Surefire Lx2 Review- Complete Overview, Tips and More

SureFire’s Lumamax LX2 LED Flashlight is the newest update to the L2 series of versatile flashlights, which has proven to be extremely effective and influential. It has the same incredible built standard that has kept LED flashlights so prominent, and even some seriously impressive different and innovative characteristics.

To begin with, it is designed with a brand spanking new, state-of-the-art microcontroller that will enable it to continually deliver outstanding results. It also has a completely new LED that can generate up to the 200-lumen output of strong light when set to the highest level.

Surefire LX2 Review

The Surefire LX2 Lumamax Flashlight sets a new standard for double output flashlights with its robust, nearly indestructible power-controlled LED emitter, cutting-edge Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, and a sleek body design that simplifies clothing integration.

Master your lighting needs with the LX2’s precision-engineered two-stage tail cap switch. Effortlessly choose your desired lighting mode: a quick tap delivers a 15-lumen output for extended runtime, ideal for general night-time activities or close-up tasks. Need more power? A firmer push unleashes a blazing 200-lumen full beam, ten times brighter than a standard two-D-cell torch. For continuous illumination, simply rotate the switch for steady low light, or further for ongoing full brightness.

Experience uninterrupted high-performance with the LX2. The high-powered “technical” output maintains brilliance for over 2 hours, while the efficient low-power mode lasts an impressive 2 days. Forget about overheating concerns; SureFire’s advanced cooling technology ensures the LX2 is safe for extended, regular use without compromise.

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The LX2 LED flashlight boasts a sleek, ergonomically designed body for optimal grip and control. Its construction features hard-anodized aluminum metal, rendering it nearly indestructible.

Equipped with two distinct brightness levels, the LuxaMax LX2 LED flashlight allows you to choose the ideal setting for your current needs while conserving battery life.

Featuring state-of-the-art microcontroller technology, the LED light bulb in the SureFire LuxaMax LX2 delivers consistently high and reliable output, ensuring prolonged and efficient service.


The flashlight’s waterproof capability is enhanced by two rubber enclosures. Regularly greasing these with a rubber-friendly oil will effectively keep water out. The rings come pre-lubricated, but periodic checks are recommended for optimal performance.


The dual switch on the LX2 offers a low power output of 15 lumens with a soft press and ramps up to 200 lumens with a full press. This setup provides temporary activation, but twisting the tailcap ensures continuous light. These dual settings cater to a wide range of lighting needs, making the LX2 a popular choice for everyday carry (EDC) lights.


The LX2 comes with a variety of accessories, ranging from IR filters to sophisticated pockets and an impressive lanyard kit. The included lanyard, made of OD Green paracord, features two cord locks and a fastener. This design is particularly useful for activities like hiking or crawling, where hands-free operation is necessary. The lanyard allows for easy neck carrying and quick adjustments with the cord lock.

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  • It is durable
  • It is very easy to use
  • It can lighten a large area


  • The LX2 operates on specific 123 Lithium-ion batteries that are not easily accessible and are more costly than a regular battery.
  • It is expensive



Everyone who invests a ton of time driving on the actual road will tell you that perhaps the greatest nightmare of every traveler will be to have his car break down in the middle of anywhere after dark. Well, the explanation for this is pretty obvious, not alone will he be unable to get a clear look underneath his vehicle to find out whatever the issue is and if it can be repaired or not.

However, the other cars driving by might not be able to notice him too though, which may lead to a severe and very likely fatal crash.

Even so, the approach to this dilemma is pretty easy: You carry a high-capacity flashlight in your car with you.

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