Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle 450 Bushmaster Review – Complete Overview

If you are a survivalist, prepper, or hunter, you know the importance of having rifles. Rifles come in different sizes, specifications, and capacities. They also serve various purposes. If you try to get a rifle for every purpose, you will spend too much, and you would not enjoy your guns.

The best choice is to buy a weapon that combines the best parts of other rifles. If you are looking for such a gun, you should check out this 450 Bushmaster manufactured by Ruger. This gun comes with many outstanding features, and we have reviewed it in detail for you. Enjoy!

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle 450 Bushmaster Review

Key Features

Compact, Lightweight Rifle

If you are looking for a rifle, you can easily carry and fire, this 450 Bushmaster will be perfect. This rifle is portable and lightweight; you can easily pack it and transport it.

Utilizes Hornady 250 Grain Ftx Bullets

This rifle utilizes FTX bullets, allowing the rifle to generate a muzzle velocity of 220fps from any 20-inch barrel. If you are looking for a rifle that will give you full power on the hunting field, you should consider buying this product.

Made for Various Purposes

This rifle is suitable for hunting both small and large games. You can also use it for self-defense and home protection. The gun is lightweight, and it comes with features that allow for versatility.

It Shoots Perfectly From up to 225 Yards

This rifle is capable of hitting targets from a far range. It can shoot ideally from 225 yards, and you would be happy to have it when next you go hunting.

Utilizes a 16.10-Inch Barrel

This rifle utilizes a 16.10-inch barrel which offers a controlled round feed. The barrel is threaded, and it is fitted with Ruger Precision Rifle Hybrid Muzzle Brake. It comes with a 4-round detachable box magazine.

Made With a Matte Black Oxide Finish

If you are worried about your rifle suffering from rust, you should know that it is made with a matte black oxide finish. The metal will shine as long as you maintain it regularly.

Utilizes Checkered Grips and Forearms

This rifle is sturdy and easy to carry. It utilizes checkered grips and forearms, making it stay on your palms and providing you with a sturdy grip.


Brand name: Ruger

Color: Black

Weight: 6.6 pounds

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Overview of the Rifle’s Advantages

Unparalleled Versatility for Various Applications

Experience the ultimate in adaptability with this rifle, expertly engineered for a broad spectrum of uses. It’s not just a formidable tool for hunting large game with precision over great distances; it’s equally adept at small game hunting. Moreover, its effectiveness extends to self-defense scenarios, offering robust and reliable performance when you need it most.

Built to Endure the Test of Time

Crafted for enduring performance, this rifle boasts robust moving parts and a block with a sleek matte finish. Its design prioritizes longevity, ensuring resistance to rust and deterioration with proper care. It’s a firearm that’s as reliable over the years as it is on the day of purchase.

Ergonomically Designed for Superior Grip and Control

Handling this 450 Bushmaster is a delight, thanks to its ergonomically designed, checkered grips. These grips not only offer a comfortable and secure hold but also ensure stability and precision in aim and execution, regardless of whether you’re wearing shooting gloves or facing sweaty palms.

Exclusive Custom Feature: A Mark of Distinction

This rifle stands out with its unique custom feature – the “Gunsite Scout Rifle” elegantly engraved on the grip cap. This distinctive mark is more than just an aesthetic touch; it signifies the rifle’s exceptional quality, with its stock crafted from premium American Walnut.

Remarkably Lightweight for Enhanced Portability

If your priority is a rifle that’s both effective and easy to handle, this is the ideal choice. Its lightweight design ensures effortless carrying and operation, making it a perfect companion for extensive use in varied environments.

Simplified Maintenance for Lasting Performance

The rifle’s matte black finish isn’t just visually appealing; it’s also incredibly practical, simplifying the maintenance routine. Cleaning and oiling become hassle-free tasks, allowing you to keep the rifle in top condition with minimal effort.

Considerations Before Purchase

A Premium Investment

While this rifle stands out for its exceptional qualities, it’s important to note that it comes with a higher price tag. This is a premium product, and its cost reflects its superior craftsmanship and features. It’s an investment for those who are serious about owning a top-tier firearm.

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If you are a survivalist, prepper, or hunter, you should have a compact rifle that can serve many different purposes. This 450 Bushmaster is one of such rifles, and we have shown you some of its wonderful features and advantages.

If you want to buy it, we suggest that you go ahead with the purchase. Cheers!

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