Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Review – Everything You Need to Know

You are used to Target guns, but do you know air guns are even much better? If you are looking for something perfect against animals, all you have to do is check for the best air guns online. They are designed to lightweight, quiet, and fast.

Following the high demand for air rifles with less cocking effort, Crosman decided to drop something for avid gun lovers. The Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle is the best of its creation – an upgrade of the Original Nitro Piston air gun. It is an ideal weapon for different situations, including that survival.

Take a look at the Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle review below, and see what makes it special.

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle


Crosman designed the all-new Nitro Piston Technology Generation 2 gun to be an alternative to air guns with more cocking force, vibration, and noise. It is one of the top-rated choices if you desire accuracy in aiming targets. The crisp trigger is also another incredible thing it has to offer users.

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle has been built so well that it has the edge over gas spring air guns. Unlike the latter, it has a faster and doubled shooting range; hence, you don’t have to worry about delivery. More importantly, you should know that a single-shot break barrel gun, i.e., allows you to shoot once and break the barrel manually for a reload.



The Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle uses a black synthetic stock that enhances its lightweight qualities. This material construction also helps maintain durability and strength under different weather conditions; therefore, hunters always have a good grasp. Furthermore, the stock has a thumbhole for a secured and an ergonomic grip.


It comes in a strong pistol grip style with Realtree Camo Finish for enhanced durability.


The air gun makes use of two types of calibers – 0.177 and 0.22. However, the 0.177 Caliber/Pellet is more popular because of its availability and affordability; the 0.22 Caliber, on the other hand, is more stable but rare.


For precise shooting, the rifle doesn’t use a traditional open sight system, i.e., no front or rear sight. Instead, it uses 3-9 x 32 Center Point sight. The significance of this type of sight is to ensure accuracy in long-range shooting.


Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Rifle features an advanced Nitro Piston Technology that enhances a noiseless performance. It is an ideal choice of a gun to maintain a stealth position.


Another exclusive upgrade in this NP2 rifle from the Original NP is the presence of an enhanced two-stage trigger – CBT, i.e., Clean Break Trigger. Unlike many gas springs guns and air guns, there is less cocking force, and lighter trigger pull in this rifle. Besides, its crispy and clean performance makes it even better.

Velocity/Speed and Accuracy

The overall performance of this gun is dependent on its high-end velocity. The 0.177 Caliber moves at a speed of 1400ft/sec. with alloy pellets and 1150 ft/sec. with Lead pellets. Indeed, it is accurate, especially for long-range shots.


1 Year Limited Warranty

Pros and Cons


  • Improved with advanced technology
  • Accurate and Fast
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Best for long-range shooting
  • Ergonomic and secured grip
  • Noiseless with a clean trigger


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • The scope can be better


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Buying Guide Questions

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Who Needs Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle?

Not everyone can handle toys – guns, rather. Different guns are designed for various purposes. Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle, in this case, is perfect for shooters and hunters. If you want to make an accurate long-range shot, then you are looking at the best choice.

What Makes the Nitro Piston 2 Air Gun Different?

The Nitro Piston 2, as mentioned earlier above, is an upgraded version of the original Nitro Piston. The gun comes with advanced features that would improve cocking and trigger experience, enhance noiseless performance, and guarantee speed and accuracy in taking down a target.

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Review


Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle review is as descriptive as it could be to provide an insight into air guns in general. You would be doing yourself a lot good choosing this weapon for survival adventures.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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