How to Survive Without Electricity – Top Tips

Over the centuries, human beings have evolved, and we have come up with some impressive innovations and discoveries. However, the best invention we have come up with is the discovery of electricity. In the first world, electricity is seen as a necessity of life.

According to statistics, 85 percent of Americans cannot live for more than two weeks without electricity. This is because electricity powers our everyday life. It helps us recharge our gadgets, regulate our room temperature to fit the present climate, cook our food, store food items, pump our water, and many other things.

However, one thing that survivalists always prepare for is the occurrence of worst-case scenarios. As a survivalist, you have to ask yourself questions like, “what if the electricity grid collapses tomorrow?” “How can I survive long-term in case of a protracted power outage?” The good news is that living without electricity is possible.

According to statistics, 80 percent of Africans don’t have access to a stable power supply. If they can find a way to live without electricity, you can find your way around a power outage too. This article has been compiled to give you useful tips on how to survive without electricity. Enjoy!

Top Tips on How to Survive Without Electricity

How to Survive Without Electricity

Here are some tips on how to survive without electricity.

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Get an Alternate Source of Lighting

The most noticeable effect of electricity is the lighting it provides. When you are out of electricity, your surroundings depend on natural light for brightness and everywhere becomes dark at nightfall. As a survivalist, you have to put alternative sources of lighting in place before this happens.

The best alternative source of lighting you can have is a solar-charged energy system. Solar electric systems are a form of clean energy, and they can do much more than light up your house. You can use the energy from this solar-charged system to recharge your phones and perform other minor functions requiring electricity.

Other alternative lighting sources include oil lamps, flashlights, fuel generators, candles, headlights, and many others.

Prepare Adequately for Harsh Weather

One of the beautiful functions of electricity is that it allows us to regulate our temperature. Air conditioners and heaters are powered by electricity; they allow us to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Without electricity, we would be left at the mercy of the weather, which is not good for people.

The survival rule of threes states that we can only survive in harsh weather conditions for three hours. This is a serious business for survivalists, and that is why adequate preparations must be made in advance in case of a protracted power outage.

If you have a good solar-powered energy system, your air conditioners and heaters might be able to run on it, which will solve all your problems. If you don’t have solar-powered energy, you can open the windows and the drapes during hot weather, and you can also build a fireplace or buy a propane-powered heater for the winter periods.

You can also add extra insulation to your walls and block your doors with towels to prevent heat from escaping.

Find New Ways to Preserve Your Food

A power outage means that your fridge and freezers stop working. How do you preserve food in this case? Most survivalists have been known to stock up on food with long shelf lives. Staple foods like rice, beans, pasta, sugar, flour, honey, oats, and others don’t require special preservation.

However, your meat, fish, vegetables, and other perishable foods will need to be preserved if the electricity goes out. Getting propane or solar-powered generator is one way of solving this problem.

Another way is to dehydrate, smoke, or ferment these food items. Smoking your meat of fish will give it a longer chance of survival.

Get an Alternative Cooking Source

Even though we are used to electric gas cookers, cooking without electricity is one of the easier drawbacks of a power outage. You can use a wood stove for cooking, or you can use propane gas cookers.

These cooking methods are slower, but you would eventually get your hot meal. As a survivalist, it is also advisable that you stock up on food that doesn’t need to be cooked in emergencies. Food that can be eaten on the spot is always best for such periods.

Get a Constant Supply of Water

In most major cities and states of the world, the government is responsible for pumping water. When there is a power outage, the water cannot be pumped, and you have to get an alternative source. As a survivalist, storing as much freshwater as possible is one of the first things you learn.

However, it is possible that the water stored is not sufficient for you and your family. If you live in the country, you can have access to a lake or stream. A better option would be to dig a well; this way, you can always be sure of water.

Do Everything You Need to Do Before Nightfall

In the event of a power outage, everything that needs doing should be done before nightfall. Movement around this time can be dangerous because of the dark environment and probably people with negative intentions. Finding an alternative entertainment source will make it more comfortable for you and your loved ones to stay indoors.

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If a natural or human-made disaster occurs and we are suddenly forced to live without electricity, we can survive longer than we think. A survivalist can fully prepare for this problem by installing a solar power system in the house.

This energy source is clean and constant, and it will help you keep living normally and comfortably until the power comes back (however long that takes). I

f you don’t have the resources to install a solar system just yet, you can still survive without electricity; all you have to do is follow the tips listed above, and you would be fine. Remember, some people on the planet don’t have access to electricity and are alright.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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