10 Best Beach Blankets – Full Overview

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Best Beach Blankets

Kahuna Parachute Oversized Beach Blanket: Best Overall

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Wildhorn Outfitter Sand Escape Beach Blanket: Best for Beach Camping

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Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket: Best Sandfree Blanket

Are you getting ready for your day at the beach? Well, there could be something missing in your beach gear, which is one of the most vital essentials. Take, for instance, you are at the beach, and you’ve had so much fun, then the time to relax comes – how would you do that?

Your instincts should tell you that a beach mat or blanket is needed to help with sitting on that sandy surface. Sometimes, it’s not all about you; your family or friends occupy that blanket with you, and everyone is happy.

Beach Blankets are a special piece of materials that are comfortable, sand proof, and durable. Many of these blankets come in oversized forms, others are lightweight, waterproof, etc., depending on the brand. Hence, it could be challenging trying to pick one out of many beach blankets to use.

With this guide to the 10 best beach blankets, you may never find such difficulties with choosing again. Each of the best blankets has been described with features, specifications, and other relevant details that make them outstanding. Please read carefully, and use the buying guide section to choose what’s best for your next beach day with friends, or as a family.

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Best Beach Blankets - Top 10 Reviews


Kahuna Parachute Oversized Beach Blanket: Best Overall

Kahuna Parachute Oversized Beach Blanket is one of the best choices on the market due to its lightweight and compact design. This blanket has the potential to hold about 4 to 5 people due to its wide size, i.e., 8×8 ft. Thus, it is the perfect family blanket for picnics, weekends, and so on.

Kahuna Parachute Oversized Beach Blanket has some incredible features that make it top-tier. For instance, it has built-in zippered sand anchor storage pockets to hold items or valuables. There are also stakes to pin the blanket to the ground for use. Currently, this parachute nylon fabric blanket is available in 4 different colors, depending on preference.

Furthermore, this beach blanket is sandproof and secure. It absorbs water from the beach easily and dries off quickly – a fascinating quality needed from most blankets. In summary, it is the best durable, ultra-light and robust blanket available to you.

Key Features:

  • 1.15 lbs. Weight
  • Lightweight
  • Stakes
  • Compact Design
  • Built-in Zippered Sand Anchor Storage Pockets
  • Travel Pouch


  • Brand name: Kahuna
  • Fabric: Parachute Nylon
  • Size: 8×8 ft.
  • Color: Blue-Gray
  • One of the best lightweight oversized beach blankets
  • Durable, strong with a compact design
  • Comes with built-in storage for valuables
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities
  • Absorbs water readily and dries out quickly
  • Suitable for family use
  • Expansive and can accommodate about 5 people
  • The blanket is thin; thus, there is limited comfort


Wildhorn Outfitter Sand Escape Beach Blanket: Best for Beach Camping

Wildhorn Outfitter Sand Escape Beach Blanket is the minimalist blanket to use, even though it is large and perfect for accommodating 3 people max for beach camping. This blanket comes with several features and a Solid Pattern to help make things a lot better during your time outdoors.

This beach blanket is made of 100% Nylon, which makes it strong, breathable, lightweight, and durable. However, it has the potential to absorb heat due to the quality of this material. With its unique-patented, portable and compact design, there is a lot that could be achieved with this sand escape blanket.

Additionally, Wildhorn Outfitter Sand Escape Beach Blanket has 4 sand anchor pockets that are perfect for keeping valuables. For a family of three, the blanket has an integrated compression sack and straps to ensure easy transportation from one location to the beach. It is indeed a worthy investment for a small family or group.

Key Features:

  • Solid Pattern
  • Portable and Compact Design
  • 4 Sand Anchor Pockets
  • Unique Patented Design


  • Brand name: Wildhorn Outfitters
  • Fabric: 100% Nylon
  • Size: King – 7×9 ft
  • Color: Aqua
  • The best beach camping blanket for a limited number of people (3 max)
  • Fabric can absorb heat quickly to give warmth and dries water off quickly
  • Durable, strong, lightweight and breathable
  • A large portable outdoor blanket with great storage pockets
  • An excellent hiking accessory
  • Heat absorption quality could be bad on hot days


Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket: Best Sandfree Blanket

Are you having troubles with getting a good beach blanket that sand wouldn’t always stick? WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket is a great choice to consider, knowing that there are several types on the market offering less. It is oversized and compact in design so that it can accommodate up to 7 adults without failing.

