How Much Does a Gun Safe Weigh – Complete Overview, Advice & More

When it comes to owning weapons, you need to realize that there are many aspects to consider before looking into owning one. One of the aspects to consider is storage because gun safes take up a lot of space and room. It is an essential aspect of being a gun owner as you want to ensure that no one can get a hold of the gun.

In addition, the gun safe will help keep your family safe, so they do not have access to the firearm. When it comes to owning a gun safe, you need to know which is the best one for your needs based on size and weight. First, let’s talk about how heavy gun safes are.

How Much Does a Gun Safe Weigh?

There are various sizes and weights of gun safes ideal for your size and type of gun. However, entry-level safes generally weigh about 200 to 600 lbs. That is because smaller guns do not require a lot of space, which is ideal for that type of gun. Next, there are mid-range safes that weigh about 600 to 1,000 lbs.

Then there are the high-end safes which weigh anywhere from 1,000 to 1,600 lbs, and finally, there are commercial grade ones that weigh from a ton to 5,000 lbs.

Therefore, even the entry-level safes require a lot of space for you to store them. One thing to know is that gun safe is heavy regardless of the type and size.

Why Are Gun Safes Heavy?

Several factors explain why gun safes are heavy.

Heavy Material

One reason gun safes weigh a lot is because of the gauge of steel, as steel is a heavy material. The ironic thing is that the lower the steel measurement, the thicker and heavier it is. Conversely, the higher the measure of steel, the less it weighs. Steel is not the only reason that gun safes weigh a lot.

Fireboard Layers

Other factors include the fireboard layers. For example, some safes feature a layer of fireboard or insulator to keep valuables protected if there is a fire. Safes that have this feature do have several layers of insulation, and therefore, they can be pretty thick if there is extra thickness from the fire retardant; the safe is much heavier.


Additionally, the design of the safe can also contribute to the weight. For example, if there are extra layers of steel and insulation or other liners, the design must be specific. As a result, the gun safe design affects the weight and size, and price.

Therefore, when looking to buy a safe, you have to take the weight and the type you want to get. A fire can happen at any time and regardless of where you live. If you buy a safe with extra insulation, that will affect the weight, size, and price. You may feel more secure if you have a heavier safe as well.

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The Heavier the Gun Safe, the More Secure It Is

There is one significant reason many people prefer to invest in heavier safes, and that is because the heavier they are, the more secure they are. You will find those who own firearms with a young family or teens will prefer to get heavier safes.

Kids Become Overly Curious

There is the apparent reason you would not want to deal with devastating consequences if your kids become overly curious – or your teen gets into serious trouble with it.

The thing is, when it comes to smaller gun safes, kids and teens can figure out how to get into them. If you live alone and live in an area where there are continuous threats around you, you don’t need a large and heavy safe. However, when there are kids or others in the home, it is one of the best and safest investments you can make.

Additionally, if you have a heavier safe, you can sleep at night knowing that there is nothing to worry about since no one can get into it. However, even though heavier gun safes are more secure, there are some disadvantages to them as well. Let’s talk about that more and why it is also something to consider before investing in a heavy safe.

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How Much How Much Does a Gun Safe Weigh?Does a Gun Safe Weigh?

What Are the Disadvantages of Heavier Gun Safes?

Even though heavy gun safes are more secure, there are disadvantages to them.


Firstly, the cost is a disadvantage as its price is pretty steep. That is why you want to evaluate whether you need a very heavy safe or if one in the mid-range weight can be just as safe for your family as the heaviest one.

Damage to the Property

Another problem with having a heavy safe is that there can be damage to the property if you are not careful with it. You want to ensure that the area where you want to install the safe can handle its weight. You will also have to consider the flooring and determine if it can take the weight. If your flooring consists of wood, you will need to look into a smaller safe.

The best thing to do is to speak to an expert about the ideal gun safe you should own in addition to your concerns about its security. That is what you should do before making a big purchase because buying a gun safe is one of the most significant purchases you will be making.

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More and more people own firearms‘, which is why the sales of gun safes are increasing. That is why manufacturers of gun safes are constantly looking to improve their products’ quality. There are various gun safes to choose from, and you will want to choose the right one for your needs.

Heavier gun safes are more secure than lighter ones, but you also need to consider whether you can keep a heavy gun safe in your home. They can cause damage to your property which is why the best thing to do is to talk to an expert who can advise you on purchasing the ideal ones for your needs.

Tell us if you’ll buy a heavy safe.


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