Kel Tec Ksg Shotgun Review – Full Overview, Tips & More

If you’re conversant with Kel Tec as an organization, you realize that they manufacture weapons with a sleek, futuristic look, that are always ready in low supply and difficult to get your hands on.

The KSG is Kel Tec’s initial invasion into the shotgun market. As a matter of fact, the gun is so crucial to the organization that KSG simply represent Kel Tec Shotgun. It is relatively much a signature product consequently.

As you’d foresee from a signature that is a byword for invention and design, the KSG includes an amount of extraordinary and fascinating characteristics that lays it apart from the more common shotgun. These comprise dual tube magazines, which permits you to load several varieties of projectile into the weapon.

Kel Tec Ksg Shotgun Review

In a home defense system, this awards a number of benefits. You can effortlessly switch between projectile categories depending on how the problem formulates. Also, the Kel Tec KSG has been established in the bullpup method. This is an extra portable structure of shotgun that permits for considerable maneuverability and is susceptible to deal with.

Although the KSG may sound great on paper, it’s not without its difficulties which will be listed below in this review. Most shooters’ initial opinion of Kel-Tec’s new KSG shotgun is that it appears like a weapon out of a video game or some movie. But even with its unusual bullpup structure, we believe this creative weapon will possess a helpful effect on the law enforcement society.

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This is a simple to-hit shotgun. With iron sights and or a red-dot optic, it’s relatively point-and-click. We must tell that an upright grip on the pump rail puts to the solace of the task and is differently very recommended for security purposes.


Scoring here rigorously established on our knowledge, distinct than one slight cycling hiccup, the KSG operated like a sewing machine. We’re totally optimistic in the benefit of this shotgun.

Hunting or Defence

If you research anything about the Kel-Tec KSG, you are not inclined to observe any review comparable to its usage as a hunting shotgun.  This may be mainly because of its format and likewise the cylinder bore choke.  The ads for the gun normally display a para-military or safety kind application circumstances.  To us, it’s like explaining that a combat Hummer (HMMWV) is not permitted be driven around town on a sunny afternoon.

Bullpup Design

You obtain additional ability and basic acceleration in a shotgun that gauges from barely smaller to drastically briefer in length than lot of tactical shotguns on the market. This is the benefit of the bullpup structure that we adore so much. We changed it up a bit though, our bullpup shotguns load and expel from the underside.

Twin Tubes

Kel-Tec encompassed numerous of the outline’s shotgun shooters have long ordered into the KSG. For instance, the KSG has a Picatinny rail strategy on top of the receiver as well as on the underside of the slide action. This rail system enables users to put enough accessories on their shotguns with lights and optics.

We found that the top rail also acted as a heat defence to conserve the shooter’s hands after persistent firing. There is furthermore an assigned heat shield on the barrel above the trigger housing faction. The most unique characteristics on the KSG are its twin magazine tube structure and the Magazine Selector lever, which permits the shooter to choose either magazine tube.


  • Great Capacity
  • Small Length
  • Proficiency to Change Magazines


  • Uncomfortable Ergonomics
  • Slight Reliability problem.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the Kel-Tec KSG?

The Kel-Tec KSG is a shotgun produced by Kel Tec, known for its futuristic design and signature product status in the company. It stands out due to its unique features, like dual tube magazines and bullpup design, catering to a specific niche in the firearms market.

What makes the KSG unique?

The KSG’s uniqueness lies in its dual tube magazines, allowing the loading of different types of projectiles, and its compact bullpup design, which enhances maneuverability and handling. This makes it different from more traditional shotguns.

What are the main features of the KSG?

Key features include its shootability with iron sights or red-dot optics, reliable performance, suitability for defense rather than hunting, bullpup design for compactness and additional capacity, and twin tube system with a magazine selector lever.

Are there any downsides to the KSG?

Some cons of the KSG include uncomfortable ergonomics and minor reliability issues. These may affect the user experience depending on individual preferences and usage scenarios.

What should be considered before purchasing a KSG?

Potential buyers should consider the KSG’s unique design, its suitability for their specific needs (especially in home defense or tactical scenarios), its ergonomic design, and any reliability concerns they might have.



The Kel tec is a truly a fascinating design, and for some set of people, it’ll be precisely what they want. If you’re glancing for a dual magazine, high capacity, bullpup shotgun, check out the KSG.

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