Gerber Effect Military Maintenance Review

Overview The Gerber eFECT Military Maintenance Tool is a 6+ tool pouch machine manufactured to service the AR15/M16/M4 rifle. Dissimilar other multitools, the Gerber eFECT is missing the conventional suspects of knife blade, pliers, saw, file, bottle opener, Phillips’s screwdriver, scissors, bit kit, pocket clip, wire cutter, and lot more.  In a summary, the Gerber … Read more

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle 450 Bushmaster Review

Introduction If you are a survivalist, prepper, or hunter, you know the importance of having rifles. Rifles come in different sizes, specifications, and capacities. They also serve various purposes. If you try to get a rifle for every purpose, you will spend too much, and you would not enjoy your guns. The best choice is … Read more

How to Evade and Escape Tracking Dogs

Introduction Dogs are often regarded as man’s best friend. Amongst other animals, they make a great companion. They have adorable licks, cuddly head turns, and quirks. The reverse is when they are trained for a specific act such as tracking dogs, watchdogs, and the likes, whereby they now pose a threat to someone that is … Read more

Spyderco Sage 2 Review

Introduction If you are a survivalist, then you should have many tools for many different reasons. One of the more important tools you should have is a small, high-quality everyday carry knife. This knife will come in handy in different scenarios, and you would want one built to retain edge sharpness. If you are looking … Read more

Gerber downrange tomahawk review.

Overview From the minute you set your eyes on it, it is obvious that the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk has one objective, and one objective only which is destruction! Yes, you can carry this tool camping and wield it to chop fire wood and drive tent amounts, but it would be as if utilizing a tank … Read more

How to Clean a Gun

Introduction One of the chores we often put off is the maintenance of our firearm. The first rule in using and owning a gun is Safety! Safety!! Safety!!! Since a gun is a necessary evil. Cleaning a gun is one major part of reducing accidental discharge. Cleaning of a gun is not with the sole … Read more

Ruger Charger Takedown 4917 Review

Introduction When it comes to tools and equipment, people have different ways of cataloging them. Some folks like to buy equipment that can serve many purposes, so they don’t have to use a lot of tools. Other folks prefer to buy specific equipment for specific activities. If you are a survivalist, hunter, or prepper and … Read more

Gerber dime review

Overview The Gerber Dime was designed to be the tool you constantly have on you. It’s little, coming in at 2.8 inches when impenetrable and weighing just 2.2 oz. The tools you’re eligible to settle into something that minor will inevitably be less competent and strong than those on enormous size multi tools. This isn’t … Read more

How To Clean A Fitbit Band?

Overview When something stays on for so long, there is a likely chance it loses its qualities. Wearing a Fitbit band is excellent, especially when it comes in handy for various reasons; however, investing in its maintenance is ideal. For instance, if you wear a shirt for days, it would start to get dirty and … Read more