Leatherman Free T4 Review – Full Overview, Buyer’s Guide & More

The Leatherman FREE T4 closes the gap between ultralight backpacking knives and big around-the-house multitools. It loads a normal hiker’s daily carry wants into a small and portable seven-tool box that appears and feels greatly like an ancestral Swiss Army knife. A lot of the tools are manufactured to be versatile.

Leatherman Free T4


The FREE T4 comprises

  • a normal screwdriver that amasses a slightly-sharpened short edge to unlock packages
  • a small screwdriver with the sides is slashed into two types of file
  • an extra-small screwdriver or awl
  • a Phillips-head screwdriver with a bottle opener built into the base
  • a pair of scissors.


A pair of tweezers, small sufficiently to deal with fragments and insect stingers, is similarly constructed into the handle.


Inward magnets clasp the tools firmly in the spot when shut


a thumb-operated latch protects them from folding accidentally while in use.


For each and every person, daily carry signifies something unique. Nonetheless, there are some fundamental principles that most people stake.

  • You see, the ethos is primarily situated around preparing the highest of what small you’re ready and or eligible to hold up.
  • For some, that suggests creating peace with a least set of gear and/or making saps to confirm that your everyday loadout isn’t extremely big, even if it doesn’t relatively organize everything, you’d love it too.
  • But if you search a bit deeper, you might realize that even with pocketable tools you don’t certainly have to assemble relatively such severe compromises.


For nearly four decades, the people at Leatherman have been formulating some of the most beneficial, clever pocket- and EDC-friendly multi-tools over. In fact, they were primarily accountable for molding the gear sector as we’ve come to recognize and adore it to this day.

But, as continual architects, the brand has never been gratified to rest on its laurels. And that commitment to always being better has steered them to manufacture the FREE T4 multi-tool knife you see here and it might be Leatherman’s most universally adaptable pocket tool to date.


Pocketable Powerhouse

Scaling up at just 3.6″ in cumulative when closed, about the width of a palm the Leatherman FREE T4 is completely conformed for pocketability.

Percentage of Room

In fact, it uses about the same percentage of the room or even small as the normal urban-friendly EDC knife.

Certainly, if you were to peek at the list of specs that this multi-tool knife possesses to give, you’d nearly actually want it to be a nice discount bigger than it really is. And that creates a stunning wonder once you fully get to roll your hands around this portable go-getter.

Outstanding Exterior

The little stature of the FREE T4 is rounded off by a neat outer layout that’s measurably slightly occupied than similarly-featured folding multi-tools.

That comprises

  • a pair of subtly-branded textured orders stainless steel in the case of the silver colorway and glass-filled nylon for the crimson, navy, and evergreen choices that assist confirm a fixed-grip when using it
  • a huge tip-down stainless-steel pocket pin for straightforward carry and susceptible access in a dash.

Admittedly, the 4.3-ounce weight when coupled with its little stature is slightly frightening originally, but it’s rarely an imposition once you move under to the details of all this tool has to deliver.

Fully-Loaded Functionality

Each told, the FREE T4 arrives loaded with a whopping 12 inbuilt stainless-steel equipment which is simply extraordinary attainment when one contemplates just how portable it is.

That contains, but is not restricted to

  • a 2.2″ 420HC drop point knife blade
  • spring-loaded scissors
  • bottle opener
  • heavy-duty file
  • detachable tweezers
  • a suite of screwdrivers.

However, every single one of them can be accessed and utilized one-handed and with the anomaly of the tweezers, they all shut when in the open stance for extra safety in use.

Leatherman free t4 review

Daily Toolbox

There are a lot of extraordinary folding multi-tools out in the market a large amount of which are really manufactured by Leatherman. But the FREE T4 struts are separated for a number of reasons.

Structure and Appearance

For start, its palm-sized structure and elegant appearance both shout every day hold indicating that it was constructed mainly for users to hold it day-in and day out.


And while its portable nature compels it simple to slide into even the fullest of pockets, the 12+ built-in tasks are certain to satisfy even the most discerning of DIY fans.


For almost $50, we’re not sure you could discover a more portable, credible, and active folding multi-tool knife anywhere.

Bevy of Bonuses

One of the best advantages about purchasing from Leatherman, asides from the noticeable quality of and record behind the brand’s outstanding directory of donations, is that they subsist behind their products.


Along with its impressive structure and list of characteristics, it also arrives with a 25-year warranty to guarantee you’ll fetch the most out of this tool throughout its active lifespan.

Pros and Cons


  • Full-size tools
  • Half the cost of full-size multi-tools like the P2 or P4
  • Tools are simple to unlock with one-handed
  • Impressive unique styling with numerous color choices.
  • The locking system fastens tools securely but waivers instantly.


  • The knife blade is clearly on the small side.
  • File extremely small for severe usage.

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Leatherman free t4 review.


What Is It About?

The Leatherman Free T4 is a little portable multitool that arrives with a cool dozen tools.

Who’s the Leatherman Free T4 For?

At first glance, the Free T4 appears like an actually unusual product, but once you play around with it a bit its real usefulness shines through. It’s a multi-tool without the pliers, without the size, and without the drawbacks.

It stores the necessities of a multi-tool into a packet about the size of a common Swiss Army Knife, yet with the tool quality and all-around styling of a cutting-edge Leatherman. If you’ve ever needed to hold up a multi-tool but didn’t see yourself utilizing pliers for much, this is the multi-tool you desire.

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The Leatherman Free T4 is a multi-tool manufactured for those who guessed they couldn’t hold up a multi-tool. It stores most of the utility of a butterfly fold multi-tool into a less, manageable to carry, and spontaneous utilize the tool.

If you’ve constantly needed a multi-tool but were put off by the big size and weight, the Free T4 is the tool you need.

Comment down below to tell us what you think about the product.

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