Magpul m lok tripod adaptor ar 15 ar 10 handguard review.


The M-LOK Tripod Adapter for metal M-LOK similar handguards or forends cliffs literally onto any tripod head furnished with the popular Manfrotto RC2/Q2 interface. This adapter enables the user to ascend their rifle rapidly to a tripod head without the usage of any other bridles providing them a comfortable shooting forum.

The CNC machined aluminium plate is manufactured to incorporate with the famous Manfrotto RC2 and Q2 interfaces. The little footprint of the plate gives sufficient stamina to the system. With the regular balance point of a regular AR15 someplace around the magwell, the Magpul M-LOK Tripod Adaptor, hoisted just ahead of the magwell, safely and safeguards an AR platform rifle up to ten pounds, in our analysis nonetheless. And that’s established on a quality tripod with an excellent quality tripod head.


Bevelled rears And Corners.

The M-LOK Tripod Adapter outlines bevelled edges and nooks to elicit the least footprint. It enables the user to save the M-LOK Tripod Adapter connected to the weapon policy at all moments with the least snagging threats.

Formulated from Mil-Spec Anodized Aluminium

This adapter permits the user to hoist their rifle hastily to a tripod head without the usage of any other bridles providing them with a comfortable shooting forum. The M-LOK Tripod Adapter is machined from Mil-Spec anodized aluminium which gives drastic obstruction from putrefaction.

Optic Mounts:

The initial one to enter the market was manufactured for the Aim point Comp M4. The patented cam system locks the brace down onto picatinny without the necessity of tools, side levers, or large knobs. The release procedure permits users to alter out their optics on the fly with a limited quarrel. The three categories of locks guarantee the optic will not shift unintentionally, retaining zero for the shooter, and paying back to zero when remounting in the exact position after eviction. They have now published two other optics mounts: The Side lock Universal Scope Riser and the Side lock Aimpoint Micro Mount.


The M-LOK direct addition procedure accentuates a tradition, cammed T-Nut that places the T-Nut always for induction and reduction. Modify the rift between the T-Nut and accessory to fit the thickness of the mounting covering, fix the T-Nuts with the slot, and supplement in the desired locale. Nut fastens the nut into an appointed place and then you may fasten typically.


Modest, rounded, rectangular holes with absence of strong edges, complicated geometry, or undercuts make the M-LOK holes optimal for elevated volume metal and polymer production.

The M-LOK holes compel no outstanding cutters or angle measures in the manufacturing procedure. With injection moulding, the absence of an undercut enables easy mould layout. All of this outcome in the most meagre manufacturing expenses apparent.

magpul m lok tripod adaptor ar 15 ar 10 handguard review


Appliances caption recoil mitigation lugs with wide recoil lug backing in all four axes of movement, staving off activity of the system beneath recoil or rough treatment, enabling repeatable precision in reduction and reinstallation.


M-LOK accessories can be straightforward grown totally within an opening or bridging between/across slots, rendering the adjustment period smaller than the magnitude of a single slot. Duration proportional to two Picatinny rail slots (20mm) of adjustment. Vast, four axis recoil lug support is added at each period.


Accessories can be hoisted standing up toward the front or the back 180 degrees distinction, with entire recoil lug backing the system does not require to be trained in a particular direction to work appropriately.


Quality building.

Relatively large fit.

It is considerable for taking pictures of your rifle.

Good fit and grips tight.

It is light and affixes promptly to the MLOK category itself, protecting the weight of the rail


Not logical for shooting, since your tripod’s head might not comprehend the recoil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Magpul M-LOK Tripod Adapter? The Magpul M-LOK Tripod Adapter is a device designed to attach rifles, particularly AR15 or AR10 models, to a tripod. It is compatible with tripods that have the Manfrotto RC2/Q2 interface.

How does the adapter attach to a tripod? This adapter directly clamps onto any tripod head equipped with the Manfrotto RC2/Q2 interface, allowing for quick and tool-free mounting of the rifle.

What is the construction material of the M-LOK Tripod Adapter? The adapter is CNC machined from Mil-Spec anodized aluminum, offering durability and resistance to corrosion.

Is it easy to carry and manage the adapter? Yes, the adapter has bevelled edges and corners for a minimal footprint and is designed to remain attached to the firearm with minimal snagging risks.

Can the adapter hold the weight of standard AR platform rifles? Yes, it can securely support an AR platform rifle weighing up to 10 pounds.

What are the unique features of the M-LOK direct attachment system? The system includes a custom, cammed T-Nut for easy installation and removal, optimized for both metal and polymer manufacturing.

How does the adapter handle recoil? The adapter is equipped with recoil mitigation lugs, providing extensive support in all four axes of movement, ensuring stability and repeatable precision.

What are the mounting options for the M-LOK accessories? M-LOK accessories can be mounted in multiple directions and can span across slots, offering flexible and convenient mounting options.

What are the main advantages of the Magpul M-LOK Tripod Adapter? Key advantages include quality construction, tight and secure fit, light weight, and quick attachment to M-LOK systems.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks? One limitation is that it may not be ideal for shooting, as some tripod heads might not handle the recoil effectively.

Is the adapter visible when not in use? The adapter is designed to be minimally intrusive and can remain attached to the firearm, barely noticeable until needed.

Does Magpul offer other tripod adapter solutions? Yes, Magpul also offers a more advanced railed tripod mount for additional stability and compatibility with more sophisticated tripod heads.


For people with further substantial needs, Magpul creates solutions for a prominent railed tripod mount that not just allies with more developed tripod heads, but glides back and forth for extra balance intentions. If the prospect for rifle tripod adapters gawks bright, Magpul only renders it blindingly bright.


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