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Best Military Watches

Casio G-Shock Men’s GG-1000 Military Watch: Best Overall

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Suunto Core Military Watch: Best Outdoor Military Watch

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Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Military Watch: Best Chronograph

Watches are perfect pieces of accessories that complement your dressing any day and time. You would be surprised about how wristwatches could make a difference in what you have planned for the day, in terms of dressing.

However, there are several types of watches, and that means you need to be careful about what you choose to use, depending on the occasion.

One of many types of watches is those for survival; the military watch is a good example. Military watches have been designed with unique features to provide all the vital things needed for tactical operations. There are so many things different about a military watch, apart from the inside-out way it is worn.

In this guide, you will discover what it is to know about the best 10 military watches, and how to pick what is the most suitable for you. Also, various misconceptions will be treated, so you understand how it works for the people who need them in the Military. In summary, this review is all you need before you buy a military watch to use for heavy-duty operations.

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Best Military Watches - Top 10 Reviews


Casio G-Shock Mens GG-1000 Military Watch: Best Overall

Casio is a popular name in the business that produce all kinds of watches and gadgets with top-notch quality. G-Shock Mens GG-1000 Military Watch is one of their best inventions because it has many features to aid a good user-experience.

This military watch has all sorts of timing features, such as a Countdown Timer, a 5-daily alarms’ feature, a World Time format, an hourly time signal, and so on. Also, to operate the watch is not so difficult, since there is the button operation tone on/off to do that. The low battery alert is incredible too so that you can get it replaced. Moreover, battery life is two years.

Furthermore, the outer features of the watch are fantastic. For instance, it is encased in a 56.2 mm diameter cover for shock-resistance and mud-resistance. It works hand-in-hand with Neobrite and Mineral Glass to improve the resistance better. Casio G-Shock Mens GG-1000 Military Watch uses a Quartz watch movement with Beige and Black colors for the Band and Dial, respectively.

Key Features:

  • Quartz Watch Movement
  • Beige Band Color
  • Black Dial Color
  • 56.2 mm Case Diameter
  • 2 Years’ Battery Life
  • Countdown Timer
  • 5 Daily Alarms
  • Button Operation Tone On/Off
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Hourly Time Signal
  • LED Backlight
  • Digital Compass
  • Thermometer
  • World Time
  • Shock-resistant
  • Neobrite
  • Mineral Glass
  • Mud-resistant


  • Brand name: Casio
  • Color: Tan
  • Band Material: Resin
  • One of the best military watches for adventures
  • Shows resistance to shock, water and mud
  • Comes with several timing features for performance
  • Reads temperatures
  • Good battery life for use
  • Provides illumination in the dark
  • Sturdy and Durable design
  • Not a suitable choice for diving


Suunto Core Military Watch: Best Outdoor Military Watch

Also, highly exceptional is the Suunto brand for wristwatches, especially the military-grade types with good quality. One of the best so far is the Suunto Core Military Watch with weather and sun features to help you through the day. Hence, the weather indicator is its most unique feature.

The military watch with Quartz watch movement and Silicone black band material has features such as Weather Trend Graph, Storm Alarm, and Compass. The Weather Trend Graph consists of an Altimeter and a Barometer to help keep track of vertical movements, and air pressure, respectively. Also, the Storm Alarm helps in the preset of sunrise and sunset times over 400 Locations. Additionally, the compass helps you find your location.

Suunto Core Military Watch keeps track of temperatures under two guises – Opening and Storage Temperatures. For the former, it ranges from 20° C to +60° C or 5° F to +140° F; for the latter, it ranges from 30° C to +60° C or 22° F to +140° F. Overall, this watch is quite the catch if you need something valuable for outdoorsy.

Key Features:

  • Quartz Watch Movement
  • Black Digital Dial Color
  • Black Band Color
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Weather Trend Graph
  • Storm Alarm
  • Weather Indicator


  • Brand name: Suunto
  • Color: Black
  • Band Material: Silicone
  • One of the best fancy Military watches available
  • Gives good information about the weather
  • Helps to keep track of temperatures, i.e., opening and storage temperatures
  • Keeps track of vertical movement and air pressure
  • Offers accurate storm alarm senses
  • Stylish with variations for effective performance
  • Solid and reliable
  • A little problem with durability


Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Military Watch: Best Chronograph

Are you looking for a Chronograph watch to use, as military personnel? Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Military Watch beats your expectations. This watch has a lot of features that make it easy to use under any survival condition.

Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Military Watch is water-resistant, so it is an incredible choice for swimming and snorkeling. The watch solely has 3 significant attributes – a multiple display, a textured band, and red contrasts. Each of these attributes has a role to play in its performance for use.

For instance, the multiple displays consist of the chronograph with Lap Time, Alarm Time, Dual Time, and Military Time. On the other hand, the textured band consists of subdials, protective acrylic crystal dial window, and a 53.5mm-case diameter. Also, the red contrasts involve the backlight functions and the two-zone LCD Display.

Further, the buckle closure is incredible to stay put in the wrist. Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Military Watch is, without a doubt, worthy.

Key Features:

  • Textured Band
  • Multiple Displays
  • Quartz Watch Movement
  • Protective Acrylic Crystal Dial Window
  • Red Contrasts
  • 330ft Water-Resistance
  • Lap time
  • Alarm Time
  • Dual Time
  • Military Time
  • Backlight Functions
  • Two-zone LCD Display
  • Sub-dials
  • Buckle Closure
  • 53.5 mm Case Diameter


  • Brand name: Armitron Sport
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Band Material: Resin
  • The best chronograph Military watch to use
  • An ideal choice for snorkeling and swimming
  • Protective and durable
  • Provides visibility in the dark
  • Gives different time functions
  • Accessible buckle mechanism
  • Offers water-resistance over 100 meters
  • Displays time in dual format
  • A bad choice for diving


Bertucci A-2S Field 22mm Quartz Black Dial Watch: Best under $200

Bertucci is one of the brands that produce most us military watches; their products are highly exceptional based on performance and quality. Bertucci A-2S Field 22mm Quartz Black Dial Watch is a fantastic catch, as it even fits into everyday life.

This military watch, made of Stainless Steel, uses a Japanese Quartz Watch Movement to make readability easy for even the layman. It has features such as a Screw Down Crown, which is extremely durable and comfortable, like the Case Back.

There are Swiss Super-Luminous Hands & Markers, and 12/24-hour Markings Dial with Date to make things a lot better for the user.

Bertucci A-2S Field 22mm Quartz Black Dial Watch has a mineral glass crystal, which is scratch-resistant to protect the inner features. Also, the water-resistant watch has a 3-year battery life, which is perfect for starters.

Additionally, it is improved with a high-tech, called Active Comfort High-Performance Bands for superior performance. Overall, it is a great choice of a wristwatch.

Key Features:

  • Japanese Quartz Watch Movement
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Scratch-resistance
  • Mineral Glass Crystal
  • Swiss Super-Luminous Hands & Markers
  • 100m Water-Resistance
  • 12/24-hour markings Dial w/Date
  • 3-year Battery Life
  • Case Back
  • Active Comfort High-Performance Bands
  • 22mm Case Diameter


  • Brand name: M.H. Bertucci
  • Color: Black
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel
  • One of the best military watches under $200
  • Built for superior durability and comfort
  • Reliable and scratchproof
  • Delivers Easy wrist movement
  • Offers one of the best band technologies
  • Provides good visibility at night
  • A great watch for everyday use
  • None thus far


Marathon Watch WW194007 Tsar Swiss Made Military Watch: Best under $1000

A typical example of one of us military watches designed for special ops is Marathon Watch WW194007 Tsar Swiss Made Military Watch. It is made of surgical Stainless Steel, which makes it heavy-duty and durable. Moreover, it uses a Swiss Quartz Watch Movement to enhance readability.

Marathon Watch WW194007 Tsar Swiss-Made Military Watch has a unique Tritium Illumination and Gas Tubes that is self-illuminated for about 25 years, to provide light in low situations. On the exterior, there is a 41mm Case Diameter with 3mm Thick scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to make it even better. On the inside, this water-resistant watch uses an ETA 30 Jewels with End of Life (EOL) indicator for extra performance.

Also, this wristwatch designed for the Military comes in 2 available options for straps, i.e., Vanilla-scented vulcanized rubber straps or Stainless-steel bracelets. Additionally, it has a 30 ATM submersibility, which means it can withstand a good level of air pressure. It is, without a doubt, one of the best watches built for accuracy and durability.

