V line brute gun safe review


The latest design Brute super duty fast access pistol box from V-Line is now available. The “BRUTE” is the ideal answer for preserving personal items and firearms secure and out of the palms of intruders. It’s made of rigid 10ga wire. When bolted down to a solid surface, the steel with an overlapping lid is virtually pry-proof. The “BRUTE” is completed with a rugged tactical dark powder cover.

Look no further than BRUTE if you’re looking for a high-quality, heavy-duty, durable, and secure pistol case. All-steel design with a 10 gauge thickness. Anti-pry clamshell with a classy specific design. Anti-pry pin security on a massive 12 gauge grip. Lock frame and dead screws are made of solid steel that is over-sized.

Move away from the clutch knob’s 360-degree rotation. Tactile button lock with fast access—gas-assisted opening strut for heavy-duty use. With a welded pin, this is a heavy-duty stable frame. The Interior material is entirely adjustable. Reactivating the combination to one’s own is perhaps the most perplexing aspect of this safe. The safe is arranged to a predefined variety if users initially have it. Users must first realize how the lock operates to remove it out and selected their new combination.

To access, the safety uses the predefined factory-set combo identified in the guidelines. If it still doesn’t open, switch the knob to the LEFT quarter turn to cancel out the previously inserted button combo. This clears everything out. After wiping the combination by shifting the knob left, insert in the predefined button combination again and simply switch the knob right. The safe must open after it unlocks.

V line brute gun safe review (description)

The Brute has enough room to hold 2 full guns. It also has sufficient dimensions to accommodate guns with laser sights as well as other items. The laser-cut fastened grip makes it easier to open and close. Also, it protects the shut faceplate from prying by encircling it. The Brute has a stylish finish that goes with any lovely arrangement. The case’s lower part features four welded holes for safeguarding it to many other surfaces. To help avoid snooping on the ends, the Brute comes equipped with overly large lids with smooth surfaces. For additional safety, the lock component is massive solid steel. The finishes of the solid duty hinge are welded.

V line brute gun safe review (features)


It’s created with 10 GA steel, which is sturdier than most handgun safes, typically 16 GA or thinner. This causes the safe significantly more durable than similar safes right out of the box. As a result, it’s more immune to being abused with essential tools in an accident. Four gaps in the V-Line 1394-S BRUTE pistol box allow it to be mounted to a hard object. Place it somewhere you know you’ll be able to grab to in an urgent situation, and you’ll have good reason to believe you’ll always have a loaded gun on hand. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that it’s safe from prying eyes at all times. Contribute to the reduction of gun accidents. V-Line Industries has a long history of producing high-quality gun security cases, as evidenced by this extraordinarily tough Gun Box development.


The BRUTE is wholly constructed of 10 gauge steel. That’s over 12.5 percent of an inch of rigid steel thickness. The case’s construction is also fantastic, and it’s hard to see any of the weld zone – incredible build quality. The case’s cover fully stretches around the top of the gun safe on all angles, causing it practically useless to pry open with a claw hammer between the surface upper and bottom side. The whole hinge length that extends across the long side is a Non-Removable-Pin (NRP) hinge, which is glued to prevent the hinge’s pivot pin from being freely detached.

Gas Powered Opening Strut
Whenever the device is closed or left open, a gas-powered wheel helps lift and lower the mass of the cover. Because of the extra mass of steel utilized in the manufacturing, the case unlocks much faster, so there is less danger of users holding your hands when shutting the cover, which is heavier than most rival company models.


It is very durable

It is reliable

It can be used to keep multiple weapons

It is customizable


Input new combinations may be challenging


The design and finish are superb, and the build’s quality is just excellent, leaving no weak spots or poor welds to be exploited. The use of the tried and trusted Simplex type lock adds to the dependability of the unit. Unlike some competitor’s safes, the lip around the lid almost covers the whole depth of the side thickness, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to pry open. These locks have stood the test of time and are used by several large companies testifying their reliability.

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