S&w 15 22 Vs Ruger 10 22 Review – All-in-one Guide, FAQs & More

While comparing the S&W 15 22 and Ruger 10 22, we look at both firearms; their features, descriptions, pros, and cons.

For the S&W 15 22, the lower receiver consists of what you would normally find in an M&P 15, and the upper receiver is made up of the barrel, the charging handle, and the bolt. It has a lower recoil designed to reduce unnecessary sounds or withdrawal to make it easier for rookie shooters to get in with the sport. The Smith and Wesson M&P15-22 has a safety and bolt lock just like the AR-15s, and it is cheaper too.

The Ruger 10 22 consists of a muzzle brake, a clear reticle range, and a coated wood shadow style stock. As a way of upgrading the firing features, internal alterations have been made to the trigger group. Ruger 10 22 also has an 18-inch bull barrel. It is one of the most successful rifle designs, and its complementary goods and services are so abundant.

rifleS&W 15 22 Review

The S&W 15 22 is a cadet rifle designed by Smith and Wesson in 2009 in the United States. It was manufactured by Smith and Wesson, and its operational mechanism, that is, how it operates, is ‘Blowback.’ It has a mass of 5.5 lbs /2.5 kg with its barrel length at 16” / 40.6 cm. Its length, while collapsed, is 30.5” and, when extended, 33.75”. The casing is a .22 Long Rifle.

The Ruger 10 22 is a type of Rimfire semi-automatic rifle designed by William B. Ruger and Harry H. Sefried II in 1964 in the United States. It has a mass of 5 lb (2.3 kg) and a length of 37 in (940 mm) with a barrel length of 18.5 in (470 mm). It is manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Co. and it has been produced from 1964 to the present. Its action is ‘Semi-automatic.’


Charging handle

It comes with a charging handle that helps to lock bolts in the open position

Safety selector

It has a safety selector which rotates to SAFE, indicating when it is safe to proceed

Receiver chamber

The receiver chamber stores cartridges.

Other Features of the S&W 15 22

  • Instead of an aluminum alloy, it’s made with a polymer upper and lower receiver.
  • Its action is ‘Blowback’; it does not overtly charge gas from a fired cartridge.
  • It makes use of exclusive polymer box magazines.

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  • They are way cheaper when it comes to comparing prices of ammo
  • With the recoil being shorter, it makes shooting less painful and eases up on the shoulder
  • It is a great starter for inexperienced or unfamiliar shooters.


The trigger might be a little heavier if you aren’t used to it; it measures 7.1 pounds.

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Ruger 10 22 Review


The Trigger Guard

The trigger guard hosts a simple cross-bolt unit which helps in blocking the trigger travel

Semi-automatic Rimfire Action (6.25)

This is located under the dull-black painted crinkle. It is simple and reliable.


A small lever’s located in front of the trigger guard. It helps to hold the bolt open. It is an important safety characteristic.

Other features of Ruger 10 22

  • Its cartridge is a .22 Long Rifle .22 Magnum (10/22 Magnum only), .17 HMR (10/17 only)
  • Its feed system is a 10-round rotary magazine or 25 and 15-round box magazine
  • It has a folding stock.


  • It has a unique two-screw V-block system for connecting the barrel to the receiver. This makes substitution and ejection of the barrel to be much easier than most rifles.
  • It has easy handling features
  • It is not expensive in ammunition costs, and its recoil is trivial


The low power of the .22 rounds can be a disadvantage as much as an advantage, depending on your experience level.


When going for firearms of your choice, no one other than you know what’s best. You work with the best.

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