Where to Put Gun Safe: Home & Office Safety – Guide, Advice & More

As much as you want to be armed to protect yourself and your family, it comes with a price. Having a gun means you are ready to invest in whatever is necessary for its storage, so children don’t get their hands on it and mishandle it.

One of the best investments so far is a gun safe, which is quite useful in several other ways. If you are lucky to have one already, the next question that could be on your mind is: where to put a gun safe?

The truth, however, is that: you can keep the gun safe in the home or office, as long as there is good security. Also, the thought of keeping the safe should come with preparedness for hazards like fire and burglar incidents.

With this article indeed, you will find out incredible places to hide a safe, and factors to consider before you do so.

What Places to Keep a Gun Safe?

Below is a list of places you could keep your firearm safe if you have one.

The Home

If you are buying a gun safe to keep, the home is probably the first place that comes to your mind. It is quite reasonable that you consider safeguarding your house because you have more time to monitor and make sure it is secure at all times.

Even when it is in your home, the first place you might be thinking of is your bedroom to limit the public eye, and also destructive factors like fire and water. Other places to keep the safe include the kitchen stores, dining room, and drawing-room.

The Office

For people who spend more time in the office than in the home, this place is also incredible to keep your firearm safe. Unlike the home, an office place gives you more opportunity to store away your guns; however, these different locations need to be safe and secure itself.

Moreover, some gun safes were designed solely for office users due to guaranteed easy access; thus, you might want to consider them.

The Car

If you shuffle in between your office and home, you might want to find a balance point to put a gun safe. There is only one link between both places, and that is your car. Unfortunately, it is not as safe and secure as most other locations because it is noticeable. It is quite surprising, but you could keep them safe in a car – the trunk, cable safe, or a vehicle console safe, most likely.

Another option you could try out for a car gun safe is a car mounting safe. Even though this way could be a little extra since the expertise of a professional is needed, it is indeed useful in keeping guns safe from strangers and kids.

The Basement

For more intensive storage of gun safes, a basement seems like the best place. Not only does it keep them safe from the public eye, but it also guarantees safety and security. Although the accessibility is nothing like the rest, it still does a great deal to make sure it is away from intruders. For gun safes that are quite heavy-duty, the basement indeed is a great choice for them.

Unfortunately, the basement method comes with its merits and demerits. While its merits involve fire protection and great security, its demerits are mostly moisture and humidity.

The Garage

One other place you could consider as a last option to keep a gun safe is the garage. Not many people find the garage effective because it is more vulnerable than other places in the home. However, if your garage assures you of security and safety, giving it a chance wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

You might need extra things to maintain the safe’s safety from moisture or humidity problems; for example, a dehumidifier would help reduce humidity to adequate levels.

Where to Put Gun Safe: Home & Office Safety

What Places Shouldn’t You Keep a Gun Safe?

If you are trying to prevent an intruder from gaining access to your gun safe, then you shouldn’t keep it in places that are quite obvious. The mistake most people make is putting gun safes in places that could harm their safety, such as:

Living Room

It is never a good idea to keep a gun safe in the living room. It is the most accessible place in the entire house to kids, and even intruders. A sight of it could make them even more interested in knowing the content of the safe.


Another place you shouldn’t consider putting a gun safe is the kitchen. The susceptibility of gun safes to fire or water hazards is high in the kitchen compared to any other part of the home.

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What Factors Determine the Location of a Gun Safe?


Prioritize accessibility when choosing a location for your gun safe. Ensure that only you can easily access it, while keeping it out of reach from children and burglars. A strategic placement is crucial to prevent unauthorized access.


Select a location for your gun safe that mitigates risks from fire and water. Many safes are not resistant to these hazards, so it’s essential to choose a spot that minimizes these risks. Prioritize safety by avoiding locations prone to these dangers.

Child Safety

Ensure the chosen location for your gun safe is completely inaccessible to children. This precaution is vital to prevent accidents and misuse of firearms.

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After careful consideration of various safe locations, it’s clear that safety and security are paramount. By choosing an appropriate storage spot, you can confidently prevent future issues and ensure the safe use of your firearms.

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