable and constructive than a stippled polymer wrap.

The rubber grip is undoubtedly the most user-friendly and flexible of the different substances: it will not damage fabric or body when in touch, but it also offers a rough holding layer for the people to hold onto.


  • It is easy to put in place
  • It is very easy to clean
  • Most cleaning solution does not affect the grip
  • It is very light in weight, almost not noticeable


  • Some customers noted that these grips needed to be moderately trimmed to work perfectly.

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A critical part of recoil management is the shooter’s abilities. Even so, having a grip material that helps the gunman’s fingers to much more efficiently grasp the weapon, particularly with firearms, can go a significant way in promoting specific abilities. Talon Grips’ versatility is incredible.

The protective wraps stick to a gun in seconds but offer long-term advantages to users. As an added benefit, the adjustments are as simple to detach as they attach, making them virtually risk-free.

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