The Top Prepper Conventions & Survival Expos – Complete Overview

Survivalists, outdoorsy, and homesteaders who would like to be a part of something worth it, prepper conventions, and survival expos are great places to start. These programs were organized to help all outdoor lovers or survivalists gain better experiences for their next adventure.

In different parts of the country, prepper conventions and survival expos are organized every year. It is a perfect place to practice survival skills, and connect and hang out with people of shared interests. With experts in different fields giving orientation, there is a guarantee that you will have an interesting time!

Below is a list of the top prepper conventions & survival expos, check each of these programs, and attend any that catches your interest.

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In this post we will talk about the Best Prepper Conventions and Survival Expos that you can go to and have the best learning experience.

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The 8 Best Prepper Conventions and Survival Expos

See the top 8 expos for survivalists, homesteaders, preppers, etc. available every year.

  1. Self-Reliance Experience
  2. The Survival, Gun and Outdoor Show
  3. PrepperCon
  4. Prepper Camp
  5. Homesteading Life Conference
  6. Sustainable Preparedness Expo
  7. National Preppers & Survivalists Expo
  8. Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

Self-Reliance Experience

One of the most popular prepper conventions that occur every year in Denver, Colorado, is the Self-Reliance Experience. This survival expo records hundreds of attendees as it teaches about survival, readiness, sustainability, endurance, and other key concepts to get through adventures. Moreover, it plays out scenarios that will require your innate tactical knowledge to find solutions.

The Self-Reliance Experience features keynote speakers that relate on a personal level to attendees than in a professional way. More importantly, you get to see all kinds of tools and products on display and participate in training exercises useful for survival.

The Survival, Gun and Outdoor Show

A more tactical survival expo that takes place in Rock Island, Illinois yearly is The Survival, Gun, and Outdoor Show. It is an event that solely teaches you how to handle gears, weapons for defense, or survival. This show features people from all walks of life to see different gears available and learn how to use them.

This prepper convention doesn’t stop at testing weapons or equipment; seminars are held to understand better what it means to be a survivalist. Overall, it is a fun show, and you get to interact with different people in attendance.

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For people who could make it to Salt Lake City, PrepperCon is another famous survival convention that is a must-attend. This event encompasses all that you need to know, either as a survivalist, homesteader, camper, etc. For instance, you learn about the basics of survival, improvising, first aid, taking a defense, using survival gear, and even food storage.

PrepperCon has some of the best information you need for survival via its speakers. In the process of learning, you get a visual aid, i.e., presentations, which makes it easier. On many occasions, this expo has been a great way for families to bond and learn how to rely on themselves.

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Prepper Camp

Even though Prepper Camp is not so different from PrepperCon, it is a more adventurous way of learning about survival. This camp convention gives you an experience of a lifetime, so you understand preparedness, sustainability, and self-reliance better. It takes place every year at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains.

This prepper convention is a lot of fun and practical since you will be hanging out with new folks show share similar interests with you. Also, you get to work your hands around different equipment and gears. With the training sessions and seminars at intervals from professionals, you will find yourself greatly improved in skills.

Homesteading Life Conference

Annually, the Homesteading Life Conference has something planned out for survivalists, homesteaders, and preppers. It is a prepper expo that imparts people with knowledge about surviving day-to-day life. For instance, the conference attendees would learn how to grow food, preserve the harvest, trap predators, make herbal remedies, and even practice off-grid living.

The conference is hosted by Doug and Stacy, who are pioneers in bringing life to this century. It takes place in Hannibal, Missouri, with several keynote speakers in attendance.

Sustainable Preparedness Expo

One of the top survival expos that have taken place in different parts of the country and the world is the Sustainable Preparedness Expo. Its arrangement in multiple locations has influenced several survivalists, homesteaders, preppers, and outdoorsy in positive ways.

This convention teaches about self-reliability, self-sufficiency, and preparedness against natural disasters. Likewise, it provides an avenue to connect with other people with shared interests. It currently uses a mailing list to communicate with people worldwide about when the next event is happening.

National Preppers & Survivalists Expo

A survival expo that re-orientates and imparts survivalists and homesteaders with the most important resources and survival skills in two days is the National Preppers & Survivalists Expo. It is an exciting experience, as you get to handle exhibits, gears, etc. Also, it features class and seminar hours against emergencies and survival situations. This convention takes place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

Another great convention held in Whitmore Lake Michigan is the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo. Here, people learn a couple of things, like first aid, gardening, preparing a 72-hour kit, maintaining food storage, and handling water filtration.

Not only does it introduce practical knowledge, but also the theoretical – presentations and classes. With seasoned professionals for the training, there is a good chance to “up” your survival skills.

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The Top Prepper Conventions & Survival Expos

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If you are interested in learning more about survival, homesteading, and prepping, you need to find the right places. Unfortunately, there are not so many options available throughout the year; however, a few programs are set up by different individuals, mostly once a year for convenience.

Above is a list of the 8 top prepper conventions & survival expos held in different parts of the country; find one closer to you that delivers what you are interested in knowing. Ultimately, you will be improving your survival skills for your next trip.