How Do Stun Guns Work – Complete Overview, Advice and More

Every day, there are reports of people getting attacked and mugged off their valuables. While this issue has led to the loss of lives, practicing self-defense has been of utmost importance. For some, learning martial arts for defense has been helpful; for others, it is getting a self-defense weapon like a stun gun.

Stun Guns are electrical devices that target the nervous system to cause paralysis in a person. It is a self-defense weapon with high voltage that protects you from an attacker. This device’s design is highly exceptional so that it offers low amperage to inflict pain with no severe or permanent injury.

On so many occasions, people ask: how do stun guns work? Knowing what it is used for is not enough; learning how it works makes it much better.

What is a Stun Gun?

A Stun Gun is a device that releases an amount of energy into a person’s body at maximum pulse frequency, leaving such a person disoriented and with a loss of balance. It is a direct contact tool that affects blood sugar; this sugar is converted into high amounts of lactic acid, causing paralysis.

History of Stun Guns

Stun guns’ history dates back to the early 18th century, as a Leyden Jar. This jar is a primitive electrical tool used to store high-voltage electric charges for safety and protection. The electric shock delivered from this device was non-lethal; however, it caused an amount of pain.

Later, a stun glove came in the 1930s, in which electric charges pass through a tube into a glove for delivery. Finally, a modification in 1960 brought about stun guns and Taser devices. In the world today, stun guns are useful, affordable, and non-lethal self-defense tools; thus, several brands have emerged to produce some of the best safety guns for use.

Parts of a Stun Gun

A stun gun’s effectiveness is nothing other than the parts or the type of features it has. Generally, it is mainly composed of two different parts – the body and the battery.

The Body

A Stun Gun has a streamlined, portable body that makes it weightless and easy to carry around for safety. The Body has several features for effective performance – for instance, the prongs are responsible for delivering charges into the body for shocks; the LED Lighting shows the charges’ intensity and effect. Furthermore, there is a switch button to turn it off or on, when necessary.

The Battery

On the other hand, the battery is responsible for its operation. Without the battery and internal wiring, such a stun gun can’t work.

The Rope

Another significant part of a stun gun, which most brands fail not to include, is the rope. For easy accessibility, the rope is attached to a handbag, or purse, or better, worn on the wrist.

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How to Use a Stun Gun?

Now that you have a stun gun in your position, do you know how to use it? See below for the three significant lessons on how to use a stun gun before an attacker.

Be Alert

Most times, you are uncertain about where you could get attacked, which means you have to be on the alert at all times. Often, people don’t get attacked in open scenes; it is mostly in vulnerable spots like a parking lot or garage, or even when you are alone. You should have easy access to a stun gun for your safety when you feel something is not right.

Attack Spots

Switching places to your advantage during an attack is consequential, i.e., the person who is being attacked becomes who attacks. With a stun gun, target large muscle groups, like the groins, stomach, thighs, or chest, because the effects are more painful. Sometimes, you may not be at the advantage of choosing a spot to stun – it doesn’t stop the gun from leaving its effects for a few seconds – two to five.


The last part of using a stun gun is profiling your attacker when he/she is down. A perfect way to do that is to take mental notes within seconds on what the person looks like. Once you are done doing that, run as fast as possible to safety. Finally, make sure to report to the police what happened and what the attacker looks like to protect someone from a similar experience.

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What is the Difference Between Stun Guns and TASER Devices?

For people who are not sure what to pick between a stun gun and a taser device, below is a list of their differences.


First, the design of a stun gun and a taser device makes a huge difference. Stun guns have been designed in a streamlined form that makes them handy and safe to use. On the other hand, taser devices take the form of a real gun. Thus, it is easy to know either with body design.


Distance is another factor that makes the difference between both devices. Stun Guns are close or direct contact weapons, while Taser devices could be shot from a distance away. The latter is safer to use because it allows you to keep some distance from an attacker.


Based on the effects, taser devices are more powerful than stun guns. Tasers have been designed so that they can pierce through clothing to deliver excessive shock effects.

Ease of Use

Both taser devices and stun guns are easy to use. However, based on the testimonials of people who have had to use either during a confrontation with an attacker, taser guns are easier.

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How Do Stun Guns Work?


It is no strange news that stun guns are so important to ensure safety and protection – taser devices also are. Even though some states do not legalize its use, it remains crucial for safety and self-defense. This article’s enlightenment has done so much, so subsequently, you wouldn’t have to ask questions like: how do stun guns work?

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