Top 10 Wilderness Survival Kits


Your chance of survival in the wilderness is dependent on the type of kit you get during preparation. It would be best if you had a couple of things as a survival kit; however, your options should be limited to the most important ones.

This article on the top 10 wilderness survival kit is a life-changer, as it provides you with essentials perfect for your adventure. Furthermore, you will be informed on what to know beforehand to ensure your safety and the possibility of survival during the experience.

The 10 Best Survival Kits for the Wilderness

Check out the following list of wilderness kits for your survival; if you already have some of them, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add more to your collection.

Map/Compass or GPS

You are going somewhere you have no idea about – a wilderness, and you must take tools that will help you with directions. The essence of these navigation tools is to make sure you don’t get lost. On so many occasions, people have been reported missing; with navigation tools like a map, compass, or GPS tracker, they were found.

You need the kit; you don’t want to be left all alone in the wilderness with no means of finding your way back to camp.


Depending on the number of days you are planning to spend in the wilderness, you need good clothing to help you get through different circumstances. Although it sometimes looks like clothing is pretty basic, since you packed some; however, you need to pick what is suitable for that condition. It would be best to have thick clothes during cold weather, and comfortable/breathable clothes come in handy for hot weather. In some scenarios, they could be useful as Spread to lay on your back.


When you start planning a trip to the wilderness, you should accept that it’s a survival situation and needs you to be tough. One of the ways to cope is to get a Cordage – Paracords are preferable. For those who know how paracords are used these days, it is agreeable to say that they are versatile and useful for survival. For instance, they could be used to build shelter, start a fire, make snares or traps, set defense, and even for emergencies, etc. Therefore, a kit like a paracord is a must-have for adventure-seekers.

First Aid

It is undeniable that a wilderness could seem dangerous; you could get cuts, lacerations, etc. if you are not careful. When that happens, there is no medical team or hospital to attend to you; thus, you need a first aid kit to keep you stable. Without a doubt, you must hold a first aid kit along when planning a trip, as it is important for your survival. It doesn’t have to contain many items, only a few that will come in handy like Spirit, Plasters, Bandages, Tourniquets, etc.

Water Bottle

Spending about a couple of days or weeks in a strange place doesn’t guarantee that you wouldn’t get thirsty. You wouldn’t find a store around to provide you with drinkable water for survival. However, you could find an alternative – a water filtration bottle. With this bottle, you could get water from a stream nearby; the filter, on the inside, makes it safe and consumable. Thus, you get a chance to stay hydrated throughout your experience.


In case you get cold, another survival kit that will be useful is a blanket. Normally, blankets are thick coverings to protect you from the cold and make sure you are comfortable. Several kinds of blankets exist, depending on the manufacturer; however, the best ones are not so difficult to spot, following the quality and the comfort it provides. Adding this piece of clothing into survival gear wouldn’t be a bad idea.


What if you are in the dark? How do you break free from the dark in a wilderness you don’t know? For one, you could want to depend on your mobile device to provide you with lights for the night, but what happens when it runs out of Power? A good replacement that will illuminate the number of days you are staying in the area is a flashlight. It is ideal for getting a flashlight that runs on an AA battery since it is better than the rechargeable ones.

Survival Knife

For your protection, you may need to take a weapon along for your trip. Although you may not be at liberty to handle arms like guns; however, a survival knife should be easy for you to use. This knife could be used to protect yourself against predators or wild animals. Sometimes, it is also useful in cutting zip ties, ropes, nets, etc.

Fire Starter

If you are thinking of making a bonfire to provide warmth or illumination at night, you will need a fire-starting kit. The fire starter is not so difficult to handle, as you long as you have dry leaves to make it possible.

Emergency Whistle

In a way for you not to get lost or find your way back, an emergency whistle is also an essential wilderness kit. The whistle is also useful in drawing attention to oneself, especially when there are a group of people involved.

Tips for Survival in a Wilderness

While you get the best wilderness kits, there are a few tips that will guarantee your survival.

Avoid packing too much

Gather information and details about the area before you set out for the trip

Draft an itinerary for the trip

Camp in a good, safe place.


If you want to survive in a wilderness, you need to prepare well because there is no guaranteed turning-back when you get to your destination. You don’t have to pack too much; the top 10 wilderness survival kits should help you settle. Enjoy a whole new experience outdoor with these kits and tips for survival.

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