Surefire lx2 review


SureFire’s Lumamax LX2 LED Flashlight is the newest update to the L2 series of versatile flashlights, which has proven to be extremely effective and influential. It has the same incredible built standard that has kept LED flashlights so prominent, and even some seriously impressive different and innovative characteristics. To begin with, it is designed with a brand spanking new, state-of-the-art microcontroller that will enable it to continually deliver outstanding results. It also has a completely new LED that can generate up to 200 lumen output of strong light when set to the highest level.

Surefire lx2 review (description)

The Surefire LX2 Lumamax Flashlight is a lightweight double output flashlight comprising a nearly indestructible power-controlled LED emitter, a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, and a simple, shaped body design that makes clothing simple. The LX2’s skillful accurate two-stage tailcap switch allows us to quickly pick the category of output push for a temporary 15-lumen lengthy runtime reduced lighting appropriate for overall night usages or similar work; push for a temporary 200-lumen full beam 10 times the brightness of a large two-D-cell torch; rotate for a consistent low light, rotate further for a continuous full light. The high-powered “technical” output runs little longer than 2 hours, while the low-power output is produced for around 2 days. Heat building up is not a matter of concern. SureFire has perfected the process of cooling and the LX2 can be used safely for sustained hours of regular operation.

Surefire lx2 review (features)


The LX2 LED flashlight is fitted with a really nice, shaped body which is very comfortable to hold and control. This structure is also constructed from hard-anodized aluminum metal, that makes it virtually indestructible. The LuxaMax LX2 LED flashlight contains two separate brightness output levels, enabling you to select the one that is particularly suitable to your present situation and preserve the battery life. The LED light bulb and technology found in SureFire LuxaMax LX2 is completely regulated by the state-of-the-art microcontroller. This ensures that it will constantly supply you with the highest and most reliable output available and that the flashlight will serve you as long as practicable.

Water proof

Waterproof coating is produced by 2 rubber enclosures. Greasing these with any rubber-friendly oil can allow you to keep water out of the valuable product Some lubricating oil has already been added to the rings, but inspecting it once in a while might be a great idea..


The double switch brings you a low power output of Fifteen lumen output if you push it gently and 200 lumens if you push it all the far. It will only offer you temporary activation, but turning the tailcap will keep you steady. These 2 outputs will meet much of your illumination requirements that’s why several of the users choose LX2 as their EDC lamp.


There are a range of different LX2 attachments, varying from IR filters to advanced pockets and an amazing lanyard package. The lanyard package is provided in the LX2 so I can say a few things about its efficiency. The lanyard is composed of a section of OD Green paracord and is fitted with two cord bolts and a cord fastener. In a scenario where you will do a lot of hiking or crawling, where each of your hands will be required for weapon protection or movement, the torch can be placed just around the neck or the cord lock can be instantly and quickly balanced.


It us durable

It is very easy to use

It can lighten a large area


The LX2 operates on specific 123 Lithium-ion batteries that are not easily accessible and are more costly than a regular battery.

It is expensive


Everyone who invests a ton of time driving on the actual road will tell you that perhaps the greatest nightmare of every traveler will be to have his car broken down in the middle of anywhere after dark. Well, the explanation for this is pretty obvious, not alone will he be unable to get a clear look underneath his vehicle to find out whatever the issue is and if it can be repaired or not, however the other cars driving by might not be able to notice him too though, which may lead to a severe and very likely fatal crash Even so, the approach to this dilemma is actually pretty easy: You carry a high-capacity flashlight in your car with you.

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