Sphinx Arms Sdp Compact Alpha 9mm Review – Guide, Tips & More

Survivalists, outdoor explorers, and preppers are usually keen on gathering outdoor equipment for their may functions. However, it is essential to buy high-quality equipment to serve you better in the long run, and you can get familiar with their processes.

When you want to buy a pistol, you should buy one uniquely designed to function to work without any malfunction or hiccup. If you are looking for a pistol that fits this description, you should check out Sphinx’s excellent product. This SDP Compact Alpha comes with many outstanding features, and we have reviewed them for you.

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Key Features

Uniquely Structured Pistol

If you are looking for a specially constructed high-quality pistol, you should look at this product. This gun is designed with a 9×19 MM caliber, and it comes with an ambidextrous de-cocker that allows you to release it with one hand. The pistol’s barrel length is 3.7 inches, and the overall length is 7.4 inches.

Made From Multiple High-Quality Materials

Although this pistol looks the same from the outside, it is uniquely constructed with different high-quality materials. The slide is made of steel, and it is finished with a Black TIAN coating. The upper frame is made from hard-anodized aluminum, which keeps it resistant to corrosion, and the lower frame is made from polymer.

Made With an Ergonomic Grip

Even though you have the highest-quality pistol in the world, you would not be comfortable if it doesn’t come with excellent, sturdy grips. This pistol comes with a grip uniquely made from polymer, and it is designed to mold into the fingers. Although the gun is heavy, it is well-balanced and easy to handle.

Utilizes Unique Front and Rear Sights

This pistol is uniquely designed with unique sights. The front sight utilizes an iron blade with a white dot, while the rear sight utilizes a serrated fixed sight. This pistol is designed for a smooth operation, and you can quickly fire rapidly and accurately.

Comes With a Unique Magazine

This gun comes with a unique magazine. The capacity is 15+1, and you can quickly shoot a lot of rounds before you have to reload again. When you are using this gun on the field, you can quickly know when your magazine is empty. The followers are bright red, and they will indicate when your magazines are empty.

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Brand name: Sphinx

Weight: 28 ounces

Colour: Black


Durable; High-Quality Pistol

This gun is made from multiple high-quality materials, and it is designed for durability. The gun is resistant to corrosion and is built to withstand impact.

Well-Balanced and Comfortable to Hold

A pistol is a handgun, and it should be comfortable to hold. This gun comes with an ergonomic polymer grip that allows you to carry the gun and handle it comfortably. The gun is well-balanced, and you can shoot it without stress.

Designed to Monitor Rounds

Most pistols are not designed to let you know when you have run out of rounds. However, this magazine is uniquely designed with a bright red magazine indicator that lets you know when your magazine is empty.

Designed for Accurate Shots

If you are looking to buy a gun that can acquire targets quickly, shoot rapidly and shoot accurately, then you should consider checking out this product. This gun is designed to shoot precisely without giving any faults or hitches. You don’t need any periodic adjustments to shoot comfortably.


Sphinx manufactures this pistol, and it is cheaper than its earlier versions. The gun goes for 1,000 dollars, and even though many folks will argue that this is not cheap, it is well below the price for a high-quality product. Earlier versions went for as high as 3,000 dollars in the early 2000s.


This pistol is quite heavy

If you are the type of shooter who likes to handle lightweight equipment, this pistol is not for you. This gun weighs about 28 ounces, and it is quite heavy to carry. However, if you learn to master and shoot this gun, the weight will no longer be an issue.



When you want to buy anything, it is better to spend a lot of money and buy a high-quality product. This pistol is one of such products, and it is uniquely designed to serve as a unique side piece for you. If you are convinced that this product will serve your needs, we advise that you buy it.

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