How Do You Keep Moisture Out Of A Gun Safe? – Everything You Need to Know With Tips & More

The last thing you want to happen is that moisture grows in your gun safe because you will end up with mold. Your guns are one of the most prized possessions that you have, and you do not want your guns harmed in any way. That is why mold must keep away from your gun safe, or else it will ruin your gun.

It can cause breakage, and that can be one of the worst things to happen to your beloved possession. That is why you want to know how you can ensure that moisture keeps away from your gun safe. The good news is that there are preventative measures that you can take so you do not have to deal with mold growth, and you can have your guns for a very long time.

Let’s go over how you can do that now.

How Do You Keep Moisture Out Of A Gun Safe?

Use Dry Rice

What happens when your smartphone gets wet? You Google solutions on how to dry your smartphone, and the most common answer you find is that placing it in a bag with dry rice will solve the problem.

The same goes for your gun safe. If you want to prevent moisture from entering your gun safe, you will utilize the dry rice hack.

Natural Desiccant

There are several reasons that rice absorbs moisture: it is a natural desiccant. When dry rice takes in water, evaporation of the moisture occurs.

How to Place Dry Rice Inside the Safe?

So what you can do is place a bowl filled with dry rice inside the safe. However, you do not want to leave the bowl of dry rice in the safe for a year as that can get moldy too. That poses a risk to your gun. So you want to ensure that you replace the rice bowl every four months.

Other methods prevent moisture from entering the gun safe if you don’t like the dry rice idea. That is especially true if you are busy and fear forgetting to replace the bowl every four months. You can always put a reminder on your smartphone, but you can also invest in an electric dehumidifier if you have a lot to do.

Use An Electric Dehumidifier

One of the greatest inventions for keeping moisture at bay is electric humidifiers. These appliances lower the humidity levels in the air and can also maintain them, so water does not develop. That is why these appliances are excellent options for gun owners. However, if you want to use one, you need to keep your safe near a power outlet as they are electric.

How to install an electric humidifier?

You can always install an electric humidifier by placing it on the gun safe’s wall. The safe has a drilled hole to move the cord through to plug it into the wall.

There are many types of electric dehumidifiers to choose from that will not cost you an arm and a leg. They work because when the temperature is at a certain level in the gun safe, the dehumidifier keeps the same level.


If the temperature inside the safe gets too warm, then the dehumidifier will drop the temperature to the average temperature. For instance, if the temperature is at 120 F or 49 C inside the gun safe, the dehumidifier keeps it at that temperature. Therefore, it will prevent the temperature from getting any higher to help keep moisture levels low.

How to choose the right electric dehumidifier?

When you choose the right electric dehumidifier, you will want to keep the safe’s capacity in mind, so you don’t waste money on the wrong one.

However, one more way to keep moisture out of your gun safe if this idea does not thrill you. You can use silica gel packs.

Silica Gel Packs

If you don’t want to use dry rice, or you do not want to invest in an electric dehumidifier, there is one more method to help keep moisture away from your gun safe. That is by using silica gel packs as they are highly affordable and easy to use.

The silica beads in these packs will absorb moisture, and that is why you can place them inside gun safes so they can keep the water from building up.

How many silica packs you should put inside of your safe?

The number of these packs that can do the job well is three. If you put three of these packs inside of your safe, then they will work well, but you do not want them to touch the guns at all.

Why you should keep silica packs far from guns?

The silica packs can damage the metal of the guns as they can corrode them to the point that they may render them useless. Therefore, if you utilize this hack to keep moisture away from the safe, ensure that you place the packs nowhere near the guns themselves.

Let’s go over that now if you want to know why it is essential to keep moisture away from gun safes.

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How Do You Keep Moisture Out Of A Gun Safe?

Why Do You Want To Keep Moisture Away From Your Gun Safe?

Wherever you place your gun safe, you will see that humidity will build in your garage or basement. And that means that moisture will seep into your gun safe. Additionally, if you keep taking the gun out of your safe, it will trap humidity when you open and close it, which means condensation will build after shutting it.

When there is too much moisture in your safe, you already know that it will grow mold, rendering your guns unusable.

Additionally, it will cause rust to build upon the guns, and when your weapon begins to rust, it can break off. You do not want that to happen, which is why you need to keep moisture at bay.


You know that if moisture gets into your gun safe, it will become moldy, and your weapons will rust, which is the last thing you want. So keeping humidity levels low, which will prevent moisture from building up, is the way to keep your guns safe.

You can get an electric dehumidifier to lower humidity levels and maintain them to a constant temperature in the safe. You can also use dry rice by keeping it in a bowl by your safe to keep the moisture away or using silica gel packs.

If you use those packs, keep them away from the guns, or else that will cause corrosion.

Let us know how you will keep your guns safe.

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