Henry 410 Lever-Action Shotgun Review – Complete Overview

The Henry lever-action shotgun may assume the role of personal defense very well. This firearm has a little backlash, making it perfect for also the shortest shooters in the home. Out of the slug bullets, this Henry firearm packed with “000” Buck or.410 Hornady Critical Defense bullets will be destructive to any unwelcome guest with a wrong mindset.

Henry 410 Lever-Action Shotgun Review

Henry 410 Lever-action Shotgun Review


Henry USA made a significant impact with the debut of their first Lever Action .410 Shotguns. However, their designers are not ones to merely rely on past successes. The Lever Action Firearm X Model 410 builds upon their rapid-fire design, adding several enhancements to improve precision and functionality.

Whether you’re targeting pests in the forest or using your .410 for personal defense, the ability to swiftly reload and maintain balance is essential for effectiveness.

To this end, they equipped this versatile shotgun with a side-loading gate on the receiver. The tube magazine remains easily accessible, but it’s now complemented by a feature for quick unloading. Simply cycle the action to empty the chamber and remove the tube magazine to release any remaining rounds.

Aiming is straightforward with the bright fiber-optic front sight. The receiver is pre-drilled and tapped, allowing for easy installation of the optics that best suit your needs.

The firearm’s robust synthetic stock is a durable, maintenance-free alternative to traditional wood. It includes in-line sling swivel studs, a Picatinny rail, and M-Lok attachment points for versatility in the field. A strong rubber recoil pad ensures a comfortable fit for even those most sensitive to recoil.

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Design: The main feature of the Outside Gate Lever Action.410 that’s getting anyone’s interest is the brass receiver. The firearm emerges out of the box with about a crystal shine.

The remarkable thing is that if you’re ever trapped in the forest, your Henry might act as an airplane signal mirror. Henry utilizes identical blue steel and United states walnut as he utilizes on his firearms. The wood to the metal layout is perfect, the bluing is beautifully finished, and the walnut stock is very appealing.

Like their rifles, Henry’s shotgun is a sight and simplicity of elegance. The Henry H018-410.410 Lever Fire Shotgun is a well-made, high-quality shotgun that will fit several users well as far as they remain within its operating range.

Adjustable: The rear sight is a customizable half-buckhorn with a white diamond overlay, and the front view is a bead of brass. The variable shotgun sight makes it simple to monitor movements with a wide range of birdshot and slugs for everything from small game birds to cottontails, wolf and wild boars, larger animals, and pest management.

The bead front sight and customizable rear sight make it very simple to obtain the aim and quickly get the gun on point. Modification is simple, and the shotgun fired pellets exactly where the guns were pointed. If the iron sights are not your favourite, the receiver is also pierced and pointed to the extent of your choosing.

Weight: The craftsmanship and quality are exceptional, with very few exceptions. Typically, 410 shotguns are known for their lightness, but the Henry lever action stands out from this trend. The weight of the shotgun, at 7.8 lbs, was surprisingly heavy when we first lifted it.

This shotgun was constructed with the same strength as a large-bore rifle. The Henry lever action is a type of lever action. The 410 shotgun was built on their tried and true 45/70 frame, making it a powerful and long-lasting shotgun.

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The shotgun with a 410-side gate from Henry showcases excellent functionality during both loading and unloading processes. Ammunition is conveniently loaded and ejected near the muzzle, promoting efficient operations. Its design includes a prominently sized, textured knob for ease of use, along with a magazine tube cutout, a testament to Henry’s skillful craftsmanship.

The spring assembly is fragile, and when dropped on anything hard and sharp, it can dent or bend. Just don’t take it entirely out of the weapon, and it’s unlikely to occur.

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