This beach blanket is lightweight yet useful in so many ways. It comes with a few features which enhance its top-notch performance during picnics, vacations, camping, hiking, etc. For instance, there are 6 metal stakes to help hold the beautifully-colored blanket to the ground; thus, preventing the wind from blowing it off. There are also 4 anchor loops with 2 spares to aid convenience.

WEKAPO Beach Blanket has 4 corner pockets where you can keep valuables you bring to the beach. Since it is made of a premium-quality durable ripstop nylon, it is waterproof and breathable. Overall, its maximum strength is from the triple-stitch construction.

Key Features:

  • 1 lbs. Weight
  • 6 Metal Stakes
  • 4 Anchor Loops
  • 2 Spare Loops
  • 4 Corner Pockets
  • Waterproof and Sandproof
  • Lightweight


  • Brand name: WEKAPO
  • Fabric: 100% Ripstop Nylon
  • Size: 10×9 ft.
  • Color: Blue
  • One of the best blankets for hiking, camping, picnics, and vacations
  • Convenient and Perfect to hold up to 7 adults
  • Comes with 6 stakes to hold it firm to the ground
  • Storage pockets for personal items like wallets, wristwatch, keys
  • Water-resistant and sandfree
  • Durable and breathable in quality
  • Great strength and maximum durability
  • Offers spare accessories for use
  • None thus far


Wolfwise Extra Large Waterproof Beach Blanket: Best Waterproof Blanket

One of the skin-friendly beach blankets to have is the Wolfwise Extra Large Waterproof Beach Blanket. It is not only known because of its waterproof quality, but also for the fact that it can accommodate up to 8 adults at once. In the same vein, sand doesn’t stick to this blanket because it has a sand-escape mechanism.

This beach blanket is lightweight, even though it is extra large and convenient. It is made of 3 grades of nylon materials – 40D Nylon, Parachute-grade Ripstop Nylon, and High-density Nylon. The purpose of having these different grades of materials is to ensure top-notch comfort and enhance breathability.

Wolfwise Extra Large Waterproof Beach Blanket is heat-resistant with a couple of features, such as 4 incorporated pockets and 4 sandbags to store items and ensure anchorage, respectively. Finally, this portable blanket for the beach is durable, strong, and comes with a sack for storage.

Key Features:

  • 4 Incorporated Pockets
  • 1.4 lbs. Weight
  • 4 Sandbags


  • Brand name: Wolfwise
  • Fabric: 40D Nylon; 100% Parachute-grade Ripstop Fabric, High-density Nylon
  • Size: XX Large – 9×7 ft.
  • Color: Blue
  • It is capable of accommodating 6 to 8 people
  • Foldable into compact size for easy storage
  • Water-resistant and heat-resistant
  • Offers excellent comfort
  • Soft and convenient to use
  • Easy to wash with a machine
  • Light and portable body
  • Flexible, durable and true to size
  • Comfort level varies


MERISNY Sandfree Beach Blanket: Best for Music Festivals

If you need a versatile beach blanket, you don’t need to look far, with MERISNY Sandfree Beach Blanket available. The blanket is quite extraordinary based on quality, type of material, and performance. It is one of the best choices to use for open-air festivals, camping, and even on beaches.

MERSINY Sandfree Beach Blanket comes with quite a few features that guarantee its efficiency. First of all, it has a solid pattern and a skin-friendly design, that makes it comfortable.

Also, there are 4 fixed anchors and 6 Plastic Stakes to make sure the wind doesn’t get it off quickly; hence, it is windproof. Additionally, the portable blanket has a Carry Carabiner and a Storage Bag to make things easier for whoever is taking it along to the beach.

This beach blanket is strong, yet lightweight; it is capable of holding up to 7+ adults, based on its strength and durability. Furthermore, it is sandproof, so you don’t have to worry about sand getting stuck on it. Besides, the blanket is easy to clean.

Overall, it is a practical choice for friends and family who have a lot to pack to the beach.

Key Features:

  • Solid Pattern
  • Skin-Friendly Design
  • Lightweight
  • Sandproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Windproof
  • 16 Oz. Weight
  • 4 Fixed Anchors
  • Carry Carabiner
  • Storage Bag
  • 6 Plastic Stakes


  • Brand name: MERISNY
  • Fabric: Quick-Dry Nylon
  • Size: 9×10 ft.
  • Color: Blue
  • One of the best camping blankets that is windproof, waterproof, and sandproof
  • An ideal choice for beaches, open-air festivals, camping, hiking, etc.
  • Stays clean all-day
  • Comfortable and convenient to use
  • Soft and skin-friendly
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Gives utmost protection against rain and sunshine
  • A large mat that can carry over 7 adults
  • None thus far


CGear Sandfree Beach Mat

Do you want to spend your money on a beach blanket that is different in quality and structure? CGear Sandfree Beach Mat is an excellent choice, knowing it is made out of military-grade materials. This blanket keeps a sandfree status and provides the ultimate water-resistance.

