Smith and Wesson 380 Bodyguard Backup Review – Complete Overview

One thing you learn as a survivalist is that you can never be too prepared. Survivalists are experts at preparing for unfavorable future circumstances, and that means they try to cover all their bases both within and outside their homes. Most survivalists carry guns, and that is okay. However, something might happen to your gun when you need it the most.

You might have attackers coming towards you, or the deer you shot in the forest is just partially wounded and sprinting away. Situations like this call for a backup gun, and if you don’t have one, it becomes much harder to get out of that situation.

Smith and Wesson 380 Bodyguard Backup Review

If you want to get a backup pistol, you should check out this 380 Bodyguard Backup manufactured by Smith and Wesson. This gun comes with many amazing features, and we have reviewed them in detail for you. Enjoy!

Key Features


Lightweight Backup Pistol

This polymer-framed gun is uniquely made as a lightweight, small, concealable pistol. It acts as a backup pistol that can be easily called into action when needed. You can carry and store this gun with convenience.

Made With a Stainless-Steel Barrel

This gun comes with a stainless-steel barrel designed to work with most types of bullets. The barrel’s length is only 2.75 inches, and you can easily fit the gun in your pocket if you want.

Designed With a 6+1 Magazine Capacity

This gun is not designed for extended combat. It is only designed to scare away assailants and serve as a shocker for your main pistol. This is why it is designed with a magazine capacity of 6+1.

Comes With Adjustable Sights

This pistol comes with adjustable sights. The front and rear sights are drift adjustable, and you can fit them to your unique preference.

Designed With An Ergonomic Handle

This gun is designed with a sturdy and comfortable ergonomic grip that allows you to hold and use the gun anytime you want.

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Brand name: Smith and Wesson

Weight:12.5 ounces

Color: Black

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Perfect for Personal Protection

If you need to protect yourself at close range, you would be glad to have this gun. This gun is designed for backup purposes, and it comes in handy when you cannot use your main gun. The gun is designed for easy carry, and it is meant to be on you always.

Versatile Pistol

This small-sized pistol can act as a backup gun in many scenarios. If you need to finish off the game in the forest, you can easily call this gun into action. If you want to scare stray animals and invaders away from your private property, you can shoot this gun, and they will be gone. However, make sure you don’t engage this gun for extended combat

Comfortable to Hold and Handle

This gun is made with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold, use and shoot. The grip is stable and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the size of your hand because the grip also has an extended finger tab for bigger hands.

Concealable Carry Pistol

This small-sized gun comes with a lightweight design, and that makes it easy to carry and conceal. You can easily fit this gun on your holster, and nobody would know it’s there unless you allow them to see it. This gun comes with appropriate safety measures, and you can place it safely in your jacket.

Built for Durability

This pistol is made with polymer, and it comes with a stainless-steel barrel. As long as you have the time to clean and oil it, it will function efficiently.


The gun cannot be used for extended combat

This gun is designed as a backup gun, which means you should have your main pistol close. If an attacker comes at you, it is possible that he is prepared with a better pistol, and you cannot engage in extended combat with this gun.


When you are planning for anything, it is always better to have extra items packed. This includes your tools, guns, and other equipment. Your main pistol is enough to serve all your needs.

However, you should also have a backup pistol that can be called into action anytime. In this article, we have reviewed one of the best backup pistols on the market. If you are convinced this product will come in handy, we advise that you purchase it.


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