Rock River Arms Lar 8 Elite Operator Review – Complete Overview

If you are an outdoor explorer or a survivalist, one piece of equipment you should always have in your home is a rifle. Rifles are different, and they can be used to perform a wide range of functions. Suppose you are looking for a heavy-duty rifle uniquely designed for home security but suitable for hunting big game.

In that case, you should consider buying this LAR 8 Elite Operator manufactured by Rock River Arms. This rifle is made with many unique and advanced features, and you would enjoy using it. We have compiled the features, pros, and cons of this product. Enjoy!

Rock River Arms Lar 8 Elite Operator Review

Key Features

Advanced AR-15 Platform Rifle

If you have ever used an AR-15 platform rifle, then you would enjoy using this particular rifle. This rifle bears the same features as AR-15 platform rifles, but those features are pimped up and advanced. Anything your AR-15 platform does, this one will do more.

Uniquely Designed for Law Enforcement and Home Defense

This rifle is uniquely made for home defense and law enforcement agencies. It is a heavy-duty rifle, and it is intended to be used for extreme situations. However, if you plan on hunting big game, then you try out this knife. It can kill wild hogs and other large animals from a far distance.

Designed With a 16-Inch Chrome-Moly Barrel

16-inch chrome-moly barrels are found in AR-15 platform rifles, and this gun is not an exception. The barrel is designed with a 1:10 twist, and it is lightweight.

Uniquely Designed Structure

This rifle has a uniquely designed structure that makes it effective and efficient. The buttstock is a CAR collapsible stock with six positions, multiple sling mounts, and watertight battery storage. The top of the barrel is also a flat ladder rail, and the handguard section comes with three ladder rail covers.

Shoots Accurately up to 100 Yards

This rifle is designed to shoot targets accurately from 100-yards away. If you plan to shoot an assailant or an animal from a distance, you would most likely hit your target.

20 Rounds of a Magazine and a Hard Plastic Case

This rifle package comes with a hard plastic case to protect it from dust and 20 rounds of magazines for your first shooting round.

Utilizes Hogue Pistol Grip

If you want a rifle with a soft, comfortable grip, then you should buy this product. This pistol grip is easy to handle. Even though the rifle is heavy, you would not feel the effect.

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Brand name: Rock River Arms

Length: 38 inches

Weighs: 9.1 pounds

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Pros and Cons



This rifle is primarily designed for home security. Law enforcement agencies also use it. Although this rifle is not intended for hunting, it can hunt games as large as hogs. You can shoot accurately at a 100-yard range and bring your game home.

Wide Accuracy Range

This rifle can shoot accurately from 100-yards out. Most rifles can only shoot accurately from 50 yards out, but this special rifle is an exception.


This rifle is made from strong materials and which makes it durable. When you purchase it, you can use it for a lifetime. Once you make sure it is well cleaned and oiled, it won’t have any issues.

Soft Grip

This gun is designed with a soft grip that makes it easy to handle. Even though the rifle is heavy, holding it by this grip will make you comfortable.

Magazine Rounds

Most rifles are designed to allow for only ten rounds of the magazine. However, this rifle is designed to allow for up to 20 rounds of a magazine. The package also includes 20 rounds of the magazine.



Most people prefer lightweight equipment. However, this rifle is quite heavy, and you need to have the resilience to handle it.

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Rock River Arms Lar 8 Elite Operator ReviewConclusion

If you are looking for a heavy-duty rifle that you can use for self-defense and hunting, then you should consider buying this product. This rifle is designed with advanced accessories and systems, and it is sure to serve your shooting services. The features and advantages of this LAR 8 Elite Operator are unique, and you should buy it if the cost fits your budget. Cheers!

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