Escape Evasion Gun Belt Edc Review – All-in-one Guide, Pros, Cons & More

Before modern times, some things existed that were of immense benefit to people at the time. One of them is a Bronze Age Belt, known to hold accessories, and weapons. If you had seen movies about Greek Mythology like Troy, Hercules, etc., you would find this belt worn around the waist by men and women of different age groups.

Today that Bronze Age Belt has been modified into something even more incredible and convenient. However, the only difference between then and now is that people are now selective on why they need to wear it. For instance, a Gun Belt is only suitable to hold utility essentials, firearms, and safety equipment.

The other types of belts are those worn mainly for fashion – to fasten pants together. Here, you will be looking at the best tactical belt for survival situations and security.

Hopefully, you will learn a few things about why tactical belts are important in this Escape Evasion Gun Belt EDC review.

Escape Evasion Gun Belt EDC


Escape Evasion Gun Belt, as described, is an everyday carry with three significant selling attributes – style, strength, and performance. It is also an appropriate choice for concealed carry, aided by its incredible material quality and features. This belt made in the USA offers exceptional performance, with stronger and reliable support around the shoulder.

E & E Gun Belt is an important gear best suited for safety and survival situations. It is also an interesting choice of medical equipment to speed up the recovery process and prevent further shoulder injury. It would come as a surprise that it is suitable for both men and women.


This belt’s special status is owing to the features it possesses.


Escape Evasion Gun Belt EDC is made of strong, durable, and breathable Neoprene material, making it comfortable to use and wear all day. This material also keeps the shoulder protected and positioned against further injury. It also features an immaculate finish via a stitched polyester thread for more comfort and support.

With the help of this belt, compression is provided to a bad shoulder to enhance skin receptors


The belt comes in different sizes for both men and women (shoulder width 37-45cm; chest width 70-100cm). Luckily, it is easy to adjustable using strong fastening straps and a high-quality solid brass buckle. You can use this belt on any shoulder, i.e., left or right.


The premium English harness leather comes with 3 hidden pouches if you ever need it during survival. These three storage areas use zipper closure and are easily accessible whenever you need the content.


Unconditional Lifetime

Pros and Cons


  • Strong, Durable, and Reliable
  • Excellent storage for survival items
  • Great material quality
  • It is designed for all-round survival
  • Hard buckle for safety and protection
  • Keeps injured shoulders safe and protected
  • Designed for men and women


  • None

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Why don’t you find some answers to some of the questions you might have about E & E Gun Belt EDC?

Why Do You Need a Gun Belt?

A Gun belt can do different things for you depending on what you get. For instance, the Escape Evasion Gun Belt EDC is a good choice to support the shoulder and, at the same time, keep some essentials/valuables. It is a great survival gear because you can hide items like a full-length hacksaw blade that might come in handy.

Does Escape Evasion Gun Belt EDC Feel Heavy?

Due to the way the Escape Evasion Gun Belt has been designed, it feels lightweight and comfortable. For someone trying to recover from a bad shoulder injury, having a heavy item on the affected area would only cause more problems. However, if you have a breathable, lightweight belt, you should feel better.

How Long Can E & E Gun Belt Last?

An incredible attribute of the E & E Gun Belt is its durability. It offers an unlimited lifetime warranty, proving to you that it can last for many months or years.

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Escape Evasion Gun Belt EDC Review


How about you consider moving towards getting a gun belt after reading this Escape Evasion Gun Belt EDC review? If you think you don’t need it now, imagine a time when you would and might not easily get it.

Comment down below if you’ll be getting a gun belt.

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