Key Features:

  • Swiss Quartz Watch Movement
  • Tritium Illumination and Gas Tubes
  • 41mm Case Diameter
  • 3mm Thick Scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal
  • Vanilla-scented Vulcanized Rubber Straps
  • 30 ATM Submersibility
  • ETA F06 (3 Jewels)
  • 12-hour Bezel Marker


  • Brand name: Marathon
  • Color: Black
  • Band Material: Rubber
  • One of the best military watches under $1000
  • Comes with a high level of accuracy and quality
  • Resistant to water and scratches
  • Doesn’t dull down to the brightness
  • Offers good visibility in low light conditions
  • Designed for special ops
  • None thus far


WW2 British Army Style Military Watch – The Dirty Dozen: Best Cheap Watch

There are several British military watches, but most are not as incredible as WW2 British Army Style Military Watch – The Dirty Dozen. This product from Epic Militaria uses an Analog Display to enhance readability and to make sure basic functions are accessible to users. It is indeed good for daily life.

This wristwatch for the Military has features such as a Metal Case material and Glass Dial Window for protection and provide scratch-resistance. The Silver-colored Box enhances display for timepiece against a black felt padding. There is also a Tang Buckle Clasp to ensure it is fastened properly to the wrist, so it doesn’t fall off during any activity.

WW2 British Army Style Military Watch has an Olive-Green NATO Style Band with adjustable military green canvas straps for further performance. It is also rain-resistant, with the help of its 3 ATM mechanism. Lastly, this watch has luminous hands with a unique second-hand feature for visibility.

Key Features:

  • 3 ATM Water-resistance
  • Olive Green NATO Style Band
  • Analog Display Type
  • Tang Buckle Clasp
  • Second-hand feature
  • Luminous Hands
  • Metal Case Material
  • Glass Dial Window
  • Silver-Colored Box
  • Adjustable Military Green Canvass Straps


  • Brand name: Epic Militaria
  • Color: Black
  • Band Material: Fabric
  • One of the best, cheap military watches you could get
  • Offers good scratch-resistance
  • Easy to fasten to the wrists
  • Delivers good visibility in low light situations
  • Comes with a good storage box
  • The strap is adjustable to fit into any wrist
  • Not suitable for swimming, diving, or showering; thus, it is not 100% water-resistant


Timex Expedition Shock XL Military Watch: Best Stylish Watch

Another incredible military watch at an affordable price is the Timex Expedition Shock XL Military Watch. It is reliable because of its superior comfort and quality. Besides, Timex is a popular name in the industry, known for top-tier products with excellent durability; thus, you can be assured this military watch won’t disappoint.

Timex Expedition Shock XL Military Watch has a 100-hour Chronograph with a couple of time features, such as 24-hour Countdown Timer, 24-hour Military Time Mode, and 3 Vibrating Alarms that run daily, and weekly. Additionally, it has a unique negative digital display, which is useful when needed.

The exterior of this watch is an adjustable black 22mm Resin strap to make sure it is well-fastened. Also, the black 50mm Resin case is sturdy and resistant against impact; it works hand-in-hand with the acrylic lens, which is quite protective. In the dark, Timex Expedition Shock XL Military Watch has an Indiglo Light-up Watch Dial for visibility and readability.

Key Features:

  • 100-hour Chronograph
  • Adjustable Black 22mm Resin Strap
  • 24-hour Countdown Timer
  • 3 Vibrating Alarms
  • Black 50mm Resin Case
  • Acrylic Lens
  • Negative Digital Display
  • Indiglo Light-up Watch Dial
  • 24-hour Military Time Mode
  • Shock-resistance
  • 200m Water-resistance


  • Brand name: Timex
  • Color: Black
  • Band Material: Resin
  • One of the best brands in the business
  • Provides illumination in the dark
  • Offers excellent resistance to shock and water
  • Delivers a negative display for visibility
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to set alarms when needed during the day or week
  • Straps are adjustable so that it can fit properly up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Good value for money
  • Not as rugged as most top military watches


Garmin Tactix Bravo Military Watch: Best Automatic Watch

A great addition to your tactical gear is the Garmin Tactic Bravo Military Watch. It is one of the best automatic military watches with two significant features, i.e., the Navigator and ABC. The former involves a high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS positioning while the latter includes an automatic calibrating altimeter, a barometer, and a 3-axis compass.

Garmin Tactix Bravo Military Watch has a black non-reflective design with built-in tacticals for best performance. It also has a 100m water rating; thus, it is waterproof. The black diamond-like carbon coating not only adds to its beauty but also makes it fancy and durable.

Additionally, this military watch comes with a Night Vision Goggle Compatibility, that can be controlled to reduce backlight settings. Hence, the watch provides good visibility in low-light conditions. In the same vein, it enhances wireless connectivity for smart notifications on mobile devices. Other features in this fantastic military watch include a Jumpmaster, a Dual-format GPS, and a 1.2-inch high-resolution display for visibility.

