Remington Tac 14 Shotgun Model 870 Review – Guide, Tips and More

If you are a hunter, you would understand the importance of having equipment that can serve different purposes. When you have a wide range of equipment and guns, you can easily kill the game and perform other outdoor obligations. If you don’t hunt, then having a suitable gun for self-defense will allow you to sleep better at night.

Survivalists and preppers planning to use their guns for self-defense will be better off with a uniquely designed shotgun. If you are looking for a short and compliant shotgun with NFA rules, you should check out the Remington Tac 14 shotgun. This shotgun contains fourteen rounds in a barrel, but it is only 26.2 inches long.

This makes it a “legal” shotgun with more capacity than your average shotgun. The product was developed to improve the previous 870 models, and you are sure you love it. We have reviewed the product for you, and we hope you like it. Enjoy!

Remington Tac 14 Shotgun Model 870 Review

Key Features

Standard 870 Model Configuration

This shotgun is based on the 870-model configuration, and it has similar features. The pump cycling, push-button safety, cleaning, loading, and unloading are all the same with this shotgun

Made With Steel and Brass

This shotgun is made from steel and brass, and even though that makes it a little heavy, it allows for long-term durability and functionality.

Shockwave Raptor Pistol Grip

This shotgun utilizes a shockwave raptor pistol grip, allowing for improved grip control, low abrasion, and zero feedback. However, when the grip gets wet in cold weather, it can become slippery.

Black Oxide Finish

This shotgun is designed with a black oxide finish that gives it a classic look and prevents rust and corrosion. It makes it appropriate for covert, stealth work.

Plain Jane Barrel

This shotgun utilizes a plain jane barrel, and it has cylinder bore chokes. This makes it suitable for the basic point-and-shoot process.

Unique Shell Capacity

This gun is a 30-yard shotgun, and the shell capacity allows for one in the chamber and 4 in the magazine tube.


Brand name: Remington

Weight: 4-5 pounds

Length: 26.6 inches

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Pros and Cons


Wide Range of Purposes

This gun is suitable for a wide range of purposes. You can use it for hunting games in the forest, or you can use it to protect yourself from assailants at home. You can also use it for target practice at the shooting range. When you buy this gun, you will enjoy it.


This gun is built to avoid corrosion and damage. It is built with steel and brass, which allows for strength and durability. If you clean and oil your shotgun regularly, it will last you for a long time.


This gun is built to allow you to attach accessories like light and grip pads to it. You can make it easier to use your shotgun, and you can customize it as you see fit.

Easy to Maintain

This shotgun is designed with a unique black oxide finish that makes it look elegant. The mechanisms and moving parts are also uniquely designed for strength and efficiency. If you are thinking about how to maintain this gun, regular cleaning and oiling are enough.


This shotgun is an extension of the earlier 870 models, and it is affordable. If you are thinking about an excellent gun’s cost like this, you should know that you are covered, and your budget will accommodate the purchase.


Not Suitable for Wet Weather

Although this gun is strong and efficient, it becomes unstable in wet weather. The handle grips might become slippery, and you would lose your aim. We recommend that you wrap a grip tape around the handle or buy shooting gloves that are made with adequate traction for maximum satisfaction.

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Remington Tac 14 Shotgun Model 870 ReviewConclusion

When you find a shotgun that you can use for hunting, personal safety, and a wide range of different applications, then you should purchase that product. This Remington Tac 14 shotgun is one such product, and it comes with many amazing features and advantages.

If you are thinking of buying this product, we advise you to go ahead. You will be happy you did. Cheers!

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