V Line Brute Gun Safe Review – Complete Overview, Guidelines & More

Introducing the “BRUTE” by V-Line, the ultimate solution for securely storing personal items and firearms away from unauthorized access. Crafted with solid 10ga steel, this pistol box sets a new standard in security.

Robust Security Features

The steel construction of the “BRUTE”, enhanced with an overlapping lid, becomes virtually impregnable when bolted to a sturdy surface. Finished with a tough tactical dark powder coat, the “BRUTE” withstands any pry attempts with ease.

The Ultimate Pistol Case: BRUTE

For those in search of a top-quality, ultra-durable, and secure pistol case, BRUTE stands out. Its all-steel construction boasts a substantial 10 gauge thickness. The anti-pry clamshell design is not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. Featuring a robust 12 gauge handle with anti-pry pin security, the lock frame, and dead screws are constructed from oversized solid steel.

Advanced Design and Functionality

Say goodbye to the conventional clutch knob’s 360-degree rotation. The BRUTE offers a tactile button lock for rapid access and a gas-assisted opening strut for enduring heavy-duty use. Its solid frame, reinforced with a welded pin, guarantees stability and strength.

V Line Brute Gun Safe Review

The Brute comfortably accommodates two full-size guns and is spacious enough for firearms with laser sights or additional items. Its laser-cut fastened handle facilitates easy opening and closing, while the design effectively shields against pry attacks. The Brute’s elegant finish complements any setting.

Enhanced Security Features

The case’s base includes four welded holes for secure mounting. The oversized, smooth lids minimize pry points, and the lock is made of hefty solid steel for extra protection. The solid duty hinge ends are securely welded, reinforcing the overall security.


Design: The BRUTE is made from robust 10 GA steel, much thicker than the standard 16 GA used in most handgun safes. This makes it significantly tougher and more resistant to forced entry. It can be securely mounted, ensuring quick access in emergencies and continuous protection against unauthorized access.

Durability: Crafted entirely from 10 gauge steel, the BRUTE boasts exceptional build quality with virtually invisible welds. Its lid is designed to prevent prying, and the Non-Removable-Pin hinge adds an extra layer of security.

Gas Powered Opening Strut: The gas-powered strut facilitates the lid’s movement, accounting for the additional weight due to the heavy steel construction. This design allows for a quicker and safer operation.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptionally durable
  • Highly reliable
  • Suitable for storing multiple weapons
  • Customizable interior


  • Setting a new combination may be initially challenging

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The BRUTE’s design and finish are outstanding, with impeccable build quality leaving no vulnerabilities. Its Simplex lock system enhances reliability, a feature recognized and used by numerous major companies. The lip around the lid makes prying almost impossible, further attesting to the safe’s superior security.

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