Sig Sauer P320 Pistol Handgun Concealed Carry Review – Complete Guide

An essential item for anyone practicing survivalism is a reliable sidearm. The core principle of survivalism involves preparing for and safeguarding oneself against adverse future scenarios, which could include the threat of an assailant. In such situations, a sidearm specifically tailored for concealed carry is highly recommended.

For those in search of an appropriate concealed carry sidearm, the P320 Concealed Carry Pistol Handgun by Sig Sauer is an excellent choice. This firearm is equipped with numerous distinctive features, making it an ideal selection for concealed carry purposes. We have thoroughly examined these features and are excited to share our findings with you. Enjoy the review!

Sig Sauer P320 Pistol Handgun Concealed Carry Review

Key Features

Concealed Carry

This gun is uniquely built to allow for discreet transportation. It comes with a compact slide that will enable you to carry the gun in any 3-5’o clock shooting position. Although this shortened-length slide is suitable for concealed carry, it might be a problem for shooters who are not yet used to the pistol.

External Controls

Concealed guns are designed to be small and efficient, so they don’t come with unnecessary moving parts. This gun does not come with any external safety controls, which makes it a well-concealed gun. However,

Black Oxide Finish

This pistol is constructed with high-quality materials, and it is designed with a black oxide finish that gives it an elegant look. If you are worried that the gun will begin to rust or corrode, you should know it was built to stay durable. You can use it under any weather condition.

Designed to Shoot Accurately

This gun is designed to work efficiently, and it doesn’t have any control issues. It allows you to fire a couple of shots at once with high accuracy. Even though this gun is striker-fired, it works like a hammer-fired gun, and muzzle flips are kept to a bare minimum.

Full-Size Grip

This gun is designed with a full-size grip that is designed for comfort. You can easily handle your gun and feel comfortable. The full-size design means that the size of your palm doesn’t matter when you use this gun. It fits a wide range of shooters and can be utilized by anyone.

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Brand name: Sig Sauer

Weight: 26 ounces

Length: 7.2 inches

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Pros and Cons


Precision Engineering for Accuracy

This gun stands out for its precision engineering, ensuring remarkable accuracy. Despite its design as a carry gun for short-range encounters, it confidently covers distances up to 25 yards, consistently hitting targets within this range.

Ergonomic Comfort

Crafted with a full-size ergonomic grip, this gun offers exceptional comfort in both shooting and handling. The grip is designed to suit a variety of hand sizes, making it a versatile choice for shooters with either large or small hands.

Optimized for Concealed Carry

The gun’s compact structure makes it ideal for concealed carry. Its design excludes any superfluous parts, enabling easy concealment on your person in various positions.

Rapid and Accurate Firing

Engineered for swift and accurate firing, this pistol allows you to rapidly discharge a series of shots with precision. It comes equipped with two magazines, offering additional rounds and versatility in use.

User-Friendly Assembly and Takedown

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze thanks to its innovative design. The gun features a rotating takedown lever, simplifying assembly and disassembly without the need for tools, enhancing your safety.


For those seeking a budget-friendly sidearm without compromising on quality, this gun is an excellent choice. It offers a range of impressive features at a cost-efficient price.


Slightly Bulky for Concealed Carry

Compared to other concealed carry guns, this model is a bit wider. While it maintains a generally slim profile, its width is more noticeable, which may be a concern for some users.

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Sig Sauer P320 Pistol Handgun Concealed Carry ReviewConclusion

As a survival enthusiast in search of a distinctively crafted handgun for concealed carry, we highly recommend considering this particular pistol. This firearm boasts a range of exceptional features beyond those we’ve highlighted, ensuring it would be a valuable addition to your collection. We’re confident you’ll appreciate its remarkable qualities once it becomes part of your arsenal. Best regards!

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