Smith and Wesson 380 Bodyguard Backup Review – Complete Overview

One thing you learn as a survivalist is that you can never be too prepared. Survivalists are experts at preparing for unfavorable future circumstances, and that means they try to cover all their bases both within and outside their homes. Most survivalists carry guns, and that is okay. However, something might happen to your gun when you need it the most.

You might have attackers coming towards you, or the deer you shot in the forest is just partially wounded and sprinting away. Situations like this call for a backup gun, and if you don’t have one, it becomes much harder to get out of that situation.

Smith and Wesson 380 Bodyguard Backup Review

If you want to get a backup pistol, you should check out this 380 Bodyguard Backup manufactured by Smith and Wesson. This gun comes with many amazing features, and we have reviewed them in detail for you. Enjoy!

Key Features


Lightweight Backup Pistol

Experience the convenience and reliability of this polymer-framed gun, crafted to be small, lightweight, and easily concealable. Perfect as a backup pistol, it’s ready for action whenever you are, offering effortless carrying and storage options.

Stainless-Steel Barrel for Versatile Use

Equipped with a durable stainless-steel barrel, this gun is compatible with a wide range of bullets. Its compact 2.75-inch barrel makes it perfectly pocket-friendly, ensuring you’re always prepared.

6+1 Magazine Capacity for Emergency Situations

Specifically engineered for emergency use rather than extended combat, this gun boasts a 6+1 magazine capacity. It’s ideal for deterring assailants and serves as a reliable secondary option to your primary pistol.

Adjustable Sights for Precision

Enhance your shooting accuracy with the pistol’s adjustable sights. Both front and rear sights are drift adjustable, allowing for customization to suit your specific shooting style.

Ergonomic Handle for Comfortable Grip

Designed with a robust and ergonomic grip, this gun ensures a comfortable and secure hold, making it ready for use at any moment. Its user-friendly design allows for ease of handling and operation.

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Brand name: Smith and Wesson

Weight:12.5 ounces

Color: Black

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Ideal for Personal Protection

This gun excels in close-range personal protection. Designed as a backup weapon, it’s a reliable option when your primary gun isn’t available. Its easy-to-carry design ensures it’s always within reach.

Highly Versatile Pistol

This compact pistol serves well as a backup in various situations. Whether it’s for finishing a hunt in the forest or deterring stray animals and intruders on your property, this gun is your go-to choice. However, it’s not suitable for prolonged combat situations.

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

The gun features an ergonomic handle, ensuring a comfortable and stable grip. Its design accommodates all hand sizes, thanks to an extended finger tab for larger hands, making it easy to hold, use, and fire.

Concealable for Everyday Carry

Lightweight and small, this gun is perfect for concealed carry. It fits seamlessly into a holster, remaining undetected unless you choose to reveal it. It also includes essential safety features for secure placement in your jacket.

Durable Construction

Crafted with polymer and a stainless-steel barrel, this pistol promises long-lasting performance. Regular cleaning and oiling will keep it in top condition.


Not Suited for Extended Combat

This gun is intended as a secondary weapon, meaning it should complement, not replace, your primary pistol. In situations where an assailant might be better armed, this gun is not suitable for long-drawn-out combat.


When planning, it’s crucial to pack extra items. This rule applies to tools, guns, and other equipment. Your primary pistol will typically meet all your needs.

Yet, having a backup pistol ready for immediate use is wise. This article reviews one of the top backup pistols available. Should you find this product useful, we recommend buying it.


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