What Is A Stun Gun, And How Do You Use It? – Everything You Need to Know

One of the most popular self-defense tools that people use is stun guns, right behind pepper sprays. The thing is, if you are going to use a stun gun or any device that is like a stun gun, you have to know how you use it. The bottom line is that you need to know what you are doing when you have it.

For instance, police officers use tasers which is a stun devices. It is not the same as a stun gun, but it works in similar ways to one. The significant difference between a taser and a stun gun is that tasers are high voltage and low wattage, and stun guns are the opposite as they are high wattage and low voltage.

Let’s go over what stun guns are and how to use them safely and correctly.

What You Need To Know Before Using A Stun Gun

What Is A Stun Gun, And How Do You Use It?Any stun weapon such as a stun gun is a small gadget that you can hold easily in your hands. These stun guns or weapons feature two or more prongs on one end. They conduct a battery-powered electrical charge. When you activate the stun gadget, you will see flashes between each probe, known as electrical arcs, making a disturbing noise.

Therefore, when the one you want to attack with the stun gun or weapon hears the intimidating sound and flashes, that is enough to frighten them. Consequently, they will likely run away.

However, if they don’t, then the electrical charge will hit them, which will cause the body to work harder than usual. The electrical charge will deplete the glucose, rendering the one you need to attack lethargic.

However, you have to remember that the effect is temporary, and the one you are defending yourself towards will be out for about ten minutes. That is long enough for you to get away from them if they are attacking you.

These devices are necessary for those camping so they stay safe from wild animals such as bears. And they are also frequently used among women who have to defend themselves.

However, before using them, you need to know a few things about stun guns. So let’s go over some rules about stun guns before talking about how to use them.

What You Need To Know Before Using A Stun Gun

The first thing you must know before using a stun gun is if your location legally allows their usage. If it does not, you cannot use it, or you will end up with steep fines and charges. You have to contact your local law enforcement officers to check on that.

You also have to remember that the stun gun is a weapon and if you misuse it, you can face criminal charges. And once you realize those things, and once you confirm that you can use the stun gun legally, you will need to know the type to get and some training.

You can hire someone to teach you how to use it, or you can watch videos on how to use it. But you must see the electric charges and hear the noises the stun gun makes, so you become used to the noise and sights. If you don’t, the first time you use it will frighten you.

When you have the stun gun, you also want to get used to switching it on and off as it comes with a safety switch so that an accidental discharge does not occur.

Finally, you also want to ensure that you charge the batteries often, so you don’t end up attempting to use the stun gun, and it no longer has juice. Now, let’s talk about using the stun gun since you know these critical points before owning one.

How Do You Use A Stun Gun?

After familiarizing yourself with the stun gun, which includes knowing how to use the safety switch, the essential thing to know is how to use it, so you aim it correctly.

First, you have to realize that the stun gun will only work if you hit the target, and the area you go after has to be between the base of the waist and neck and the torso. That is because that is the most significant part of the body that you can target.

You will want to practice using it and pretending that you are in situations so that your muscles can remember the movements. And if you happen to be in a case where you cannot easily get to the torso, you can always target the legs, thighs, and shoulders.

Then, if the individual attempts to attack you as you target them with the stun gun, and if you are successful, they will not pass any electric currents onto you. You will not feel anything at all.

You also have to remember that a stun gun is not to kill your attacker. Instead, it is there to render them out of commission. Therefore, when you are ready to use it, you will want to hold aim at the torso and hold the trigger for no less than three seconds.

You will want to keep it for as long as possible because it will be more effective if you hold it for a while. As mentioned previously, it will disable the attacker for ten minutes before they regain strength, and that is the time to escape from them.


The one thing that you want to ensure is that you are safe when you are going camping or if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

One of the ways you can ensure that safety is if you travel with a stun gun. You never know who could potentially attack you, whether it is a wild animal or someone who has malicious intentions. You have to ensure that your location legalizes its use and that you use it appropriately.

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