Key Features:

  • Navigator + ABC
  • Night Vision Goggle Compatibility
  • Non-Reflective Design
  • 100m Water Rating
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Built-in Tacticals
  • Knurled Bezel
  • Black Diamond-Like Carbon Coating
  • Smart Notifications
  • Jumpmaster
  • Dual-format GPS
  • 1.2-inch High-Resolution Display


  • Brand name: Garmin
  • Color: Black
  • Band Material: Silicone
  • One of the best tactical military watches on the market
  • Durable and sturdy in design
  • Keeps you connected with the smart wireless connectivity
  • Offers good illumination in the dark
  • Delivers excellent abrasion-resistance
  • Gives coordinates to track one’s location
  • None thus far


Luminox Men’s 8815 Black Resin Military Watch: Best Waterproof Watch

Do you need a waterproof military watch?

Luminox Men’s 8815 Black Resin Military Watch is outstanding to consider for use. For instance, a 200m water resistance plays a massive role in its usefulness for professional marine activity. This wristwatch has unique attributes that make it worth a good value for money.

This military watch with swiss quartz movement and luminous hands enhances good readability and visibility. Also, there are Gray Arabic Indices and Date Window on the inside to provide relevant details needed for time- and date-check. Another unique feature is the unidirectional rotating bezel which is military-inspired. In other words, it is styled for heavy-duty operations.

Luminox Men’s 8815 Black Resin Military Watch with an Analog Display has a 44mm Stainless-Steel Case and a Mineral Dial Window for durability and protection. Without a doubt, it is tough and sturdy.

Key Features:

  • Swiss Quartz Watch Movement
  • Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
  • Luminous Hands
  • Gray Arabic Indices
  • Date Window
  • 44mm Stainless Steel Case
  • Buckle Closure
  • 20mm Water-Resistant
  • Mineral Dial Window
  • Analog Display


  • Brand name: Luminox
  • Color: Black
  • Band Material: Resin
  • A suitable choice for professional marine activity and more
  • Durable with scratch-resistance
  • Provides good visibility in the dark
  • Tough and good-looking
  • One of the best not-so-expensive military watches
  • Not good for scuba diving


Casio Men’s Pro Trek Quartz Military Watch: Best Survival Watch

Also, one of the best, real military watches on the market from Casio is the Men’s Pro Trek Quartz Military Watch. It is quite incredible both in the performance of features and qualities. For instance, it has a unique multi-band atomic timekeeping mechanism and smart access for notifications. It is simple yet incredible with its time functions.

Casio Men’s Pro Trek Quartz Military Watch has a Tough Solar Power, and on a single charge, the battery can last for as long as 6 months. It also has good water- and temperature-resistance. With an Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, and a Digital Compass, it is possible to read the weather, and access locations with ease.

Furthermore, a unique feature on this watch is the Auto-Hand Home Position Correction for ease and convenience. Other fantastic things this military watch as to offer include a Power Saving Function, Solar Rechargeable Battery, etc.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping
  • Tough Solar Power
  • Smart Access
  • Tough Quartz Watch Movement
  • Auto-hand Home Position Correction
  • 100m Water-Resistance
  • Low-Temperature Resistance
  • 5 Daily Alarms
  • Digital Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Thermometer
  • Solar Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Saving Function


  • Brand name: Casio
  • Color: Black
  • Band Material: Resin
  • One of the best pro Military watches available
  • Easy to track your location
  • Offers good weather features
  • Saves power and improves performance
  • An excellent hand positioning mechanism
  • Battery life only lasts for 6 months on a full charge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Military watches are no doubt top-tier in quality; they have extraordinary features that most fancy wristwatches lack. At first, it may be a little difficult to understand how it works, especially if you are not in the Military; however, it gets easier with time. One of the ways to understand this type of watch is via this section of the article.

What is the most durable military watch?

You may want to consider a few things before you buy anything on the market; one of those things is durability. Usually, durability determines how effective a product can be used over time without losing its relevance. Military watches also need to be durable, because it is only then, that will they be suitable for the purpose they have been designed to achieve.

If a Military watch comes out nice, you should always check for its durability, so you spend your money on what is worth it. While you have that in mind, the most durable military watch money can buy is Casio G-Shock GG-1000 Military Watch. It is not only because the watch is from a remarkable brand, but also due to the quality of its materials, casing, and resistance to weather or impact. Other military watches in this review also have an amount of durability if you would like to see them.

What watch does the British military use?