CGear Sandfree Beach Mat has an anti-fade construction with a high-density weave to maintain its texture. Alongside, it is durable and versatile.

The beach blanket is available in 4 size options that determine its usability by several kinds of people. Also, there are 2 color options available so that you can stick to preference.

This anti-fade beach blanket allows you to anchor nicely to the ground with the help of the heavy-density D-rings. It is indeed a smart choice for all conditions.

Key Features:

  • Water-Resistant
  • Anti-Fade
  • Heavy Duty D-Rings
  • High-density Weave
  • 4 Size Options
  • 2 Color Options
  • 4.14 lbs. Weight


  • Brand name: CGear Sand-Free
  • Fabric: Military-Grade
  • Size: 5×5 ft.
  • Color: Orange/Tan
  • One of the most heavy-duty beach blankets for a family
  • Delivers a quick drying time with water-resistant
  • Protective against UV damage
  • Ensures ultra-durability, and gets rid of dirt
  • Suitable to use in extreme conditions
  • Able to accommodate up to 6 people
  • Highly revolutionary with double reinforcement for performance
  • More than the usual


UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket: Best Comfort

If you ever feel the need to experience a lot of comfort from beach blankets, UrbanEco Outdoors has got you covered. With their intuitive Lightweight Beach Blanket, you can expect something different on that day on the beach.

This beach blanket is one of the most breathable out there due to the built-in mesh, and material quality, i.e., Polyester. The blanket does so much to ensure it stays put under any weather; thus, it is waterproof and sandproof. Further, it is double anchored for stability and support.

UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket is robust, durable and resilient. It comes with a compression sack so that it is easy to transport from a place to another destination. Whether you use this blanket at the beach or not, it makes sure it doesn’t leave any mess behind.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Mechanism
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Double Anchored
  • Waterproof
  • Compression Sack
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Brand name: UrbanEco Outdoors
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Size: X-Large
  • Color: Blue Fusion
  • Made of top-tier quality materials for breathability
  • Highly durable and reliable to use
  • Lightweight and easy to transport from one location to another
  • Waterproof with double anchor design for windproofing
  • None thus far


Zomake Waterproof Picnic Blanket: Best Quality Blanket

Zomake is a respected brand when it comes to making blankets with exceptional quality. The Waterproof Picnic Blanket is evidence of the fantastic things it provides to campers or hikers. Moreover, it is environment-friendly so that you can be confident about its use.

This beach blanket comes with a three-layer material – Polyester fabric on the top; Sponge layer in the middle and; PVC on the bottom. Also, there is an Aluminum foil at the bottom that makes the blanket waterproof and safe. For easy transporting, there is a hand carry strap to help.

Zomake Waterproof Picnic is perfect to use on grass, and even anywhere the ground is damp because of its water-resistant nature. Additionally, it is a fibrous blanket that is capable of getting rid of dirt and sand from the surface.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum Foil Bottom
  • Waterproof
  • Three Layer Material
  • Hand carry Strap
  • Environment-friendly
  • 1.7 lbs. Weight


  • Brand name: Zomake
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Size: 60 x 80 inches
  • Color: Gray and Blue
  • One of the best beach blankets with an exquisite quality
  • Perfect to use in various conditions
  • The different layers of material are comfortable
  • Easy to wash or clean
  • It is the perfect beach blanket for family, concerts and other outdoor activities
  • Inflammable fleece


JJ Cole Essentials Beach Blanket: Best for Babies

An incredible choice of beach blanket for your baby is the JJ Cole Essentials Beach Blanket. It comes in 3 layers of materials – 100% Outer Polyurethane; 100% Inner Polyester and; a Polyester Foam, all for comfort.

This blanket is a smart choice because of its stylish and compact design, which plays a massive role in ensuring its water resistance, strength, and durability.

Also, it has a Quick-Fold design that makes it possible to pack and transport wherever needed. It wipes and dries up quickly so that it can be used adequately.

