How to Survive an Emp Attack – Comprehensive Guide, Tips and Tricks

One of the most challenging things to deal with is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. Often, it is caused by any of the three sources – Nuclear explosions, Solar events, and EMP bombs. The negative impact of these sources on electrical appliances in the home or office, such as computers, alarm systems, etc., cannot be overemphasized. Thus, you must know how to survive an EMP attack – protect yourself from EMP.

If there is anything more you should know about EMP attacks, it is that it could affect a country, making them lose Power for a short to a long time. As impossible as that sounds, no country is safe – even lives have been lost in the process.

Therefore, you need this article to protect yourself as a survivalist.

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How to Survive an Emp Attack?

Below is a list of ways to keep yourself safe from EMP attacks to avoid loss of lives and property damage.

Use Non-Electric Appliances

If you want to protect yourself from an EMP attack, you should start by investing in non-electric appliances – this means going traditional. Often, electrical systems are destroyed when there is an attack; however, your safety is possibly guaranteed if you have none.

Find comfort in living with electricity-free items so that when a scenario occurs, your survival isn’t threatened. For instance, solar ovens are perfect in place of electric cookers to get meals done. Although it may seem a little unusual at first, you would be doing yourself a massive favor in the end.

Power Source

Who says you cannot produce your electricity? You don’t have to depend on electricity transformers to have light in your home or office so that you don’t run the risk of EMP attacks. Safe alternatives would come in useful – solar panels, wind turbine generators, and hydroelectric systems.

Electrical outlets are incorporated into these Power sources for practical use; thus, it guarantees minimal risk. Fortunately, many platforms sell some of these Power-alternatives, so they should be easy to find.

Light Source

If you want a better option for lighting, you could go for non-electric light sources. There is a huge possibility of getting a house or office illuminated without using electricity at all. An excellent example of a light source is a chemical candlestick or oil lamp.

These alternative sources are EMP-free and cheap; sometimes, they take longer hours to burn out, depending on fuel capacity. However, they should be handled with care to avoid fire outbreaks.

Alternative Communications

Mobile phones generally are backed with EMP for effective communication. In this regard, it means they could pose threats during an EMP attack. For your survival and safety, you should look towards getting alternative communications with the few options available.

For instance, walkie-talkies and CB radios are useful, as they require low Power – from AA batteries or other non-electrical sources. Moreover, they are inexpensive and can aid communication over many miles.

Self Defense

Your survival during an EMP attack goes way beyond finding non-electric appliances to use; you need to arm yourself, i.e., in self-defense. It is unguaranteed that you will be safe throughout the entire time; there are cases of home invaders or intruders who see power outages as an avenue to break into people’s homes.

As a homeowner, you should have shotguns or handguns for protection. Also, for entry detection, a bell or manual alarm could be placed at the doorpost to alert you of intruders. All in all, self-defense is essential.

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Make a Disaster Plan

Preparation against disasters is bliss. During an EMP attack, you may not be able to predict what could happen next. The impact of explosions could trigger other actions, which could harm your safety. For instance, in places where there are dams, an overflow during that period is inevitable; therefore, making survival plans is reasonable before that happens. Some of the things you could do include building a barricade, finding easy/emergency routes for escape, etc.

Faraday Cage

One of the best inventions for EMP attacks is a Faraday Cage. Following the works of Michael Faraday (whose theory basis on Electric pulses), this cage was built. The cage’s purpose is to minimize damage and protect smaller electronics, like smartphones, laptops, etc. during an attack.

Interestingly, it is accessible to build a Faraday Cage with simple tools or pieces of equipment in the home. For instance, you could either make use of a microwave oven or old metal garbage – it shouldn’t take time.

Food Storage/Supplies

You don’t know how long it could take to fix the aftermath of an attack caused by Electromagnetic pulses; thus, you may want to consider your food storage and supplies. It would be best if you tried to get canned or preserved foods, as well as essentials like salt and flour.

Also, investing in agriculture will help a lot – a garden with planted seeds will save you from overspending on food items during that period. Since you want to stock up, ensure the supplies have nutritional value.


For your safety during an EMP attack, you should think carefully about using your vehicle. It would be best not to rely on your car during an escape because dangers are lurking. For instance, a mass evacuation could result in a traffic jam, and it could keep you on the spot.

Another one is losing Power at a standstill – could affect car electronics. It is for this reason that America introduced an In Case of Emergency (ICE) plan for safety.


You may never tell what could happen in a few days or weeks from now; however, your preparation for emergencies is consequential. One of the things you should learn is how to survive an EMP attack – protect yourself from EMP by getting the right non-electric tools and creating emergency plans.

Apart from those listed above, you could decide to add other useful survival plans, depending on the available resources.

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