Fenix Hm50r Headlamp Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

Light is an important part of our life. We get light from various sources. Light is also important when you are camping. There are many light sources that you can use. We have reviewed Fenix Hm50r Headlamp.

Fenix Hm50r Headlamp Review


The Fenix HM50R is an exceedingly high-quality headlamp modelled with an entire aluminium housing, a rechargeable battery, and an increased output 500 lumen LED. Easy and important.

The HM50R, as spoken of above, is a thick small headlamp. The entire aluminium body comprises an IP68 grade, establishing it as waterproof to nearly 6.56 feet/2 meters immersed. It is similar with two categories of batteries, Rechargeable 16340 batteries comprised and CR123 batteries, the latter of which are not rechargeable but do proceed to function adequately in polar or ice-cold surrounding.

The lamp reaches anywhere between 4 and 120 hours, counting on the battery induct and bright output mode. As contributed, it will survive 90 hours on short, twenty-four hours at medium, ten hours on high, and 2.5 hours on turbo utmost extent and brightness. It has a strong glass lens, a micro USB charging dock, and a grippy/multiway headband and contains an alternate lamp holder.

The lamp itself is prepared of a solid aluminium casing, and one of the stuff several people like greatly is the comfort with which they are eligible to access the battery.

The XL-L2 white LED bulb has a historical lifespan of 50,000 hours. The aluminum casing and strengthened glass lid are shock immune.

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Lumens/Light Beam

A lumen is a specialized ratio utilized to deduce the percentage of light radiated by a light origin. The lumen rating shows how radiant a headlamp shines with an entirely charged battery. The brighter, the shiner the headlamp.

Lumens aren’t the only stuff to contemplate. There is furthermore the beam’s focus and distance. Do you want a broad beam to use in camp or an extra focused beam to surge or function on little chores? If running or walking fast, you may furthermore need a beam with extra distance. All of this stuff is required to be contemplated.

The ultimate deliberation for the beam is the capacity to regulate the light. Some lights are overhauled, while others enable you to bend and push the shaft up and down. The capacity to alter the beam is particularly crucial when hiking in the twilight on various landscape.

Headlamp Burn Time

Burn time can be a complicated measure on numerous headlamps. Today’s lamps are coming to be further and extra complicated. Some lights will now modify your light depending on your surroundings. They will also lessen the percentage of light founded on duration and heat degrees, with the supreme purpose of preserving your battery life.

It is also difficult to correlate lights. Some lights that specify 500 Lumens utmost for two hours may just give the 500 Lumens for the initial few seconds before blurring the light and ramping down. The lamp may give the full number of Lumens, but not always.

The Petzl NAO is a satisfactory illustration of a self-adjusting headlamp that discerns ambient lamp and regulates based on lighting wants. This is accomplished to conserve the energy of the battery.

Headlamp Weight

Over extended lengths, these can make a disparity in fatigue and important wear and tear. We’ve used lights as small as key string tabs that weigh smaller than an ounce, but these are a PIA if hiking or labouring around camp. Weights differ largely, but there are now several amazing headlamps that are 3 ounces or smaller.

Water Proof Headlamp

For several people, waterproof is not an enormous deal, but we’ve gotten caught in several rain storms at the stop of the day. We’ve furthermore had to create mad sprinkles for the bushes in the centre of the night, if it’s not waterproof, rain water will definitely destroy it but it’s not like that in this case. It is water-resistant.

The IP grade deduces how immune a headlamp is to solids and liquids. Our objective is a headlamp that is at least immune in both sectors.

One aspect people cherish is satisfaction after prolonged wear. Many of other headlamps annoy some people’s forehead, but this one does not. The fluffy rubber lamp lodger is extremely comfortable, and after the atmosphere lightened, you will forget you actually had the headlamp on your head.


  • Executes well in cold situations.
  • Rechargeable choice.
  • Extremely luminous.
  • Strong metal housing,
  • Waterproof.
  • Battery life indicator.


  • Utilizes different batteries.
  • No red procedure or strobe,
  • Small learning angle for the various methods.
  • No locking outlines.

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Furthermore, no shocks here. Maybe we’re prejudiced, but in our viewpoint, the Fenix HM50R is also another amazing, lightweight reliable, and incredibly luminous, light from Fenix, who proceeds to verify themselves as one of the satisfactory flashlight makers in the competition.

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