JJ Cole Essentials Beach Blanket has several features such as a Sewn-In Insert that gives almost that lightweight feeling. The shoulder strap is another feature that enhances its convenience style. Overall, it is an excellent choice of beach blanket for minimal use.

Key Features:

  • Stylish and Compact Design
  • Sewn-In Insert
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Quick-Fold Design
  • Sturdy Outer Fabric
  • Convenience Style
  • 1 lb. Weight


  • Brand name: JJ Cole
  • Fabric: 100% Polyurethane; 100% Polyester; 100% Polyester Foam
  • Size: 5×5 ft.
  • Color: Gray/Red
  • The best beach blanket for baby
  • Easy to transport based on its patented design
  • Comfortable with a convenient style
  • Sturdy and suitable for all weather conditions
  • Wipes off quickly
  • Resilient and water-resistant in function
  • Perfect for all outing
  • None thus far


Down Under Outdoors Quilted Blanket: Best Thick Blanket

Down Under Outdoors Quilted Blanket is an excellent choice of beach blanket to use on cold days. It is mostly known for its thick nature, which is quite fascinating because most blankets designed for the beach are thin and lightweight.

This blanket comes with a checkered pattern and features a couple of qualities for good performance. For instance, it is waterproof and windproof.

Also, there is a secret zippered pocket where you could keep items such as keys, wallets, watches, etc. Since this blanket is Extra Large, there is room for 2 people or more to share.

Furthermore, Down Under Outdoors Quilted Blanket comes with ultrasonic quilting which makes it leakproof, i.e., the 2 layers are prevented from sliding on each other. It is indeed a great choice of a blanket, as it is easy to clean and maintain using a machine wash.

Key Features:

  • Checkered Pattern
  • 1.1 kg Weight
  • Waterproof/Windproof
  • Secret Zippered Pocket
  • Ultrasonic Quilting


  • Fabric: Quilted Fleece
  • Size: 82×55 inches
  • Color: Green Check/Black
  • The thickest beach blankets you will see
  • Offers great protection and storage
  • Stays waterproof and windproof
  • Perfect choice to use on cold days
  • Oversized for more space
  • Soft and skin-friendly
  • Easy to wash with a machine
  • Too thick and capable of causing heat

Buyer’s Guide Questions

Most people got questions when it comes to beach essentials; with beach blankets, there are a few important ones that need professional clarity. The answers provided include things you should know about the best beach blankets, how they are used, and what makes them better than others available. You should have picked what fits right into your description or needs after reading through this section.

What is the best sand-free beach blanket? What is a sand-free beach mat? Do sand-free beach mats work?

The sand-free beach blanket is a particular type of blanket that guarantees comfort and convenience. This type of blanket is known for its 2 layers of synthetic mesh, which makes it possible for sand not to get stuck and cause discomfort. It is a perfect choice of a blanket to get rid of dirt and sand effortlessly.

What happens is: that when this blanket is spread on bare ground, sand slips through the first layer of mesh, making sure it doesn’t come back to the top. There are a couple of sand-free beach blankets; however, only a few have lived up to their full expectations. Examples of the best sand-free beach blankets include WEKAPO Beach Blanket, MERISNY Beach Blanket, CGear Beach Blanket, etc.

Based on reviews, sand-free beach mats work. They make sure sand from the beach doesn’t follow you home, unlike many other types where that happens. As each day passes, the blanket begins to lose its quality, but in the meantime, it performs excellently.

What makes a good beach blanket? What is the best beach towel?

Are you looking for a good beach blanket to buy? Well, it could be easy if you found the right resources to help you with selecting online. Fortunately, here you will see a few factors that will help you know what beach blanket is excellent or not.

Fabric: The quality of fabric material is vital in choosing a beach blanket to use. Generally, there are 4 excellent materials for beach blankets, and they include – Water-resistant Polyester, Parachute Nylon, Fleece, and Microfiber.

Size: Depending on the number of people you are planning to go to the beach with, you should check whether it is standard size, large size, or oversized. The size determines the carrying capacity; for instance, oversized beach blankets can accommodate over 6 adults.

Design: Many times, people hardly consider design when picking beach blankets. Here, the design is not whether it is attractive or not; instead, it is patented to be soft and skin-friendly.

Portability: The ease of carrying a beach blanket from one location to another is also essential. Whether you are more than one or not, a beach blanket needs to be lightweight. Additionally, it should come with a storage bag or compression sack for transportation.