Many times, people put on watches for different occasions; the same goes for military watches. Some watches have been designed to blend to casual style, while others are heavy-duty for special ops. Around the world, every military authority has standards set for tactical gear, including wristwatches.

For instance, in the British Service, different timepieces are permissible; however, that is dependent on the role in the force. On the other hand, the British Military only accepts Casio as its brand, due to the partnership between both entities. Moreover, Casio packs its watches with several useful features for superior performance.

Why do Marines wear their watch backward?

Maybe you have noticed, but the Marines wear their watch backward. At first, you may think it’s a trend they are trying to set, i.e., only something for military personnel; however, you are about to discover something more.

Marines wear their watch backward due to the reflective nature of the crystal face of a watch. Sometimes, the interior of a watch has to be encased and protected with a glass scratchproof crystal face. Now, there are merits and demerits to using glass. The advantage is that it gets you to read easily and offer clear visibility in low-light conditions. On the disadvantage, it reflects when sunlight hits the surface.

In summary, Marines wear their watch backward for safety.

What happens when a military watch is magnetized?

There are often cases where watches are magnetized. For some reason, it could occur. If you recently knew about it, you are right to be curious about what happens to those watches, especially military ones.

Generally, magnetism affects the mechanical balance of a watch. What happens is that the long, flat coil on the inside that maintains wheel balance becomes shorter in length, and starts sticking to itself.

The result of the military watch being magnetized is a change in time accuracy. In short, time starts running shorter or faster than usual. The only solution is to demagnetize the watch if that happens.

Is the SAS army or air force? What types of military watches do their members wear?

SAS, also called Special Air Service is a unit of special forces under the British Military, assigned to carry out direct actions, hostage rescue, counterterrorism, and covert reconnaissance. Therefore, it is an army and not an air force.

Since SAS is under special forces, the type of military watch they use is mostly the popular one – Casio, which is designed for special ops. It provides them with all the needed features, such as Altimeter, Barometer, Digital Compass, and so on. Other watch brands that are also effective in special forces include Luminox, Timex, and Seiko.

What G Shock does the military use?

Casio is the top producer of military watches, and the G Shock series is quite extraordinary. The brand has made sure to improve its watches with relevant features to aid performance, regardless of the circumstances. You may need to be a lot more patient in choosing out of the many products available.

In the G Shock series, there are a couple of military watches that are impressive. According to this review, the Casio G Shock Men’s GG-1000 Military Watch is quite the catch, if you considered its description and pros. You will find fantastic time display and functions, rugged scratch-resistant crystal face, good water resistance, and so on, to aid its use.

What watch do real divers wear?

Most military watches are quite selective, especially when they are waterproof. Many of them are great for swimming, snorkeling, marine activities, and so on; however, not all are good for diving. Therefore, if you are looking for a watch for real divers, you may need to look beyond the options available to you above.

That being said, divers need something a lot more waterproof and effective. Also, their choice of a watch should be able to provide enough illumination underwater. So far, Omega’s Seamaster Diver 300 Series is the best to provide all the benefits needed for all kinds of diving.

What military watches do Marines wear? Why does the Military wear watches on their wrists?

As aforementioned, Marines prefer to wear watches that are top-tier in performance and quality. Brands like Casio, Seiko, Timex, and Luminox are the best at providing these watches for ultimate performance, regardless of the situation. Above is a list of the best military watches available for use.

Additionally, the military wear watches on their wrists for their protection, so that the reflective nature of light on crystal glass surfaces would help to maintain the perfect undercover. As an alternative, they also use cloth and dull leather watchbands.

Should military watches be tight or loose? Why is my military watch turning my wrist black?

If you are considering buying a military watch and are unsure of whether to keep it tight or loose, you should think about comfort and convenience. You don’t watch a watch falling off around your wrists because you couldn’t keep it tight; on the other hand, you also wouldn’t want it too tight that it hurts your wrist. What you should do is get a military watch that is adjustable, so that it doesn’t go more than 2-inch down your wrists.

Do you see some sort of discoloration on your skin? It is most likely a result of your sensitivity to elements like Nickel. You should avoid Nickel-coated watches if your wrist turns black.

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After reading all this guide has to offer, you shouldn’t have any worries about choosing the best military watch to use. First, you must have understood the various military watches available, and the features that each has to offer. Next, the pros and cons are judges of what makes them special to use.

Ultimately, the buying guide section clears your doubts, so you can finally choose what is right for you. In the end, the aim of this article has been achieved through careful study and selection.

If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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