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When it comes to having tools and equipment, we have always said it is crucial to have as many as possible. The best means to have are those that are uniquely designed to serve two or more purposes. You can save money and get more value for the product.

If you are a survivalist, then it is crucial to have a non-violent that you can have with you at all times. It becomes even better when this weapon comes in the form of a flashlight. If you are looking for such a piece of equipment, you should check out this shockwave torch. We have reviewed this torch in detail. Enjoy!

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Shockwave Torch Review

Shockwave Torch Review

Unleash the power of the Shockwave Torch, a formidable companion for your safety and outdoor adventures. This torch isn’t just any flashlight; it’s a beacon of brightness in the darkness, boasting an impressive 800 lumens to illuminate your surroundings.

Don’t just light up the night; defend yourself with ease. The Shockwave Torch doubles as a temporary blinding tool against physical attackers. Its high-intensity LED bulb isn’t just bright; it’s built to last a lifetime, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Compact and stealthy, the Shockwave Torch is your go-to for portability. Whether you’re stepping out for the evening or navigating tricky neighborhoods, this torch’s lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry and conceal.

In a world of unpredictability, the Shockwave Torch is your ultimate guardian. With its 4.5-million-volt stun gun, you can incapacitate any threat instantly, buying you precious time to escape.

Prepare for any close combat scenario with the built-in crenulated bezel. This torch isn’t just a light source; it’s a formidable hand-to-hand combat tool, designed to tear through any obstacle with its edged design.

Powered by a NiCad rechargeable battery, the Shockwave Torch is always ready for action. Quick to recharge and long-lasting, it’s the dependable ally you need in any situation.

Durability is the name of the game with the Shockwave Torch. Its high-grade aluminum casing can withstand significant impacts, making it a robust and long-lasting tool in your arsenal.

Carry it your way – holster it on your belt for easy access or hang it on your wrist. The Shockwave Torch is adaptable to your needs.

Brand name: Shockwave Color: Black


Personal Safety Champion: More than a torch, it’s a non-lethal weapon packed with features for your protection, including a crenulated bezel for combat, a powerful stun gun, and a dazzling flashlight.

Durability Redefined: Crafted with a tough aluminum casing and a long-lasting LED bulb, the Shockwave Torch is a solid investment for longevity and reliability.

Lightweight and Portable: Easy to carry, whether on your wrist or belt, this torch is always at your side without being a burden.

Superior Brightness: With 800 lumens, the LED bulb cuts through darkness, making it a versatile tool for everyday use and emergency situations.

Stealthy and Concealable: Designed for discretion, the Shockwave Torch can be hidden in your jacket or on your belt, ready at a moment’s notice.


  • Premium Priced: This torch is a higher-end investment, tailored for survivalists and self-defense enthusiasts seeking quality and functionality over budget options.

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If you are looking for a non-violent weapon that can serve many purposes, this is a perfect choice. This torch is designed like a flashlight, but it is one of the best tools when an attacker comes your way. You can utilize any of its unique features to use when faced with this challenge. If you are thinking about getting this product, then we advise that you go ahead.

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