Durability, Strength, and Maintenance: The combo is vital because it determines how long you are going to be able to use the beach blanket. It is safe if you choose a blanket that guarantees excellent durability with easy maintenance via machine wash.

All of these factors above are what determine whether a beach blanket is good for you or not. They are also the basis on which the 10 best beach blankets were suggested.

On the other hand, beach towels are not so bad either to help you get settled on the beach. Unlike beach blankets, they are smaller; however, they are skin-friendly, strong, and durable. Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel seems to be the best beach towel on the market based on the kind of features it possesses.

How do I keep my beach blanket from blowing away?

Due to the way beach blankets have been designed, there is a tendency for them to blow away with nobody on them. Many times, people at the beach have lost their blankets due to poor positioning against the wind.

There are windproof beach blankets on the market that you can get – MERISNY Sand-free Beach Blanket is a perfect choice. However, if you can’t afford a windproof beach blanket, there are hacks you could try out.

First of all, most beach blankets come with anchor stakes that make it possible to hold the blanket steadfast to the ground. That way, there is little the wind would do

Next, you could decide to put items in the corners, so it doesn’t blow off easily. You could try to fill ¼ of 4 bottles with water and place them at each corner.

One last thing you could decide to do is stay put on the blanket and pack when no one is sitting.

Are microfiber towels worth it? Are microfiber towels good for the beach?

Microfiber towels are incredible since they provide similar benefits to beach blankets. They are sand-resistant; thus, a perfect choice for the beach. Also, they are handy and do not take too much space like blankets. Moreover, a full-sized microfiber towel is accommodating and comfortable to use.

So, Yes, they are worth it.

However, there are demerits to the use of these towels generally. For instance, microfiber towels are quite expensive and are capable of absorbing moisture quickly. Other than that, they are perfect choices for singles or doubles at the beach.

What is the best outdoor blanket? Are Yeti blankets worthwhile?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you found outdoor blankets that would blend in whenever you need them? For instance, a versatile blanket that would work perfectly at the beach, when camping, hiking, or even at open-air festivals. It almost seems impossible to find a particular blanket that will fit into all the criteria required for every outdoorsy. Surprisingly, there are a few options available, like the best outdoor blankets to use.

Topping the list of the best outdoor blanket is Yeti Lowland Blanket with all the necessary qualities required to work well outdoors. Others include L.L. Bean Waterproof Outdoor Blanket, SONGMICS Picnic Blanket, and so on.

Yeti Blankets are worth every penny since they get rid of dirt, sand, or debris. Also, they are waterproof, which makes them also suitable for the beach. Additionally, they are made of a premium-quality material that is soft and durable.

How do you get beach umbrellas to stay in the sand?

At the beach, there are a couple of things you would want to try out; one of them is burying umbrellas into the sand. Shockingly, not many people know how to get beach umbrellas to stay in the sand. Often, the stress of having to bury them all over again when the wind blows them off makes a lot of people lose interest.

If umbrellas are not staying in the sand well, then you are doing something wrong.

First, ensure you are not stabbing the umbrella into the sand, or else, your efforts are going to be futile. Instead, bury the umbrella using a back-and-forth rocking motion. While you do this, ensure it is facing the wind.

Secondly, try to use a heavy beach umbrella since they have more weight and strength. Those types don’t easily get disturbed by the wind. Check online for the best beach umbrellas available.

Finally, you could use a sandbag anchor to secure the umbrella appropriately in the sand.

How do you waterproof a blanket? How do you wash waterproof blankets?

If your blanket is not waterproof, all hope is not lost – there are things you could do. A wool or cotton blanket becoming water-resistant will require you to add a protective backing of water-resistant fabric.

Naturally, washing waterproof blankets seem challenging. However, there are things you shouldn’t do, especially if you are using a machine wash. For instance, you shouldn’t use hot water, as it deteriorates the waterproofing and breathability. Also, ensure the machine is set at the “Gentle” mark, so it gets washed and cleaned easily. With these few tips, you shouldn’t have problems at all.

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Not everyone gets lucky when they shop on the market for the things they need for survival. Beach Blankets are one of the things people get unfortunate with because several options guarantee maximum efficiency but lack in so many ways. Besides, some manufacturers are out to produce bad-quality blankets. In the process, they ruin the business for many others trying to deliver great products for use.

With this guide to the 10 best beach blankets, you will be able to make accurate decisions on what to use on your next trip to the beach. Ultimately, you will be glad to re-use these blankets in the future.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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