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Holsters, allow us inform you about holsters. It has been a lengthy highway to discover little holsters that function with the way we combine clothe, that are comfortable, and function with how we like to hold up. This is why numerous people, own several holsters.

Just like majority of you, we’ve been on a pursuit for both a great OWB (outside the waistband) holster and an IWB (inside the waistband) holster.

Raven Concealment holsters are outstanding and possess the nicest service and assurance in the business. If there is anything improper they will compensate you to send it back and they will take responsibility for it by either repairing it or delivering you a new holster. Anyone that tells Kydex is Kydex has never acquired or utilized a Raven Concealment holster.

G Code Modular Holster Review

The INCOG is formulated by G-Code Holsters and you can acquire it immediately from them. The INCOG is a restrained IWB holster that can be worn at any stance but it glows at extra carry.

The INCOG has a pair stand out points up that distinguishes it from the remainder of the IWB crew. It possesses a synthetic suede that wraps the outside of the holster that G-Code refer to as Tactical Fuzz. The fuzz performs a set of things, it augments solace against your skin if you are putting it on it without an undershirt.

The fuzz absorbs sweat away between your body and the holster, and it furthermore performs an outstanding duty of maintaining the holster in place. All the holster edges are rounded and cleaned and fuzz has ultimately to pull up at any wear junctures.

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The Kydex used in the formation of this holster is thick and large. You can holster your unloaded gun to experiment the retention that is, how adequate the gun lives in the holster and its suits snugly. If turned upside-down and jerked the holster, the pistol will remain protected with no collision or disturbance.


This holster’s finish really stood out. Coated inward and outward with what the corporation names Tactical Fuzz, this suede-type material provides the holster the sense of an embellishment item.

However, guess what? The fuzz coating has three objectives. Firstly, it concludes in a calm (almost silent) and sneakily draw. Next, the matte black finish is slightly inclined to bring out the eye. And third, the vague finish is further fascinating to hold up against your skin than raw Kydex.


Although the clip appears somewhat definitive at initial glimpse, we promptly knew it’s well built, strong and that stability gives rise to for a smooth, nearly simple draw. When you alter the cant or curve of the clip to fit you that is, for convenience, covering, proficiency to draw, and lot more, you can be optimistic that it’ll keep up in place. Because G-Code obtains an unusual design that guarantees the clip will remain fastened at the wanted angle.

MoClaw Device

Virtually, the Phenom Stealth holster’s “claw” (the orange aluminium side) utilizes the inexorableness of the gun belt to shove the grip aspect of the holster and gun into your Tactical Fuzz is an accessible improvement on all G-Code holsters. Deter the grip from bulging. In past years, the gun’s handle plunging away from people’s body has occurred to be an effort for them. This holster’s layout gives an easy, also helpful remedy.

Sweat Guard

The streamlined cut of the sweat guard enables you to obtain a clean, extra regulated grip on your gun handle instead of plastic obstructing the way, before drawing. At the exact period, it wraps the whole slide, executing as an impediment between skin and metal.


  • Good quality,
  • Arrives with a lifetime guarantee.


Some people may not appreciate the paddle being sold singly.

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What Is the GHS Holster?

The GHS is an aged holster sequel that is no more in creation.

Holsters: A Comprehensive Overview

1. Types of Holsters

  • IWB (Inside the Waistband) Holsters: Popular for concealed carry. They sit inside the wearer’s pants, reducing the holster’s visibility. Ideal for discreet carry.
  • OWB (Outside the Waistband) Holsters: Common for open carry, these are worn outside the pants. They offer faster draw times and are generally more comfortable for extended wear.
  • Shoulder Holsters: These are worn over the shoulders and are excellent for carrying larger firearms under a jacket. They offer easy access while sitting or driving.
  • Ankle Holsters: Designed for small firearms, ankle holsters are a secondary carry option, often used for backup weapons.
  • Pocket Holsters: Ideal for very small firearms, these fit inside a pocket, ensuring the weapon stays in position for a quick draw.

2. Materials Used in Holsters

  • Leather: Traditional and durable, leather holsters are known for their classic look and custom fit after a break-in period.
  • Kydex: A lightweight and sturdy plastic material that holds its shape, offers excellent retention, and is maintenance-free.
  • Nylon: Lightweight and inexpensive, nylon holsters offer flexibility but may lack the durability and retention of leather or Kydex.
  • Hybrid: Combining materials like leather and Kydex, hybrid holsters offer the comfort of leather with the retention and durability of Kydex.

3. Retention and Security

  • Passive Retention: This relies on the holster’s fit to secure the firearm, often adjustable in Kydex holsters.
  • Active Retention: Involves mechanisms like straps or buttons that must be released for a draw, adding an extra layer of security.

4. Comfort and Concealability

  • Comfort is crucial, especially for extended wear. The choice between IWB and OWB can significantly affect comfort.
  • Concealability is key for concealed carry users. IWB and certain OWB designs offer low-profile options.

5. Customization and Adjustability

  • Many holsters offer adjustable cant (angle) and retention, allowing users to customize the draw angle and how tightly the firearm is held.

6. Special Features

  • Features like sweat guards protect the gun from body moisture, while padding can increase comfort.
  • Some holsters come with additional pockets or compartments for magazines or other accessories.


However, we know it’s a great system.  We would choose to have only brought everything from G-Code/Edgeworks because of it’s durability and lifetime warranty.

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