Gearlight S1000 Flashlight Review – Everything You Should Know With Advice & More

Light is an essential tool that is of great assistance in our day-to-day activities. It illuminates our space and ensures we see things. Imagine an ultra-bright, compact and portable flashlight that is well-suited for household use?

A type that can focus on those objects that are far from you, so you could see them perfectly in the dark? The Gearlight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight was built for this purpose.

Have you been searching for the perfect, pocket-friendly flashlight with great features? Well, this product has useful accessories, with top-notch user quality.

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Gearlight S1000 Flashlight

Gearlight S1000 Flashlight Review


When you unbox a pack of the s1000 LED flashlight, you will find the flashlight itself, which comes as a pair. The pack also contains other useful accessories that will be explained in the course of the review. The flashlight is sturdy, aluminum-coated, and anti-roll in nature, i.e., you do not worry about positioning on a flat surface. It has over 1000 lumens of power; hence, its S1000 name.

Perhaps, what gets more interesting about this flashlight is the five modes of light it can give: Low, Medium, High, Strobe, and Emergency (SOS). The different modes have lights of different intensities, depending on the user’s choice.


Easy to use

The flashlight is easy to operate and does not require any technical know-how. It also has a user manual that is easy to read and understand. It wouldn’t take much time to figure out how to use the flashlight.

Lightweight and pocket-sized

It is fairly lightweight, such that you won’t have to stress over picking up or taking it around. The flashlight is also small in size and can fit into small spaces, such as pockets, small bags, etc. On average, it weighs 145g.

Ultra-bright and Long-lasting

The light the S1000 gives out is extremely bright, can illuminate an entire room, and focus on objects as far as 1000 feet away. It is powered by AAA batteries (which do not come with the package) and can last for hours in a single use.

Zoomable with Five Modes

The flashlight has an adjustable focus that allows a wide area for a focused beam. The beam of light comes in five modes; Low, Medium, High, Strobe, and Emergency, in that order. You can go through each mode by swiftly switching the flashlight on and off.

Water, Weather, and Shock-Resistant

The Gearlight s1000 LED flashlight is known for its durability. This sturdy flashlight can be dropped from a height of about 10 feet and partially submerged in water, yet, will not lose its function. It can survive any weather out there, come rain, snow or sunshine, as it was specially built with high-grade aluminum for rough use. Its durability is second to none, making it suitable for camping, hiking, and other kinds of outdoor activities.

Package Content

  • The Gearlight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight package comes with:
  • 2x Gearlight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlights
  • 2x 18650 battery tubes (does not come with the batteries)
  • 2x AAA battery holders
  • 2x lanyards (cord/strap at the end for holding the flashlight)
  • 2x holsters ( flashlight jackets)
  • 1 operation guide
  • A warranty card


  • Super-bright light
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Five different light modes
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, and shockproof
  • Useful accessories
  • Made of top-tier material for durability
  • Excellent battery life


  • Doesn’t come with AAA batteries
  • Lens gets easily scratched
  • Warranty does not cover wear and tear defects
  • Lightweight, but batteries add a considerable amount of weight to it

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Buying Guide Questions

Finding out the incredible things about the Gearlight S1000 Flashlight doesn’t come without questions.

What type of batteries can I use for the S1000 flashlight?

1 Lithium-ion 1.2V AAA battery or a single rechargeable battery will power the S1000 LED flashlight.

What is the price of the Gear light S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight?

The price of the flashlight ranges from $18-$21.

Does the S1000 flashlight come with any special accessories?

Yes, it comes with two holsters, two lanyards, and two battery holders.

Here’s a detailed review covering various aspects of this flashlight:

  1. Design and Build Quality: The Gearlight S1000 is known for its sturdy design. It is usually made from high-quality aluminum, which makes it durable and resistant to damage from drops or impacts. The size and shape are designed for easy handling and portability.
  2. Brightness and Light Modes: One of the key features of this flashlight is its brightness. It typically offers high lumens output, which means it can illuminate a large area or focus on objects far away. The S1000 often includes multiple light modes such as high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS, making it versatile for various situations.
  3. Zoomable Focus: The zoom function is a significant feature. It allows users to adjust the focus of the light beam, shifting from a wide floodlight to a focused beam. This feature is particularly useful in different scenarios, like searching for something at a distance or lighting up a wide area.
  4. Battery Life: The battery life of the Gearlight S1000 is another important aspect. It generally runs on either standard AA batteries or a rechargeable battery. The actual battery life can depend on the mode of operation, with higher brightness levels typically consuming more power.
  5. Water Resistance: This flashlight is often advertised as being water-resistant, which means it can withstand rain and splashes of water. However, it’s important to check the specific rating (like IPX4 or IPX7) to understand the level of water resistance.
  6. Price and Value for Money: The Gearlight S1000 is usually considered a budget-friendly option in the flashlight market. It often provides good value for its price, considering its features and durability.
  7. Use Cases: It is suitable for a range of activities like camping, hiking, emergency use at home, or as a part of a survival kit. Its sturdy construction and brightness make it a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts and for general purpose use.
  8. Customer Feedback: Generally, users have positive things to say about the Gearlight S1000, especially appreciating its brightness, durability, and the zoomable feature. However, it’s always advisable to look at various customer reviews to get a balanced view.
  9. Warranty and Support: Many users consider the warranty and customer support when purchasing. Gearlight typically offers a warranty, but the terms and duration can vary, so it’s recommended to check this before buying.
  10. Advice for Buyers: If you’re considering purchasing the Gearlight S1000, compare it with other flashlights in the same category to ensure it meets your specific needs. Pay attention to the brightness, battery type and life, durability, and the specific features that are important for your use case.


If you are in search of an affordable, bright, tactical flashlight, the Gearlight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight review has provided the best solution. It is durable, with quality aluminum hardware, has five different modes, and allows a wide-to-narrow beam range.

If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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